Stevie Starr calls self a professional regurgitator. He"s to be doing his act for a long time, and also is quite famous. (He"s appeared on mirrors such as Jay Leno and Ripley"s believe it or Not.) however I simply became aware of him v a video clip of among his performances ~ above Google Video, and I"m in ~ a finish loss to define how he does what he does. His performance includes some the the adhering to tricks: he swallows sugar, followed by a glass of water, and then regurgitates the sugar, totally dry. The swallows a live goldfish and regurgitates that a minute later, quiet living. (As he does this, the mentions the metropolitan legend about goldfish having actually 5-second memories.) reportedly he"s also able come swallow a (miniature) rubik"s cube and also bring it earlier up — solved. (Though the Rubik"s cube cheat isn"t presented in the google video.)I can"t find anyone on the web who has actually a kind explanation for just how Starr is maybe to carry out all this. Clearly he has a real talent v his stomach. An article around him in the Amherst college student reports that:he to be born in a children’s home in Scotland, whereby he live for the first 19 years of his life. When little Stevie was four years old, he uncovered this unique talent by swallowing his lunch money and realizing that could lug it right back up. Thus, a freak the nature to be born.But this doesn"t explain how he have the right to swallow sugar, adhered to by water, and bring the sugar up dry. Or the trick with the rubik"s cube. Does he have a second stomach, or something like that? To carry out the rubik"s cube trick i assume the must have actually swallowed a solved rubik"s cube before the show. Yet like ns said, I"m pretty lot baffled.Incidentally, history is complete of well known vomiters, therefore Stevie Starr evidently isn"t the just one that has ever had this talent. In 1621 there was the case of the nail-vomiting young of Bilston (who had actually been trained through a priest to simulate the symptoms of gift bewitched). This was followed in 1642 by Catharina Geisslerin, "the toad-vomiting woman of Germany," who, as you could guess, had a talent because that vomiting increase toads. In 1694 there was Theodorus Döderlein, who vomited up twenty-one newts and also four frogs. (I"m gaining this info from Clifford Pickover"s The Girl Who provided Birth to Rabbits
.) Pickover also reports that there have been instances of compulsive swallowers who don"t later on regurgitate what castle swallow, including one man in 1985 who had "53 toothbrushes, 2 razors, 2 telescopic aerials, and also 150 handles of disposable razors" eliminated from his stomach.

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Body Manipulation Food Magic

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Reminds me that Houdini. Among his tricks was peak swallow a load of needles,a length of thread and also then he"d regurgitate one end of the thread, and also pull that out v the needles threaded and also knotted evenly follow me it. Penn(of Penn and Teller) does among my favorites; he swallows a pea, then acts favor he"s horked it up onto his sinuses, hams it increase a bit, and just when you think he"s gonna punch it the end his nose, pulls down his eyelid and also there"s the pea. No as impressive, but funny!
I"ve just been reading a book around circus and also sideshow performers of every kinds, consisting of those that swallow swords, glass, etc. Several of these performers could swallow number of objects (e.g., balls) and bring them increase in a different order. So ns imagine he must swallow a addressed Rubik"s cube beforehand to carry out that trick.As for the sugar, the most obvious solution is that he has actually swallowed a waterproof bag of street beforehand. He eats the sugar, drink the water, brings up the bag that sugar, bites it open with his teeth, and there the is.
I think most of these tricks rely on sleight the hand-- in other words, the performer renders you think he/she has actually swallowed something, yet instead has actually concealed it somewhere. Similarly, the demonstrate produces that again through prestidigitation quite than literally regurgitating it.Even so, it"s a an excellent trick.
I need to agree with huge Gary. It"s clear this is sleight the hand. It"s not even particularly challenging sleight the hand, really. Standard misdirection stuff.
I viewed this guy.....he has a herbal "Gullet"....he isn"t swallowing anything....in otherwords, he has a very deep area under the tounge......compare it come a cran if you like.
