Head Wound City, a supergroup illustration from members that the Blood Brothers, the Locust and also the yeah Yeah Yeahs, convene because that an album the abrasive, low-stakes hardcore.

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Conservative regimes have always provided a boon for punk rock. The Reagan and Thatcher years famously birthed hardcore as we recognize it; an ext recently, George W. Bush’s 2 terms spurred top top a generation the bands that expanded the limits of post-hardcore, screamo and also grindcore. With right-wing demagoguery do headlines and also xenophobia on the rise around the globe, one more musical backlash might be just roughly the corner. That can be the idea behind the reunion the Head Wound City, a supergroup who lineup has some that the shrub era"s many forward-thinking punk musicians: Jordan Blilie and Cody Votolato of the Blood Brothers, Justin Pearson and also Gabe Serbian of the Locust and also the yes Yeah Yeah’s Nick Zinner. Up till now, the band’s only formal output was a 10-minute EP written and also recorded in the span of a mainly in 2005. Complying with some reunion shows in 2014, Head Wound City have now developed A new Wave of Violence, their fittingly-titled full-length debut.

More so 보다 in the past, Blilie and Votolato it seems to be ~ to take it the lead on A new Wave the Violence--these songs all bear a close same to the Blood Brothers’ work-related circa Burn Piano Island, Burn. That course, Johnny Whitney’s high-pitched squeal and also glam affectations space dearly missed, yet many of that band’s other signature elements are here: Blilie"s dark humor and also throat-shredding screams, the pummeling rhythms, songs the barrel forward with a punishing intensity. Votolato, as always, manages to do an outstanding racket, through guitars that alternately crash under in tide of fuzz, roar prefer a jet engine and buzz prefer a cloud the hornets.

As through Piano Island, Ross Robinson return to the boards, loan his skilled hand to the proceedings--few producers can catch the live energy of hardcore bands v the kind of fidelity that Robinson does. The update is instantly apparent; whereby the Head Wound City EP’s sound was characterized by DIY muddiness, A new Wave the Violence brings each aspect in the mix right into sharp focus, also as the all at once effect is among crushing heaviness. This songs space felt as much as they’re heard, with every riff, scream and also drum hit virtually leaping the end of the speakers.

Opener “Old age Takes as well Long” offers a representative sample: a steady march of floor toms, chugging, palm-muted guitars the give method to thunderous choruses and an practically Misfits-like sing-along refrain of “Whoaaa-ohhhh.” “Born to Burn” and also “Palace of Love and also Hate” are burned earth campaigns that sprint with multiple verses and also choruses in under 2 minutes (only three of the ten songs below extend past the three-minute mark). Much longer tracks favor “I actors a Shadow for You,”“Avalanche in Heaven” and also “Love is Best” recall few of the Blood Brothers’ best-loved songs–multi-part miniature epics choose “Cecilia and the Silhouette Saloon” and also “Camouflage, Camouflage”—but in maintaining with Head Wound City’s proclivity because that brevity, are much an ext tightly scripted.

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If you’re searching for a hardcore document that fires on all cylinders, you i will not ~ be disappointed by A new Wave that Violence: right here you’ll find a set of skilled players tearing with 25 minutes of music through relentless energy. The said, the recent incarnation that Head Wound City does feel both more straightforward and also less ambitious 보다 nearly every one of these musicians’ vault projects. You’ll find few of the Locust’s loopy synth present or breakneck tempos; Zinner appears content come let his etc follow fairly than lead and also in the lack of Whitney, it’s hard not come hear Blilie as vaudevillian directly man in search of a foil. That’s just by method of comparison to the band members’ past work, though and also Head Wound City is clearly a automobile for these men to let your hair down and play some explosive music complimentary of any kind of expectations. Judged top top its own merits, A brand-new Wave that Violence is a fine hardcore record, one the manages come balance chaotic intensity with a workmanlike precision that few punk bands deserve to muster.