Hitman 2's 2nd mission has means more obstacles than the first, but don't worry—we've done every the difficult work for you. gain this complete guide to all 105 challenges.

Grab a drink and get comfortable—there"s a ton ofHitman 2 wisdom packed right into this guide! Let"s dive appropriate in.

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Many of these challenges will be less complicated if you"ve unlocked details starting disguises, locations, or gear. We"ll cite those avenues when they"re relevant, yet no challenge is difficult to complete without them; you simply may have to do a little much more prep occupational on your own. This guide additionally assumes you have a straightforward understanding that the various ways to manipulate NPCs—namely, through poisoning them and creating distractions.

TIP: We"ve presented related challenges in a reasonable order where possible, however there"s an ext than one way to integrate many that them. Do liberal usage of Ctrl+F to find the names of any kind of challenges, disguises, or places you"re trying to find within this guide.

The Map

You may want to open up each of these photos in a new tab and keep them handy for reference, particularly if you aren"t intimately familiar with the area yet. All 48 locations required for theDISCOVER MIAMIchallenge are marked for you.Underlined message within this guide refers come named map locations.

Discovery Challenges

There are16 exploration challenges in this mission.

DISCOVER MIAMI - disclose 48 map locations as shown on the maps above

THE FLAMINGO - Disguise yourself as the mascot

The mascot deserve to be uncovered in theparking garage ~ above floor B1.

THE military MAN - Disguise yourself together Ted Mendez

Ted Mendez wanders around outside theMiami Bayside center Expo, close to the dolphin fountains. Tempt him to a private spot come steal his threads.

COCONUT BALLS - Disguise yourself together Florida Man

Florida simply can"t catch a break. This walking stereotype can be found fishing on the docks inMarina Park South.

SHEIK ZANZIBAR, ns PRESUME? - Disguise yourself together the Sheik

Sheik Zanzibar can be uncovered on the 2nd floor of theThwack racing paddock,having a drink v someone you could recognize from the "Three-Headed Serpent" mission...

ONE KILO BRICK - uncover a brick of cocaine

The annoying tool talking to the sheik isHector Delgado, and also he"s carrying a highly illegal substance. Take it native him however you wish. Maybe don"t cause a time paradox by killing him.

THE RIVAL - Disguise yourself together Moses Lee

This challenge is most basic to achieve by starting the mission in arace marshaldisguise, but you"ll require one also if you don"t have actually it available from the start. Head west throughout the gyeongju track overpass towards thehotel, and also descend the stairs come the ground floor. Alongside the tower is a gyeongju marshal"s station. Take up the flag anddisqualify either driver when prompted. (If girlfriend disqualifyMoses Lee, doing so will likewise complete theODD ONE OUT feat.)

Immediately rotate around and also run throughout the street towards the garages.Moses Lee will be in theKowoonteam garage, which is the yellow one—second in line if you begin from the southernmost garage and also head north. Monitor him till a convenient opportunity to snag his duds presents itself.

VERY crucial PERSON - uncover a VIP race pass

From the default starting location, take it an immediate left and look for adoor come the right of the stairs. You"ll require a lockpick or crowbar to obtain it open, and take care to make certain nobody is city hall you popular music the lock. ThePodium society Pass is top top a table simply behind the door.

BACKDOOR ENGINEERING- uncover theevent crew keys

From the beginning location, look for a white door behind and also to the ideal of you. This leads to thetrucks area. If you don"t have a precious disguise, sneak very closely into the locker room and snag the tricks from the pistol laundry basket.

DAY in ~ THE AQUARIUM - discover a Bayside center keycard

There areBayside facility keycards everywhere this mission; 2 are simple to accessibility from the default beginning location there is no needing any details disguises. The Kronstadtengineeroutside theemployee entrance inMarina Park SE has actually one you can snag after getting rid of of him.

Alternatively, you deserve to grab one from a table in the staff area behindRobert Knox"s demo car in theexpo room.

BLACKMAIL - find theblackmail documents

This an obstacle is a little bit misleading, since the item you"re searching for is in reality calledincriminating evidence. You"ll discover it naturally by adhering to the mission story "Pretty in Pink" (and wouldn"t you recognize it, we"ve gained a overview on just how to execute that ideal here).

