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Well, he can shoot. That much we deserve to probably require to the bank.

Markelle Fultz had a largely up-and-down night in his second Utah Jazz Summer organization outing -- his first half gift the "down," and the second half being the "up" -- that in aggregate once again pointed to the numerous strengths and handful of weaknesses he will likely display as a first-year pro. Defense is a concern, main playmaking is a concern, conditioning and also stamina is a concern. Shooting? not a concern. If you complied with Fultz"s summer organization debut on any media platform, you room no doubt already familiar v the phrase "hesi pull-up jimbo," as coined by Finals MVP Kevin Durant (h/t DMV streetball parlance). The phrase, once used to our No. 1 overall pick, already seems likely to follow him because that his career"s entirety: not just because of the brain-sticking inanity, but because a shot as smooth and distinctive and also consistent together Fultz"s should have its own name. We"ll be watching the Hesi Pull-up Jimbo because that the next 5 to 10 (to 25) years and also will absence the ideal vocabulary to describe it anyway, may as well adopt it now. 

Fultz gained some