I simply thoguht I"d mention an illustration of CSI wherein they are investigating the scorched body that a magician and find the he has actually surgically implanted pockets that skin grafted come the roof that his moth where he could potentially hide things like keys, needles or even live goldfish, if the feels for this reason inclined. It"s a great episode.
I don"t know why we"re trying to disclose a magic effect. The guy isn"t hoaxing or conning anyone and is do the efforts to make a living. If someone used his approaches to hoax or con it would certainly be sufficient to suggest out that a bonifide magician have the right to replicate the performance without exposing the effect.
I"d to speak CSI doesn"t understand much about magic or magicians.Any great magician can hide points in his/her hand so you"d never notice if friend didn"t know how the trick was done. Unique pockets and surgical implants are completely unnecessary.Harry Houdini once had himself locked right into a jail cabinet stark naked. A few minutes after ~ the witnesses left the room, he had escaped. Year later, he revealed that he had actually taped a lock choose to the sole of his foot, and also then managed to odor the people searching that so castle neglected to look in ~ the bottom of his bare foot.
My favourite trick that his was having actually his mam tongue him a crucial or lockpick as soon as she kissed that goodbye. Nobody ever before suspected the sweet, innocent wife.
There"s also the possibility he has actually a harmless sort of esophageal pouch. Ns don"t recognize much about it though - i doubt countless doctors/researchers have actually looked into how many civilization who can regurgitate ingredient on need have them. Http://www.healthatoz.com/healthatoz/Atoz/ency/esophageal_pouches.jsp
I"d say over there was certainly a little bit of sleight the hand walking on. The was an especially noticeable through the billiard ball. All it demands is a split 2nd to make a move - and he certainly had the split second when he relocated the billiard sphere in his hand come the leaf of the table a few seconds before he placed it into his mouth.
If you watch the video clip closely, you"ll notice when he sucks back on those items favor the lightbulb and the billiard ball, the they are definitely going down his throat. The is most definitely swallowing those things.Now, as soon as it involves the sugar... My guess is the the street is going under his tongue, and also when he swallows the water, he deserve to depress his tongue to prevent as lot of the street as feasible from gift dissolved.
This guy is old school. I have actually a VHS of the on Arsenio indigenous the late "80"s(actually, it was left on the ice cream after recording something else- ns love you, TiVo!) Why can"t this be real? i think he"s legit, psycho, and dangerous, however definitely fuh-REAL.
A an excellent magician have the right to make something look choose it"s for real. I have actually a friend who does "table magic" - i.e. That does it right in prior of you, frequently sitting with you at her table. My favourite trick was once he threaded a ring top top a cord, inserted the ring in mine palm, and also made me close my fist over it with both end of the cord sticking the end by mine thumb. Top top the count of three I tugged the cord ends; that came complimentary and left the ring in my hand. It"s one thing to view magic ~ above TV; quite one more when it"s appropriate under your nose, or you"re even set up come "do" the trick yourself! I"m rather sure Stevie Starr is simply as great at sleight-of-hand as my friend.
Actually, at the size I was watching the video, you can see the billiard round goes to the next of his mouth quite than right down his throat. Great effect, though.
Have watched this man in live mirrors in the UK and it seems very real come me. Ns agree the the rubik cube have to be an already solved one that"s carried up. Scary stuff!
Na, ns don"t beleive it. He"s doing some sort of sleight-of-hand. He"s simply an entertainer/performer through a very good illusion.
Posted by bill on Wed Feb 15, 2006 at 09:22 AM
wouldnt the sugar obtain wet ismply by gift in his mouth, throat, etc.
Posted through tim top top Wed Feb 15, 2006 at 09:32 AM
Steve-O from the tv display Jackass has actually swallowed a goldfish and regurgitated it ago up alive also. The has additionally snorted one earthworm up his nose and coughed it the end of his mouth. I"m sure several of these are real, however, i still have actually trouble believing the billiard ball and sugar.