FRUTTI DI MARE - uncover two aquatic "weapons"

Ok, this one"s simply weird. You need to discover afish and astarfish, both of which deserve to be provided to inflict destructive carnage. (Just choose in real life, i guess?) Head come theaquariumand obtain ready come radically rise the owner"s insurance premiums. Shoot the glass the end oftank #9 come dump its materials all end the floor and find the starfish. Fish have the right to be found in several of the various other tanks.

WHAT"S IN THIS THING? - open the evidence locker

It would seem someone"s do the efforts to kill one ofRobertKnox"srivals,but the bomb lock tried come mail has actually been intercepted. The fastest method to obtain to theevidence locker it"s stored in is to start as afood vendor or awaiter, if you have actually either. Find any kind of lonesecurity guard, knock him out, and take his clothes. (This isn"t required, yet it provides the next component much easier.)

Make your way down come thesecurity area. View that tiny tiny yellow post-it note ~ above the desk that i circled in the screenshot? That"s the combination for the evidence safe. Sneak in there and also grab it, yet watch the end for the one or two guards in the area the won"t it is in fooled by her outfit.

Once you"ve got them digits, head across the hall right into the most southern room (the one through apolice baton on a shelf). Open up theevidence locker. Strictly speaking, this is all you need to do because that this challenge, but if you also want to finish theEXPLOSIVE LIAISONS assassination challenge, take the car bomband thenote and hop end to that ar of this overview to see what to carry out next.

COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN - Sabotage the satellite dish

A Kronstadtsecurity outfit will certainly make this a hundred time easier, however sadly, friend can"t begin with one. To obtain one easily, start as a Kronstadtengineer and grab aBayside facility keycard from an office simply down the hall from your starting location.

There are numerous bodyguards ~ above this floor; isolation one yet you prefer and also grab his suit. That done, jog approximately the 3rd floor—preferably via thesouthwest staircase, together it"s the just one not guarded by protection personnel the won"t it is in fooled by her disguise.Head toRobert"s office and snag theelectronic accessibility dongle indigenous Knox"s desk.

Now head north under the hallway to theserver room. Hop out the window on the west wall surface and usage the dongle top top the laptop beside the satellite dish. This challenge is currently complete, however you"re currently perfectly collection up because that theassassination challengesTHE MESSAGE andTHE TREE falls ON THE APPLE. Scoot end to those sections if you"re ~ those challenges.

SLICE the VICE - escape Miami top top a speedboat

Once you"ve removed both targets, head to theMarina Park South and break into theboat rental shack, but make certain the patrolling guard doesn"t check out you carry out it. Snag theboat key from the counter inside and also use it on the boat moored just outside.

THE sewage system BEYOND - Escape through the sewers

This is a perfect escape path if you"re doing any of the mission stories or assassination difficulties that involveSierra Knox andthe mascot (PRETTY IN PINK, SYMPATHY because that THE BIRD, PINK MENACE orLAST WORDS),but you can departure through the sewers anytime. The entrance is conveniently situated in thehotel courtyard. You"ll need acrowbar come lift the manhole, so come prepared.

Whew! That"sall 16 discovery challenges done. Take a break, stretch, go exterior for a bit.


There room 33 feats in this mission.

MR. TAMBOURINE MAN - take thestreet musician"s clothes and also play his instruments

This is super easy. Native the default beginning area, head left and also go down the stairs. The street musicianis ideal there in the tunnel. Take him out anyway friend choose, steal his duds, and also then connect with his north toblend in.

ARMS DEALER - Pacify aresearcher v anandroid arm

To finish this difficulty in 20 seconds, begin as a Kronstadtengineer and also scoot end to the android lab, just throughout the room from theandroid showroom. There room arms and also nerds everywhere; grab among the former and also bean one of the latter.

