Immediately upon loading this title in the beat Store, review-reading gamers will keep in mind something amiss. It appears that virtually every single reviewer certain LOVES this game. Not just loves this game—spams heart symbols as if every reviewer to be rapturous in ~ the only idea of also being in the exact same universe together a location so wonderful. Glorious LEGO, you room our provider, and we will strike down all who oppose you in a great battle for truth and totally free gameplay!

But not free—freemium. And if the hordes the “honest reviews”—including some 5-star ratings v sad faces, reminding one of the legend the “Help” messages surprise in happiness cookies—weren’t sufficient to drive you far from this title, the in-app purchases will surely finish you off.

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In stimulate to progress through every level—which are short and repetitive, ending in an easy battles hardly worthy of the “boss fight” title—you must obtain Hero Points. Girlfriend don’t need to make one in-app purchase of Hero Points come proceed, however if you don’t, you will do it be left grinding through level obstacles to collect enough points to give passage.


As the LEGO brand is so obtainable to children, the seems obvious that this trivial gameplay is intended to target less-experienced gamers. But with childlike wonder comes a much shorter attention span, and much more tugging on mom or Dad’s eight begging to do an in-app acquisition to get to the next level. One can’t help but wonder if the developer has some ulterior motives for LHFIFB‘s seemingly uninspired experience.

Factory invasion From listed below isn’t the only LEGO Hero location to grace the play Store. Azumo games released Lego Hero brain Attack in October of 2013, supplying the same an excellent versus evil plot, a heaping dose of recurring gameplay, and ceaseless prompting to make in-app purchases. Yet both title are mindful not to catch you right into a purchase: with enough determination, you can gain through each game without safety money—it’s just not sufficient fun to bother wasting her time.

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Despite an ext than 30,000 reviews and likes, the idea the anyone might truly reap LHFIFB seems prefer dubious propaganda. Unfortunately for the hardcore gamer, LHFIFB is just one more title that milks cash through the player’s boredom. Whereby some freemium games could be addictive and also enjoyable enough to warrant one in-app acquisition in desperate times (here’s looking at you, liquid Crush), LHFIFB just doesn’t have sufficient pizzazz. The title packed more action into its six words than the game regulated to market in the couple of hours any kind of challenge-seeking gamer will be able to stand playing. But, hey—it’s free, right, guys? Right?

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