Edwards energizes wolf in opening 124-106 victory over Rockets— Anthony Edwards energized the very first full-size residence crowd the his nascent career with 29 points in 31 minutes for the Minnesota Timberwolves, who cruised to a 124-106 win over the Houston Rockets to start the season top top Wednesday night.

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Christian hardwood misses driving floating run shotJaden McDaniels block Daniel Theis"s dunkChristian Wood renders dunk (Kevin Porter Jr. Assists)Daniel Theis renders 22-foot three allude jumper (Jalen environment-friendly assists)Jaden McDaniels blocks Jalen eco-friendly "s 2-foot control layupD"Angelo Russell block Jae"Sean Tate "s 4-foot steering layupChristian wood misses 8-foot two suggest shotEric Gordon provides 12-foot control floating jump shotJae"Sean Tate makes two allude shotKevin Porter Jr. Misses steering floating run shotEric Gordon misses 26-foot three suggest jumperAlperen Sengun misses layupJalen environment-friendly makes two point shot (D.J. Augustin assists)Jalen green makes driving layupEric Gordon renders 23-foot three point jumper (D.J. Augustin assists)Eric Gordon provides 24-foot three point shotKevin Porter Jr. Misses 23-foot three suggest jumperKevin Porter Jr. Makes 11-foot step back jumpshotD.J. Augustin misses driving layupChristian wood misses 26-foot three allude jumperKevin Porter Jr. Provides driving dunkJalen green misses 23-foot three point jumperChristian timber misses 26-foot three suggest jumperNaz Reid block Jalen eco-friendly "s 4-foot control layupJae"Sean Tate misses control layupChristian Wood provides 25-foot three point jumper (Kevin Porter Jr. Assists)Kevin Porter Jr. Misses 24-foot three point jumperKevin Porter Jr. Makes 23-foot three allude jumper (Christian lumber assists)Daniel Theis renders dunk (Jalen eco-friendly assists)Jalen environment-friendly misses 24-foot step earlier jumpshotKarl-Anthony towns blocks Christian Wood"s layupDaniel Theis misses 25-foot three suggest jumperJalen green misses 25-foot step back jumpshotD.J. Augustin misses 25-foot three point jumperEric Gordon provides 26-foot three suggest jumperEric Gordon makes driving layupDaniel Theis renders dunk (Jalen green assists)Jalen eco-friendly misses 25-foot step earlier jumpshotD.J. Augustin renders 3-foot layup (Christian lumber assists)Jaden McDaniels blocks Christian lumber "s 5-foot jumperD.J. Augustin misses 25-foot three point pullup run shotChristian Wood renders 1-foot dunk (Jalen environment-friendly assists)Christian Wood provides 25-foot three allude jumper (Jae"Sean Tate assists)Christian hardwood misses 22-foot three point jumperKevin Porter Jr. Misses 26-foot step back jumpshotJalen eco-friendly misses 24-foot three allude jumperDaniel Theis makes dunkChristian wood misses 26-foot three allude jumperJosh Okogie blocks Jalen environment-friendly "s 3-foot control layupJalen eco-friendly makes 22-foot three allude jumper (Kevin Porter Jr. Assists)Jalen environment-friendly misses two allude shotJalen environment-friendly makes steering floating jump shot (Christian timber assists)Jae"Sean Tate misses layupKarl-Anthony towns blocks Christian Wood"s layupKevin Porter Jr. Misses layupAlperen Sengun provides layup (Jae"Sean Tate assists)Eric Gordon misses control floating run shotAlperen Sengun renders layupNaz Reid block David Nwaba "s 7-foot control layupDavid Nwaba misses 23-foot three suggest jumperAlperen Sengun provides dunkChristian Wood makes dunk (Alperen Sengun assists)Eric Gordon renders driving layupMalik Beasley blocks Kevin Porter Jr."s driving layupKevin Porter Jr. Misses 25-foot three point jumperKevin Porter Jr. Makes step back jumpshotChristian Wood provides 1-foot dunk (Alperen Sengun assists)Kevin Porter Jr. Misses 24-foot step ago jumpshotJosh Okogie block Jalen environment-friendly "s 2-foot control layupKenyon martin Jr. Misses driving layupKenyon martin Jr. Makes two point shotDavid Nwaba renders 1-foot driving dunkArmoni Brooks misses 25-foot three point jumperArmoni Brooks misses 29-foot three allude pullup jump shotDavid Nwaba makes two allude shotKenyon young name Jr. Provides driving layupMalik Beasley blocks Usman Garuba "s 1-foot two suggest shotJosh Christopher misses steering layupUsman Garuba makes two suggest shotKenyon young name Jr.