THOROUGH DEMONSTRATION - make thekiller robot waste someone various other thanRobert Knox

This one"s also fast and also easy if you start as a Kronstadtengineer. Jog over toOffice 1C ~ above the second floor, then into the server room nearby to it. You"ll findDerek McInnis"sID card on the desk. Operation to theandroid showroom and also wait because that dear Derek to action in prior of thekiller robot. Scan his id card and also feel cost-free to giggle. (You can likewise do this toTed Mendez, whose ID card have the right to be uncovered behind the 1F agree desk, but it"s a lot an ext convoluted to traction off.)

SHAFTED - push someone down an elevator column to your death

This have the right to be excellent on the 2nd floor the the Kronstadt building, in themaintenance room immediately to the right at the optimal of the key staircase. Attract someone right into the room by cram objects or turning on the sink to overwhelming the room. Coax them to the very edge that the elevator shaft with further distractions and give lock a gentle shove, climate reflect top top what a disastrous person girlfriend are.

TINTAMARRESQUE -Take a cheesy photo

InMarina Park South, close to the dock whereFlorida Man hangs out, you"ll view a goofy photo-op cutout. Simply interact with it.

FISH SLAPPING DANCE - Slap someone into the s with a fish

Yeah, you read that right. You deserve to probably start the mission with afish as one of your items, it"s a reasonably low-level unlock. If you don"t have it yet, snag one indigenous theaquarium as comprehensive in theFRUTTI DI MARE section.

Theroaming security guard inMarina Park southern nearFlorida Man makes an easy target, yet you have the right to use any kind of of the NPCs in the area. Entice the unfortunate spirit to the sheet of the pier by throw stuff, climate approach and also beat him v the fish to do him loss in the water. What a monster sentence come type.

FREE FISHIE - aid a fish walk home

Immediately after you completeFISH SLAPPING DANCE, toss the murder weapon back to whence that came. Or, if you"re no a complete monster, just toss any fish into the water—you don"t must kill someone v it first.

TANKED - Incapacitatesecurity guard(s) by shooting a fish tank

You"ll need a gun for this—any will certainly do. Twosecurity guards patrol theaquarium. Wait because that one or both of them come stop alongside or pass by any type of of the wall-mounted fish tanks, climate shoot the glass a few times.

SLEEPING with THE FISHES - dump a body right into a fish tank

After completingTANKED, just dispose of the guard(s) in any of the open-top fish tanks.It"s the perfect crime; nobody will ever notification the not correct glass or the panting fish flopping almost everywhere the floor.

SAFETY FIRST - Tamper v the pressure release valves because that the pyrotechnics display

This is a required step because that theBETTER BURN UP than FADE AWAY assassination challenge; see that section for details.

ODD ONE OUT - DisqualifyMoses Lee

Dress up as arace marshal and also disqualifyMoses Lee from one of two people of the two race marshal stations at the base of the raceway overpass towers.

SWEET VICTORY - placed sugar inMoses Lee"s gas tank

If you"ve got to Mission Mastery level 20, you deserve to start as amechanic in theKowoon garage, i m sorry is perfect—but beginning as awaiter in thedriver"s lounge is a good choice too. In one of two people case, head right into the kitchen just across the hall from the driver"slounge.Snag abag of sugarfrom the counter.

Now head back to theKowoon garage and readjust into amechanic"s uniform if friend didn"t start with one. Click on thepit crew station and select the funnel to use the sugar in a cutscene. Challenge complete!

47 on THE SCOVILLE SCALE - Drink the chili shot during a drinking challenge withSierra Knox

This challenge, also asMILKY WAY andHOT SHOT, can all be collection up reasonably quickly bydisqualifying Sierra Knox from the race. (Moses Lee wins through default uneven you disqualify him; these three challenges can every be perfect regardless of who wins, but all of them walk a lot faster ifMoses wins.)

No matter just how you pick to method the setup, you"ll must getMoses Leealone, incapacitate him, and readjust into his apparel after the race is over. Head come thedriver"s lounge and also wait forSierra Knox to display up. (Sometimes she dawdles, or won"t come to the lounge at all. If girlfriend go uncover her and also speak to her as Moses, that have to prompt she to pertained to thelounge.)