Without concern he"s maintaining the ingredient in his mouth. He"s just very great at talk normally later on and likewise keeping that in over there without the bulging. An excellent trick though.
I read just how to carry out the needle & thread trick. It"s not that fabulous.This male may have actually "discovered" he can get his money ago - however I"m guessing it was only once he to be older the he started doing weird points on purpose. He may have established where the points go & lug them earlier from there. Civilization mentioned him having extra crease of skin or pouches in his neck/mouth.
Big Gary:I additionally heard that Houdini hid a a block of metal in his straightjacket to break locks open as soon as he walk the "hanging-upsidedown-in-a-locked-straightjacket" trick. Or something choose that.
Greetings,I can melted some light on the subject... Starr is a "Regurgitater" or what is understand in the sideshow human being as a "Human Ostrich"... Ns wont say that he doesn"t use any kind of sleight the hand or that several of his stunts aren"t gaffed, however regurgitation is a ligament skill... Favor sword swallowing it needs a the majority of training & mussel control... Sort of how a belly dancer deserve to flip a coin or fold a $$ bill with her stomach mussels a regurgitater trains his/her mussels to host & manipulate objects (internally)... It"s real & can be done...The things that have the right to be done through the human body through intense cultivate is at some point unbelievable, however nonetheless real...DETHCHEEZ
"...Kind of exactly how a ship dancer deserve to flip a coin or fold a $$ bill with her stomach mussels a regurgitater trains his/her mussels to organize & manipulate objects (internally)..."Hmm, space you claiming the this guy has live shellfish hidden somewhere in his body?
I think the cube could be quickly solved by having the colours readjust with pH. Prefer in the instance of any kind of normal ph indicators. Since the stomach is acidic in nature, it might be plausable answer. Even the sugar can be one more chemical composition the doesn"t dissolve in water. Goldfish have remarkable capability of remaining alive; some have the right to live a whole winter under ice and no oxygen, and also even stay in really acidic conditions. The man is just remarkably an excellent at swallowing and also regurgitating things. In theory everyone can do that if girlfriend train urself in acquisition over the sub-concious part of the brain that manage stomach muscles. Some mammals have actually the capacity of doing that...its simply a issue of exercise or maybe hereditary predespostion. Cheers :coolsmirk:
Posted by note Anthony on sunlight Feb 19, 2006 at 02:45 PM
I gambling he gives great head.
Posted through Nardvo on Wed Feb 22, 2006 in ~ 06:07 PM
Watch the billiard ball come up very carefully.http://www.steviestarr.com/stevie_starrs_regurgitation_act.phpIt originates from under his tongue. I had to clock it a couple of times.Then he drops the fake one into his hand, switches it for the real one, place the genuine one ~ above the plate, and also grabs the napkin (fake one in hand), and also leaves the fake one near where he took the napkin.
The under the tounge bag does not fit, since when see him in person we swallows every the smoke native a cigarette, then carry it up anytime he wants by blowing it into bubbles using dish soap. You cant keep smoke under her tounge.
The sugar thing is probably water proof sand. Its sand or sugar coated in water resistant material. As soon as dropped in water, that clumps up yet once you eliminate the sand it soon acts choose dry sand
I saw this man at a university pub a number of years ago. Ns sat front row centre and also he was much more than convincing. A couple of his tricks no mentioned encompass swallowing a locked paddlock, swallowing the crucial on a ring, unlocking the lock and also re-locking it through the clasp through the key ring. He also swallowed coins and also brought them up in the stimulate the audience requested. He then swallowed butane and a pair minutes ~ doing a couple of more tricks, he lugged the fuel up and spat it through a lighter. His show is a riot. Ns wouldn"t hesitate paying the price of admission to check out him again.cheers,phitz
Nice try with the explanations, however this male is legit. I talked v him after ~ his display once. The swallowed a guy"s cell phone, someone referred to as it. We heard it ring and also felt the buzz in his stomach. Then he brought it back up bone dry. That made me think that every little thing we observed in the show was because that real... Just amazing.
