1. Self-careSpend time everyday lifting yourself up with nourishing food, movement, sleep, and also anything you must support a healthy and balanced heart, mind, body, and soul. Schedule a massage, yoga class, or long walk as if it to be as crucial as anything else on her calendar, due to the fact that it is.

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If you desire to give your best, become your best.

2. Ideas that light you upYour innovative principles may sound crazy to others, and sometimes even to you, however hold on to them. It is in curious and also experiment. Test her ideas and share them v others. Offer them room come expand and also grow in directions you may not have taken into consideration at the beginning.

3. FlexibilityThe just thing the is certain, is that nothing is certain. Be open up to change, adapt to new situations and also hold on come your capability to check out the good in things. Notification the blessings also when you aren’t sure just how things will revolve out, or if castle didn’t turn out as you had hoped.

The blessing are constantly there, yet when we organize on to our fear of change, or the disappointment when our expectations aren’t met, we miss them.

4. PresenceWe have a gift because that holding on come the past and also for punishing ourselves or other world we love for points that have already happened. Then, we have a go at the future and also hold on to our expectation of exactly how things need to be, and our fears around what may be.

Instead, hold on to this moment, and also each minute you are invited to present up to. You’ll obtain it over and over again, yet until friend accept and also honor the invite to present up and notification your life, it will pass appropriate by. Do the moment count with your especially presence.

5. JoyWhat renders you smile or laugh so hard you cry? as soon as was the critical time girlfriend smiled from a ar of real joy rather of smiling to make human being think you space ok?

Make time and space for joy. Read books that lift your heart. Invest time with world who support you and also love you choose crazy. Take part in heart-swelling activities and marvel in the joy.

Joy feels so good.

6. SolitudeYou can’t hear what friend really desire or need when you space constantly surrounded by noise. Separate yourself from people, digital devices, and all just arrive information and listen. Trust what friend hear.

7. CuriosityBe open up to learning and ready for the answers to produce an ext questions. It is in curious about your life, the world, problems, solutions, and also anything that deserves her interest.

8. ContributionAlways save giving. Provide time. Provide money. Provide sandwiches. Give love. Constantly keep giving. Intake the comparing and competing, and what friend or rather think you should be giving. Once you give from a true desire to serve, you’ll make the best impact.

9. UsMost importantly, let’s hold on to every other. We need to hold on, elevator each other up, comfort one another, and slow under long sufficient to be present and also witness the magnificence around us. Hold on gently and thoughtfully. Be kind. We space strong, however our hearts space tender.

Hold on by embracing, nurturing, sharing and also honoring these valuable things. Let go to it is in light, and also then hold on for a dear life.

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