Once she arrives and the drinking contest gets underway,watch the glass she place the chili sauce in very closely. She"ll rotate the offer tray and also invite you to take the first shot. If you retained your eye top top the spicy glass, you"ll know which one the is—either drink that or don"t, relying on whether you"re going for this difficulty orMILKY WAY.

MILKY WAY - do Sierra drink the chili shot

Follow the indict for47 ~ above THE SCOVILLE SCALE above, simply make certain she drinks the shot rather of you.(This is additionally a good opportunity topoison the chili sauce with emetic poison beforeSierra arrives, if you desire to send her to the toilet in order come completeHOLD my HAIR. Doing therefore while dressed as awaiter will protect against arousing any type of suspicion.)

RED FLAG - prevent the race early on by crashing many cars

The ideal setup for this one involves beginning as arace marshal v asniper rifle smuggled right into theparkside food stands, but it doesn"t issue where the rifle is as long as you can get one. Friend can additionally check turn off theDÉJÀ DUEfeat and also theMOVING TARGETassassination an obstacle with this setup.

Return to the overpass with your rifle and also take the end one or both that the realrace marshals, if necessary.

ShootSierra"s car through your rifle once it comes under the straightaway, completingMOVING TARGET in the process. (You can"t shoot other cars until hers is destroyed.) Simply proceed shooting other cars until the an obstacle completes.

DÉJÀ DUE- Snipe a poor, innocent, defenseless pigeon

This might be the hardest feat in this mission, simply because the pigeon is so daunting to find. (You"re welcome.) together inRED FLAG, bring a sniper rifle come the raceway overpass and face north. Looking at the screenshot below, you might not watch anything. He"s just reeeaallyy much away. Zoom in, he"s there, i promise. Blast him.

THE THUNDER THIEF - accept the gyeongju trophy asMoses Lee

To do this, you"ll must eitherdisqualify Sierra Knox or wait because that the race to end naturally;Moses Leewill success if girlfriend don"t interfere. When the race is over, you"ll need to move fast. You have to interceptMoses and take his apparel (undetected) before he gets to thepodium tunnel.

Make a tough save as soon as you"ve swapped locations with Moses, since the following section have the right to be buggy. Follow the red carpet outside the Kronstadtgarage, down v thepodium tunnel. ~ above the various other side, you"ll run intothis dude in a gray suit.

Stop prior to him and let him chatter a bit, then follow him when he speak you to. You should wait until 5 other NPCs present up and also position us at the peak of the stairs before you deserve to go accept the trophy; occasionally this procedure takes numerous minutes, and sometimes that doesn"t occur at all. Try reloading an earlier save if 5+ minutes walk by and you still haven"t been referred to as to expropriate the trophy.

YOU acquired A fast CAR - Sit inRobert Knox"s new prototype race car

The car in concern is located in theexpo room, and you can acquire to the most quickly by starting as a Kronstadtengineer. You"ll need ascrewdriver, so choose one up all over (there"s one in the maintenance room simply northeast that the car itself).

Use thescrewdriver top top the car"s engine and wait for another engineer to callRobert Knox to report the problem. The boss will come running and will direct you to sit in the vehicle when he it s okay there. (This completes this challenge and leads into the assassination challengeEXTERNAL combustion ENGINE, but to do that one, you"ll require to have actually done something rather first; watch that section of this guide for more info.)

POTTY TRAINING - make the doctor"s patient leaving without death him

In theemergency bay, a Kronstadtteam member is struggling to administer a to pee sample. You could just bash his brain in, but this difficulty is asking you to display a little finesse. Simply follow him into the restroom andturn ~ above the sink to, uh, exactly his problem.

Completing this an obstacle will put you in a good position to finish theDOCTOR 47 and/orVITAMIN OVERDOSEassassination challenges.

SYMPATHY because that THE BIRD - StopSierra Knox indigenous killingthe mascot

To make this possible, you"ll an initial need come findthe mascot in the B1parking garagebefore the gyeongju ends. Return his auto keys and don"t mess with him after ~ that—just wait because that the gyeongju to end, and head forthehotel in the meantime.

Eventually,the mascot will show up and be led right into the courtyard.