BTW Alex, I provided to job-related with developmentally disabled people and there is a common behavior among many to compulsively swallow items (not regurgitating them earlier up). The is dubbed Pica. One woman would certainly swallow any type of string she can find. The is was an extremely common for part to eat tobacco butts lock found, together they saw world bringing them to their mouths top top a regular basis. One male swallowed a tack. Sadly, he passed away from it. I saw far grosser things than that, however thought I"d let you recognize it is a legit and varied condition.
hi everyone, we witnessed this man on tv a couple of months earlier . Totally amazing . That swallowed a lock then a an essential . Coughed n spluttered and brought the whole lot ago up . He had actually inserted the crucial , unlocked the lock . Put the lock thru the tricks hole and also relocked the . Im commonly bloody an excellent at spotting magic "tricks" together my late father in regulation was a member the the circle and also passed countless on to me . This man though had me sat here with mine mouth hanging open up . Entirely amazing .
people just dont desire to admit that some world may an really talent. There might be part slight that hand somewhere however not every time.. He can regugitate points without a doubt. Watch the video clip its an extremely entertaining
Posted by man on Tue Apr 18, 2006 at 03:54 PM
Just can"t think how na
Posted by Houdini top top Wed Apr 19, 2006 at 10:52 PM
Watch carefully the "baloon trick". You deserve to see, the he actually bites that baloon on the left side of his mouth (right chick for viewers, yet his left).
I need to chime in and agree with Phitz indigenous Canada. I witnessed this guy at Clark college in Worcester, MA in the so late 90"s. (Somewhere roughly 1997). I remained in the prior row.Now I"m not saying over there isn"t any type of slight of hand walking on here, but there is a little bit that I have the right to add.1. That did the padlock + an audience member"s wedding ring trick at this show.2. The did the exhilaration trick. Whole cig precious of smoke that disappeared while we watched that smoke it, without using his hands. I m sorry he climate blew right into a bubble.3. The did the rubick"s cube trick, but I guess that could"ve bene staged. However, given the padlock trick i think that possible.4. There might be some slight of hand walk on, however 1 thing is certain certain. He to be swallowing and regurgitating big objects. 5. The did some various other trick, not a cabinet phone, that involved putting a microphone approximately his stomach...Oh, the was additionally a miserable SOB after ~ the show. I imagine its no terribly satisfied doing every one of this and he wasn"t in the mood to talk through anyone afterwards.Just my $.02
They clearly are not going right into his stomach. That is vocalizing once the objects go in, definition his epiglottis is open and any object would enter his lungs. He have to be save on computer the item in his nasopharynx.
It is feasible to swallow and hark back up little objects, though I doubt he is tucking several of those points away in his mouth. His accent helps mask any distortion from having actually them under the tongue and also so forth, despite I"m certain a Scot would certainly disagree through me.
When i was an undergrad, Stevie Starr pertained to my college and did a show. Ns was component of the University regimen Council and also we sponsored the show. Part of our obligation was acquisition him the end to dinner at a neighborhood retaurant right here in Warrensburg, MO. I guarantee you, over there is no sleight of hand involved, as I satellite right alongside him together he repetitive the sugar trick, and really regulated to surprised (and disguist) our waitress and also many customers who sat around us. Unfortunately, he won"t prize questions around why he can do it, yet I assume it is part strange physical condition that allows it. Ns think over there is some trickery to it, yet that night, I certain couldn"t figure it out.
If you walk here: http://www.steviestarr.com/media/stevie_starr_regurgitation.wmv and watch at half speed I see the billiard ball go under and come ago from under the tongue. Likewise with the lightbulb at the start watch the hand pick things up under the counter. I understand the hand come the fish tail going down is key, but can"t capture that ~ above the video. Really polished act and well done.
