MIKE: I"m gonna raise. 1000 straight. TEDDY: very aggressive. A new day, and also you won"t be pushed around. But I reraise -- 5000. (SOUNDCLIP)

TEDDY: as with a young man, coming in for a quickie. I feel therefore unsatisfied... (SOUNDCLIP)

MIKE: You understand what, I obtained my 5 grand here, and also that"s just fine by me. I"m walk home. TTEDDY: Fine, it"s a fucking joke anyway. After ~ all, ns am payment you v your money. MIKE: What"d friend say? TEDDY: your money, i am still increase twenty cool from this last time i stick that in you. (SOUNDCLIP)

TEDDY: Lays down a monster. Should have paid me turn off on that. The crap did friend lay that down? (SOUNDCLIP)

TEDDY: Mr. Kid Of A Bitch, let"s play part cards. (SOUNDCLIP)

MIKE: Alright, I"ll contact the two grand -- I"ll gamble. Don"t splash the pot. TEDDY: you on a draw, Mike? walk away, this one is not good for you. And also in mine club, I will certainly splash the pot at any time the fuck ns please. (SOUNDCLIP)

MIKE: ns flopped the seed straight. TEDDY: Motherfucker! (speaking Russian) Motherfucker! the is it! (SOUNDCLIP)

TEDDY: This child of bitch -- all night, he check check check. That trapped me! (SOUNDCLIP)

TEDDY: the beat me...straight up. Pay him...pay that male his money. (SOUNDCLIP)

TEDDY: If you don"t have my money then you room mine.

TEDDY: It damages doesn"t it? Your really hopes dashed, your dreams down the toilet. And also your fate is sitting right besides you.

- native 2175forals.com: A Screenplay

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