Sneak your way to the alley behind thehotel, and also take up a positionhere:

Wait untilSierra Knox arrives to confrontthe mascot. It may be a while. As soon as they"ve made their method into the alley, stay covert untilSierra dismisses her guards. Once you hear she say "Who carry out you think you"re dealing with?" that"s her cue to relocate in. Dispose of she in any manner before she pushesthe mascot under the hole.

LAST WORDS - get killed bySierra Knox in a very details manner

This is one more weird one. Follow the indict forSYMPATHY because that THE BIRD as explained above, yet instead that hiding behind the crates, drop under thehole and just hang there beforeSierra andthe mascot arrive. Chill out there for 5 or ten minutes, and also don"t asking me just how 47 can support his whole weight on his on the handle for the long.

Don"t perform anything, just wait. OnceSierra pushesthe mascot come his death, she will finally notification you and also stomp on your fingers, sending out you to a comparable fate.

I have actually no idea why this is a challenge.

MISSION STORIES: MIAMI - finish the mission story "Pretty in Pink," "New Army," and also "Perfect Machine"

In the attention of brevity, let"s take advantage of a feature thatHitman 2 currently has built into it: the mission story guide. Collection it come "full guide" in options, if it"s not that means already. Now, head come the following three places to i found it the three relevant mission stories.

Eavesdrop top top Ted Mendez outside theMiami Bayside center Expo...

...eavesdrop top top the mascot in the B1Parking Garage...

...and finally, eavesdrop top top the Krondstadt mechanic"s phone speak to near the port-a-potties inStands South.

Doing all three of these things will unlock "New Army," "Pretty in Pink," and "Perfect Machine," respectively. Merely track and also complete every mission story to inspect offMISSION STORIES: MIAMI.

THE BRIEFCASE - Unlock an ICA briefcase by perfect the Miami mission

It"s best there in the description. Finish this mission in any fashion whatsoever.


This feat, and the five others that make up it, space the exact same in every mission. They"re reasonably straightforward, and most of them can be completed in plenty of different ways.

HOLD my HAIR: kill a mission target by drowned them. Most easily achieved by usingemetic poison on a food or drink article you know the target will consume, then following them to the bathroom to drown them in the toilet.PIANO MAN: death a mission target v thefiber wire, anytime, any place.STRAIGHT SHOT: kill a mission target with a headshot native a firearmTASTELESS, TRACELESS: kill a mission target v lethal ingested poison. In this mission, completingHOT SHOT will fulfill this requirement as well.SOMEONE might HURT THEMSELVES: death a mission target via one accident kill. In this mission, the adhering to assassination challenges all count as accidents if you complete them while undetected:THE MAN and also THE SEAUNDER THE SEATHE MESSAGETHE TREE drops ON THE APPLEBETTER BURN UP than FADE AWAYPINK MENACEEXTERNAL combustion ENGINEWHEEL that MISFORTUNEPARANOID ANDROID

CHAMELEON- discover all 29 disguises

Hoo boy. This one"s a doozy. Fairly than bombard you with images, i will instead sincerely say thanks to reddit user newhoxton, who has made a full and concise list already.

Common disguises

Event crew (all around thepodium)Event security (all approximately thesecurity center)Food merchant (in food stalls external thestands)Kronstadt technician (all end the Kronstadt building)Kronstadt protection (all end the Kronstadt building)Medic (all about theemergency bay)Race marshal (on and also under the raceway overpass)Waiter (in thedriver"s lounge and also in most of theteam paddocks)

Uncommon disguises

Journalist (VIP area street, VIP area square, and also podium)Kitchen employee (kitchen)Kronstadt researcher (android lab and also android showroom)Mascot (B1parking garage andstands south)Race coordinator (podium andcontrol room)

Mechanics (in their respective garages)

Aeon mechanicKowoon mechanicKronstadt mechanicSotteraneo mechanicThwack mechanic

Unique disguises

Florida male (fishing on the pier in Marina Park South)Moses Lee (wanders all over after the race)Pale driver (on a bench in the locker room under the pit building)Sheik (Thwack paddock)Street musician (Bayside tunnel)Ted mendez (Miami Bayside center courtyard)

Team motorists (also unique)

Aeon driver (driver"s lounge)Blue particle driver (signing autographs close to the occasion entrance)Kronstadt driver (emergency bay)Kowoon driver (driver"s lounge)Thwack driver (wanders the southerly VIP areas)

Time for one more stretch break—that"s every 33 feats down!