It is possible to swallow and also hark ago up small objects, despite I doubt he is tucking few of those things away in his mouth. His accent help mask any type of distortion from having them under the tongue and also so forth, despite I"m sure a Scot would disagree through me.Posted by Krystofer Robin on sunlight Jun 25, 2006 in ~ 03:27 AMI"m a Scot 😉 and also his interval does it seems ~ strange come me at specific points in the video.
You left the end The great Waldo, maybe the biggest regurgitating geek of the previous century. He functioned mostly v live animals. His trademark was swallowing white mice and also rats. I wrote a recent article on Waldo on July 30th, 2006 over on my website at http://www.thehumanmarvels.com.
Just a keep in mind to say the I"ve well-known Stevie most of mine life. Carried up in the same place, which as a matter of fact was no Glasgow, however Glenavon Childrens house in Strathaven Scotland. We had the same mentors, mr Jim Dey and also Mr Sandy Murray and we spent many funny times with Stevie reflecting his stunts. I"ve review the posts and also all I have the right to say is that this man is gen! some of the remedies that you come up v made me laugh just as much as Stevie does. When he was about 14-16yrs old he was entertaining the whole town with his swimming pool ball and also sugar tricks. Some say slim of hand???? a bit difficult when every you"re put on is swim shorts!
Stevie is a wonderful guy, and also although there is part sleight that hand and trickery in offering the tricks, *he is yes, really swallowing everything he states he swallows, consisting of hte swimming pool ball*. Since this is not a hoax, and Stevie is no a huxter, have the right to I ask why that is on your site?
Since this is not a hoax, and Stevie is not a huxter, deserve to I ask why that is on your site?Because Alex in reality goes into an ext than simply 2175forals.com and also covers every sorts of unexplained things. Together his tag-line ~ above the homepage says "Examining dubious claims and also mischief of every kinds"
If he"s not using sleight that hand, he should consider an altering some the his movements. Several of them were classic sleight-of-hand gestures (for example, the way he momentarily ferris wheel the hand hold the lightbulb the end of sight just long sufficient to have the ability to switch it).Also, in the billiard ball trick, you deserve to plainly watch the ball goes come the side of his mouth when he"s giving the impression he"s simply sucked it right down his throat.Maybe that does have actually some regurgitation talent, but if so, he"s mixing it with illusion and sleight of hand.

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I might believe most that his act, but people on this thread trying to uncover an explanation... Sleight the hands... You males are pathetic. An initial of all, for those of girlfriend that insurance claim the pool ball isn"t swallowed or underneath this tongue, you"re complete of it. When you sloop down of course you need to move her tongue in a means to relocate it come the earlier of your throat. When it comes ago out, the tongue lifts up for this reason that as soon as something comes the end of your throat, friend simply try to deccelerate how quick it"s coming out. It"s a way to control it basically. I simply don"t think that he stuck it under or on the side of his mouth... He could have a large mouth, but not big enough to camouflage a billiard ball. Come on people. For many of what he"s doing... Us haven"t seen any precedent yet. Offer the male most that the credit and enjoy it!
While there is some basic slight of hand walk on, the basics of his accomplishments are legit. That is swallowing all of the items and regurgitating them.There have been precedents, by the way. The human being Ostrich to be a reasonably common working act in the beforehand days that sideshow.Starr"s act really much favor The an excellent Waldo"s accomplishments of regurgitation.~ J. Tithonus Pednaudhttp://www.thehumanmarvels.com
Everyone"s explanations top top this are method more facility than just how he in reality performs the tricks. That is way more complex to have a "fake" ball and also make a switch 보다 it is to just swallow a billiard ball and regurgitate it. Regurgitators space real, and have been for centuries. Prevent trying to figure out the "trickery". Select the simple solution, he swallows things and brings them earlier up. That"s the "trick". People have to be doing it legitimately for centuries, and also it"s simpler to learn how to regurgitate or to sword swallow or come eat fire 보다 it is to shot to figure out some method to fake it. It"s every training and a willingness to carry out something that could at first seem dangerous.