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The first paragraph the Things autumn Apart, by Chinua Achebe, introduce the main character, Okonkwo , in a style that pipeline no room because that doubt the he is a man connected to activity and drama. Immediately, we learn that he is a famed person, not just in...

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The first paragraph that Things fall Apart, by Chinua Achebe, introduces the key character, Okonkwo, in a style that pipeline no room because that doubt the he is a man associated to action and drama. Immediately, we discover that he is a well known person, not simply in his very own village, but "throughout the ripe villages and even beyond." us sense, right away, the this is no "ordinary" person, and before we know why, we are told this fame is earned through "solid an individual achievements."

We don"t recognize his period immediately, yet we easily learn that once he to be eighteen "he had lugged honour to his village" by beating a good wrestler, Amalinze the Cat. By presenting Okonkwo v this great achievement, we feeling the prestige of the character, and also his strength and also determination are probably hinted at, although we don"t initially know the circumstances. Later on we learn he is "slippery as a fish in water," and this aspect of his character aided him win.

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While in some stories and also novels the scene is collection by gradually introducing setting and character, maybe by mirroring the character in a typical setting or engaging in a common activity, here we are straight away offered the ago story to this character"s fame prior to we even know what that looks favor or anything else around his life. As such, we feeling that his fame, and, an ext importantly, the way he earn it, is vital to understanding the character and will be necessary to the story. The suggestion is the this is a character ready to fight and also ready to be admired. The very first paragraph hints at a civilization of drama, fairly than a mundane everyday life, and also this color etc the reader, engaging them and opening increase a route to much more drama.