Assassination Challenges

We"re on the house stretch, boys and girls. I know this is what you yes, really wanted, anyway. Over there are18 assassination challenges in this mission.

THE FLORIDA DIET - PoisonRobert Knox atFlorida Man"s Food Stand

You"ll need some kind of ingestable lethal poison for this challenge. Either bring some in your loadout or look forlethal pills in theemergency bay.

Florida Man hangs out roughly the pier inMarina Park South. Death him or knock that out, then take his clothes and hisfood stand key.

Head end to hisfood cart just north of wherein you uncovered him anduse the an essential to unlock it.

Blend in at the cart, and when NPCs hover by,serve them part coconut balls. as soon as you"ve satisfied a few customers,Robert Knox will acquire word the his favorite eatery has reopened and come under for a bite. Discreetly add somelethal poison to his dish prior to serving him, then acquire outta there before his bodyguard records on.

THE MAN and also THE SEA - KillRobert Knox v a large fish

Bring a concealable firearm and also followTHE FLORIDA DIET as described above, yet don"t poisonRobert Knox"s food.He"ll walk for a to walk after he"s eaten and will eventually finish up on the pier whereby you foundFlorida Man. Wait till he"s inside wall up v thegiant fish placed above the pier, climate shoot the assistance ring top top the opposite side to finish offRobert Knox in a spectacularly awkward fashion.

EXTERNAL combustion ENGINE - CauseRobert Knox"s brand-new prototype automobile to fatally malfunction


If you can, start the mission as aKronstadt engineer and also snag aBayside center keycard native the staff area behind theprototype car in theexpo room.

You"ll require two other things too: ascrewdriver (maintenance room simply northeast the the car) and a canister ofoctane booster. Over there are numerous boosters in miscellaneous places, yet the simplest one to grab without elevating suspicion ison a shelf in the race marshal area garage.

Once you"ve obtained all your gives in hand, head come theexpo roomandsabotage the car"s engine v the screwdriver as defined inYOU gained A fast CAR.Immediately afterward, pour the octane booster right into the engine.WhenRobert Knox arrives, he"ll tell you come sit in the vehicle while he diagnoses the engine; oblige him. Rev the engine every time he speak you to. ~ above the 3rd try, he"ll explode fairly comically. Difficulty complete!

UNDER THE SEA - KillRobert Knox through dropping a shark on him

Pretend you"re completingEXTERNAL combustion ENGINE, yet bring a concealable firearm, and whenRobert Knox speak you come sit in the car, ignore him. It"s finest to cave back around this far.

He"ll eventually write friend off as a shed cause and decide to deal with the auto himself. This time, the explosion won"t death him, yet it will reason a target lockdown.

Before the explode happens, slip into theaquarium following door and position you yourself right about here.

His bodyguards will bring him here when the lockdown starts—and park him ideal under the precariously balanced shark up there. You carried a gun, right? You understand what to do.

OCULAR ADMINISTRATION - KillRobert Knox by poisoning his eyedrops


You"re heading to the 3rd floor that the expo building, whereby onlyKronstadt security andresearchersare permitted, so snag one of those outfits (security would be better). Make sure you lug somelethal poison as well.

Once you"ve make it to the 3rd floor undetected, find thebathroom across the room from thestorage room and caddy-corner to theserver room. You"ll view some unattendedeye drops ~ above the respond to in there. "Modify" them.

However,Knox doesn"t usage the eye drops unless he needs them. Follow to several of his employees under the hall, dry air provides his eyes hurt. Hmmm....

Find thisA/C panel inRobert"s office andset it to dry cool mode. (Watch the end for the guard in there who won"t be fooled by her disguise.)

Now you simply need come wait for Knox to return to his office and also the rest will take treatment of itself.

