It was a summer baseball camp that i attended in high school where ns was an initial formally taught just how to slide. How countless scabs and also a jammed wrist can have to be avoided if i was teach at a young period how to slide properly. Don"t assume due to the fact that kids can slide that they know just how to slide. That"s prefer assuming a player can hit since he have the right to swing a bat. The most essential slide come teach is the bent foot slide. The biggest problem with the bent foot slide is that youngsters tend to slide on your side. The proper and less painful method to on slide is on your butt. The 2nd problem is that kids often want to put their hands down as lock slide. This can lead to jammed fingers and wrists.

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Bent leg Slide

A good way come teach a bent foot slide is to teach the the means you teach numerous skills, in steps.


Start by finding out which leg is walking to it is in bent during the bent foot slide. Through the player standing have actually him stand on one leg and also bend the other leg at the knee, bringing the behind the various other leg.Have the player raise both hands end his head.Have the player start to squat, while he keeps his bent leg up, then sit down. The player will normally roll earlier on his ago and his feet will certainly come increase in the air. Return this won"t happen when that slides, it will throughout this stage. Once he has actually rolled ago to a sit position, he should still have actually their hands up and also his front leg should be bent not straight.Once comfortable with this, have actually him take a couple steps and slide (I constantly practice sliding on grass). Then have them jog and also slide and also finally run complete speed and slide.

Checkpoints because that each step:

Hands should above head no on the ground. Don"t concern too much about how high the hand are. Maintaining them above the head is provided to protect against the organic reaction to put them top top the ground.Player have to be sliding on his butt, no side.Front leg should be bending to allow for provide when sliding into the base.

Unless you"re stealing second, don"t on slide head first into second base. The possibilities of gift stepped on and also injured are too great. Because that younger players, the head an initial slide is no recommended for anything various other than diving back to first. A head an initial slide puts you in a delicate position wherein it is basic to injure your hands, shoulders, and also head. A an excellent bent leg slide straight right into the base is the best and safest method to get to the bag, safeguard yourself, and break increase a double play.

Go to any type of youth baseball game and you"ll check out players who have scrapes anywhere their foot from sliding. Player"s wrongly think the a bent foot slide is performed by slide on the next of the leg. The proper method is to slide on your butt. Exercise sliding in grass and check the stains on her pants. If they space on the next of her leg, you"re no sliding properly. Another common trouble in sliding is placing your hand down throughout the slide. This is regularly the cause of jammed fingers, wrists, and also sometimes shoulders. Gain in the habit the sliding with your hands up. If you deserve to remember to on slide on your butt with your hands up, you will certainly be slide pain complimentary from that point on.


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