How does this complication add to the central conflict of the play? when romeo is required to leaving the city, that is can not to loss his enemy. As soon as romeo is compelled to leave the city, his marriage to juliet is strained. When romeo is punished, he vow to look for revenge against the prince. Once romeo is punished, he questions the depth of his love because that juliet.

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C. When the Capulets failed come consult Juliet, tension starts to build in her family.


Romeo and also Juliet is Shakespeare"s renowned play, in i beg your pardon he speak a story around two lovers and the conflict between their families.

In this excerpt from action III, step IV, Juliet"s parents do plans about her future through Paris, without previously consulting her. Paris reflects interest because that Juliet during his conversation with her parents. The parents like the idea the the 2 of them being together, and also assume that Juliet would certainly agree come this. However, they execute not recognize that Juliet loves Romeo. The situation about Paris will, thus, produce a anxiety in the Capulet family.

the is price is C

When the Capulets fail to consult Juliet, an ext tension build up in her family.


the conflict arises the problems in between protagonists and antagonists to help develop the character

C. Once the Capulets fail come consult Juliet, tension starts to build in she family.


The households were in a lengthy quarrel that had just been kept up by small engagements. Whenever Mercutio and also Tybalt room executed the quarrel has actually a reestablished quality. The Capulets are requiring the Prince to murder Romeo as punishment.

Juliet even battles v what to perform in irradiate of the truth that from one perspective, she supposes she should abhor Tybalt"s executioner, yet then again, she loves Romeo.

She in the lengthy run concludes the she have the right to excuse Romeo for her cousin"s demise in such a situation that the hadn"t slaughtered Tybalt, Tybalt without a doubt would"ve murdered him. Romeo"s companions room not impressed, the prince isn"t appreciative, and Romeo isn"t harmed.

The price is C


The exactly answer is B, when Romeo is compelled to leaving the city, his marriage to Juliet is strained.

This complication contributes to the main conflict the the pat is:

When Romeo is forced to leave the city, his marriage to Juliet is strained.

After waiting v Fiar Laurance for the desition of the Prince i beg your pardon everybody believed would it is in death, he needs to leave the city, event that leader to all the future tragedies in the story and ending v the death of both lovers.

The other choices are not correct because every one of them are occasions that don"t take place in this story

When Romeo is forced to leave the city, his marriage to Juliet is strained.


After the prince punishes Romeo through banishment from Verona, wherein the love of his life, Juliet, is, he feels this as the worst thing that can happen come him, ~ this lock both come up v a plan that ultimately ends up in the suicid* that both the them.

When Romeo kills Tybalt, he boosts the friction with Juliet’s family.

Before the deaths of Mercutio and also Tybalt, the households were in a long feud that had only been maintained up by small skirmishes. Once Mercutio and Tybalt are eliminated the feud has a renewed strength. The Capulets space calling because that the Prince to kill Romeo as punishment. Juliet also struggles through what come do because on the one hand she thinks she must hate Tybalt"s killer, yet on the other hand she loves Romeo. She at some point decides that she deserve to forgive Romeo for she cousin"s death since if he hadn"t killed Tybalt, Tybalt surely would"ve killed him. The remainder of the choices are just incorrect. Romeo"s friends space not impressed, the prince is not grateful, and also Romeo is not significantly injured.

When the Capulets fail to consult Juliet, tension starts to construct in she family.


In this lines, we discover of exactly how the Capulets, Juliet"s parents, discuss her future through Paris. We hear that Paris is interested in Juliet"s hand, and also he defines this to Juliet"s parents. We likewise learn that they believe this to it is in a good idea, and they room sure that Juliet will accept. However, they room unaware that the truth that Juliet loves Romeo. This is most likely going to rise tension within the family.

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