THE MESSAGE - arrange an unfortunately height-related accident forRobert Knox

Follow the overview forCOMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN method up over there in the explorations section and waitnear the satellite dish for Knox to present up. After ~ some unsuccessful fiddling v the laptop, he"ll step dangerously close come the leaf of the roof in order to mess v the dish itself. It would be a shame if he slipped...

If girlfriend care around doing this undetected, take treatment of his an individual bodyguard ahead of time.

THE TREE falls ON THE APPLE - kill bothRobert Knox andSierra Knox through one well-timed push

Follow the guide forTHE MESSAGE, v one difference: don"t press Knox as soon as the opportunity presents itself. Wait till he states something like "Oh, here comes my automobile with mine daughter in it."Push him right once he finishes the sentence, or a little earlier, and look at that, your whole job is excellent already.


You"ll know you timed it appropriate if a distinct cutscene triggers once you push Knox.

PARANOID ANDROID - do one ofRobert Knox"sown androids death him

This is simple to attain if youdisguise yourself together Ted Mendez, as defined in the"New Army" mission story.

Once you"re in disguise together Mendez, head into the building, take it the stairs come the right, andgrab this photo of Robert Knox native the newspaper rack on the landing.

Now head come theandroid showroom and also wait for Knox to arrive and step in former of thekiller robot. usage thephoto that Robert Knox on the robot and you"re done.

EXPLOSIVE LIAISONS - TrickRobert Knox intokilling his own daughter

This is probably the toughest assassination an obstacle to uncover, yet it"s likewise the many gratifying (and efficient)!

Start her mission at the default ar andsneak into thetrucks area. obtain an authorized disguise, or simply don"t get captured in here. Either way, head v the most southern white door in the parking lot and you"ll discover yourself in thesecurity area.

It"s recommend todispatch a protection guard and also take his clothes. Take theevidence locker combination as explained inWHAT"S IN THIS THING? open up theevidence locker and also take thecar bomb and also thenotewithin.

Your next stop is theKronstadt garage, and you"ll should dress the part too. Find thedisgruntled Kronstadt mechanic close to the port-a-potties instands south, or distract one of the mechanics in the garage and also take that out; one of two people way, you need aKronstadt mechanic disguise.

Now, popular music over to Sierra"s pit avoid stationin the Kronstadt garageandelect toplace a bomb on she car.


Don"t detonate it, tempting together it may be.

Now you need to run every the means back to theevent entrance anduse the salary phone next to the stairs. You"ll call the number you uncovered on the note with the vehicle bomb and also arrange a meeting withRobert Knox.

He desires to meet challenge to challenge on the raceway overpass. Acquiring there undetected together a mechanic won"t be easy, so you may want to adjust clothes again—Kronstadt security guard would certainly be a good choice.

Once you meet with Knox top top the overpass, he"ll ask because that the bomb detonator. Give it come him, climate wait till he dismisses his bodyguard. He"ll action to the railing and also dramatically activate the detonator, realizing also late that thebomb is top top Sierra"s car.


If girlfriend act quickly, you deserve to capitalize top top his shock and also grief andsend him down to satisfy her.


Two because that one. For this reason satisfying.

DAYS the THUNDER - punch upSierra Knox"scar during the race

You can either tree thecar bomb top top Sierra"s automobile as described inEXPLOSIVE LIAISONS, or you deserve to put a continuous remote bomb ~ above her vehicle during the pit stop. One of two people way, simply detonate it yourself at any kind of time rather of handing the detonator end to her father.

WHEEL of MISFORTUNE - KillSierra Knox through sabotaging the tires on her car

Kick this challenge off by obtaining yourself into aKronstadt mechanic outfit as described inPERFECT MACHINEorEXPLOSIVE LIAISONS. take a pneumatic wrench in the bay next to Sierra"s, yet make certain the particularly alertKronstadt mechanic doesn"t blow your cover.

Head come herpit prevent station, and also choose tosabotage her tires when prompted.

Enjoy the cutscene, you"ve earn it.

