The correct answer is C) Both, Telemachus and also Odysseus are quick-thinking in battle. Telemachus’ action in fight compare to his dad in the Both, Telemachus and also Odysseus room quick-thinking in battle. As marked in the exerpt, Telemachus think quickly and knows how and also when to make a decision.

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Why is Telemachus fearful once his father?

In The Odyssey, why is Telemachus fearful as soon as his father first reveals his identity? Telemachus is fearful when his dad reveals his identity due to the fact that he thinks the the Gods might be play tricks on him and also it isn’t yes, really Odysseus.

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How walk this experienced from the finish of the story show that Odysseus has changed in the course of his adventure?

According to this excerpt, how has Odysseus adjusted over the food of his adventure? He has become much more humble and also patient in battle. Under Poseidon’s blows, gale winds and also tons of sea. He worths home and also family an ext than an individual glory.

What walk Telemachus tell his father disguised together a beggar the will execute for him?

Why go Telemachus go to view Eumaeus prior to he walk to check out anyone else? What does Telemachus phone call his father, disguised as a beggar, that will perform for him? He claims that that will defend him indigenous the suitors. What would occur to the “beggar” if he to be to continue to be in the palace?

Who very first sees Telemachus in town?


Who renders Odysseus incredibly angry?


Who has more faith in the gods Telemachus or Odysseus?

Who has more faith in the gods: Telemachus or Odysseus? Odysseus has more faith in the Gods due to the fact that he believes that Athena and Zeus will stand beside him and his son.

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Which God visits Calypso to order Odysseus’s release?

Book 5: The God Hermes, sent by Zeus in publication 1, come on Ogygia, wherein Calypso has actually trapped Odysseus. He find Odysseus weeping on the beach, yearning for his family, and also he order Calypso to relax him. Odysseus builds a raft native palm trees and sets sail.

Which God has actually a one-of-a-kind dislike because that Odysseus?


Which God has a distinct interest in Odysseus?

As goddess of wisdom and battle, Athena naturally has a soft spot because that the brave and also wily Odysseus.

Which God is set on making Odysseus life difficult?

Is Circe a hero or villain?

Circe is a fictional supervillain appearing in DC Comics publications and related media. Based top top the Greek mythological figure of the exact same name that imprisoned Odysseus in Homer’s Odyssey, she is a evil sorceress and also recurring opponent of Wonder Woman.

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Is Odysseus a demi god?

Odysseus was entirely human, because both the his parents to be human, not gods. Odysseus is no a demi-god, however according to Homer that does have some divine blood. His maternal grand was the well known thief Autolycus, who was himself a boy of the god Hermes.