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Renders driving dunk (David Nwaba assists)David Nwaba renders 2-foot dunk (Josh Christopher assists)Josh Christopher makes 24-foot step back jumpshotUsman Garuba renders dunk (David Nwaba assists)Armoni Brooks makes 1-foot dunk (Usman Garuba assists)Naz Reid block David Nwaba "s 4-foot steering layupDavid Nwaba misses 23-foot three suggest jumperArmoni Brooks renders 25-foot three point jumper (Kenyon martin Jr. Assists)Josh Christopher misses driving layupD"Angelo Russell misses 25-foot three point jumperAnthony Edwards misses running pullup run shotJosh Okogie misses 23-foot three suggest jumperChristian hardwood blocks Karl-Anthony communities "s 2-foot steering layupKarl-Anthony Towns renders 26-foot three allude jumper (D"Angelo Russell assists)Karl-Anthony communities misses 26-foot three allude pullup jump shotAnthony Edwards misses 25-foot three point pullup run shotJosh Okogie misses layupD"Angelo Russell provides driving layupKarl-Anthony Towns provides driving dunkAnthony Edwards renders driving layupJosh Okogie provides dunk (D"Angelo Russell assists)Jordan McLaughlin misses 23-foot three point jumperAnthony Edwards misses step back jumpshotMalik Beasley misses 25-foot three allude pullup jump shotTaurean Prince misses 24-foot three suggest jumperAnthony Edwards provides 25-foot 3 pointerKarl-Anthony Towns makes 6-foot two point shotAnthony Edwards renders driving dunk (Malik Beasley assists)Anthony Edwards misses 26-foot three allude jumperTaurean Prince misses 27-foot three point jumperMalik Beasley renders dunk (D"Angelo Russell assists)D"Angelo Russell misses 20-foot step ago jumpshotD"Angelo Russell renders 12-foot driving floating run shot (Taurean Prince assists)Malik Beasley misses 25-foot three allude jumperD"Angelo Russell misses driving layupMalik Beasley misses 25-foot three suggest jumperNaz Reid misses three point jumperD"Angelo Russell misses 25-foot three allude jumperTaurean Prince renders 26-foot three tip (D"Angelo Russell assists)Naz Reid makes dunk (Taurean Prince assists)D"Angelo Russell misses two allude shotAnthony Edwards provides 24-foot three suggest jumper (D"Angelo Russell assists)Karl-Anthony Towns provides 24-foot three suggest jumper (Jordan McLaughlin assists)Karl-Anthony Towns provides 7-foot hook shoot (Anthony Edwards assists)Anthony Edwards provides 22-foot step back jumpshotAnthony Edwards renders 25-foot three allude jumper (Jaden McDaniels assists)Anthony Edwards misses 27-foot three suggest jumperJosh Okogie provides dunk (Jordan McLaughlin assists)Jordan McLaughlin misses control floating jump shotKarl-Anthony Towns provides 7-foot jumper (Malik Beasley assists)Jaden McDaniels makes driving layupJaden McDaniels makes alley oop dunk shooting (Anthony Edwards assists)Anthony Edwards misses step earlier jumpshotKarl-Anthony towns misses driving layupKarl-Anthony Towns renders 25-foot three allude jumper (Malik Beasley assists)Malik Beasley misses 15-foot pullup jump shotMalik Beasley makes 25-foot three suggest jumper (Anthony Edwards assists)Anthony Edwards renders 22-foot step back jumpshotAnthony Edwards makes 26-foot three allude jumper (Malik Beasley assists)Anthony Edwards misses 13-foot pullup run shotD"Angelo Russell misses two allude shotKarl-Anthony towns misses control layupAnthony Edwards misses steering layupKarl-Anthony Towns provides 8-foot hook shooting (D"Angelo Russell assists)Anthony Edwards misses 13-foot pullup run shotD"Angelo Russell misses 25-foot three point shotJaden McDaniels misses 24-foot three allude jumperKarl-Anthony Towns renders two point shotD"Angelo Russell provides 26-foot step back jumpshotD"Angelo Russell renders 26-foot three pointerD"Angelo Russell makes 26-foot three pointer (Karl-Anthony towns assists)Malik Beasley provides 11-foot pullup jump shot (Karl-Anthony towns assists)Karl-Anthony Towns renders driving dunk (D"Angelo Russell assists)D"Angelo Russell renders 28-foot 3 pointerD"Angelo Russell misses 25-foot three point pullup jump shotD"Angelo Russell misses 17-foot step earlier jumpshotMalik Beasley renders layup (Jordan McLaughlin assists)Naz Reid provides 2-foot layup (Jordan McLaughlin assists)Naz Reid misses 26-foot three point jumperAnthony Edwards provides 25-foot three point jumper (Naz Reid assists)Anthony Edwards misses 21-foot step back jumpshotAnthony Edwards misses 25-foot three suggest jumperJordan McLaughlin provides two suggest shot (Jarred Vanderbilt assists)Karl-Anthony Towns renders driving layupJosh Okogie misses driving layupAnthony Edwards renders dunkD"Angelo Russell misses 16-foot two point shotUsman Garuba block Naz Reid"s dunkLeandro Bolmaro misses steering layupUsman Garuba block Jaylen Nowell "s 7-foot steering layupJake Layman misses 15-foot two point shotJaylen Nowell misses layupJaylen Nowell renders two suggest shotJake Layman misses 25-foot three allude jumperJake Layman makes driving layup (Jaylen Nowell assists)McKinley wright IV makes 26-foot three point jumper