MOVING TARGET - SnipeSierra Knox if she"s driving

Bring a rifle for this one, as defined inRED FLAG - or just get a rifle up to the raceway overpass any means you prefer. Shoot the windshield of Sierra"s car as the comes under the straightaway. Friend don"t must be at sight precise, it"s a pretty generous hitbox.


HOT SHOT - AssassinateSierra Knox by adding some extra absent to her chili shot

Bring a canister the octane boosterwhen you"re going for this one (there"s an unguarded one in the race marshal area garage).Once the race is over, nevertheless of the outcome, you"ll have to track downMoses Lee and trade places with him—seeTHE RIVAL for an ext info.

Make your means to thedriver"s lounge and include the octane boosterto thebottle that chili sauce. (It might be useful to briefly trade outfits through awaiter if you"re having actually trouble poisoning the sauce without being noticed. If you walk this route, get ago intoMoses Lee"sduds when you"re done.)

Now wait for Sierra to present up and accept her drink-off challenge. Watch the poisoned glass very closely; drink it by mistake would certainly be quite embarrassing. Just make certain she end up through the deadly drink and this an obstacle is done—just like her!

DON"T DRIVE and also DRINK - KillSierra Knox by poisoning the race trophy

This challenge and the following one both call for Sierra to win the race, which deserve to only take place if youdisguise yourself as a gyeongju marshal and also disqualify Moses Lee. once you"ve done that, make sure you have actually somelethal poison and head come the victor"spodium (anevent staff disguise will enable you unrestricted access).

Now just wait—you don"t even have to remain in the area.

BETTER BURN UP than FADE AWAY - kinds a pyrotechnics accident forSierra Knox

LikeDON"T DRIVE and also DRINK, you have to firstdisqualify Moses Lee indigenous the race to open this path. Win Sierra to thepodium and, ideally,pick up an event staff disguise. find awrench (there"s one in one of the side rooms behind the hairdresser"s area) anduse it on these pipes.


Once you"ve loosened the pressure lock, you additionally need toadjust the push on the 3 valves come the right.Now simply wait because that Sierra to case her really short-lived minute of triumph.

PINK MENACE - kill Sierra throughout a clandestine meeting while disguised asthe mascot

To pull this off, do your method to the B1parking garage and also assistthe mascot as defined inSYMPATHY for THE BIRD.

However, don"t permit him obtain to his vehicle—dispatch him before he it s okay there, take it his keys and costume, and grab theincriminating evidence indigenous his van.

Make your method to thehotel and also show the evidence to this guy.

Wait because that Sierra to arrive and also follow her down the alley. Hand over the evidence when she asks for it andlet her monologue because that a while; you"ll know when the time comes.

VITAMIN OVERDOSE - make the medic killSierra Knox

If you have the right to start as a medic in theemergency bay, that would be ideal. If friend can"t,race marshalwould be good too. In any type of case, bring a lockpick andmake your way to theemergency bay. If you"re not dressed as a medic, avoid detection. Find thismedical cabinet in the rear of the area and pop the open. Assist yourself to themodern lethal syringe.

Now circle back to theback door that the therapy area. The doctor is currently in there v a patient. Wait till both of castle are encountering away from you, climate sneak end to theIV pole and use themodern lethal syringe on the IV bag.

Now you require to get rid of the doc"s existing patient before Sierra deserve to be "treated." You have the right to isolate him and also knock him out/kill him, or you deserve to make him leaving by completing thePOTTY TRAINING feat. When he"s gone, the doc willcall Sierra over the intercom.


Now it"s just a waiting game. Enjoy the show.

DOCTOR 47 - Fatally poisonSierra Knox if disguised as a medic

Set this one up just likeVITAMIN OVERDOSE, just you need to remove the doc as well as his patient.Once both room taken care of, head up front andcall Sierra end the intercom. (The race must be over before you can do this.)

When she arrives, ask she to take a seat andstart the IV as soon as prompted.

Believe the or not, that"s everything. Girlfriend did it!THE finish LINE is 100% cleared. Go gain some new air.

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Hitman 2 still has actually four much more gigantic goals to master. Those 100% travel guide aren"t done simply yet, however keep an eye on ourHitman 2 guide list—they"re comes soon.