Since the series" initial beginning in 1987, every of the "Metal gear Solid" games have largely increased on the length of the last, through some sport in-between installments. For instance, if "Metal gear Solid 5: ground Zeroes" was released in 2014, six years ~ "Metal equipment Solid 4: weapons of the Patriots," the game"s main mission only takes around two hours to finish according to how Long to Beat. This pales in comparison to its successor, "Metal equipment Solid 5: The Phantom Pain."

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Released around a year and a fifty percent after "Metal equipment Solid 5: soil Zeroes," i m sorry was eventually a prologue that sorts, "Metal equipment Solid 5: The Phantom Pain" listed a far lengthier, more complete "Metal equipment Solid" iteration at a 45.5 hour-long campaign, per exactly how Long to Beat. The executed and also expanded ~ above the same simple gameplay ideas that to be the spotlight of "Ground Zeroes," which was a "pure gameplay-driven experience," aside from part minor story beats, according to GameSpot"s testimonial of the game. Because that instance, "The Phantom Pain" consisted of the capacity to usage a prosthetic arm as an added tool for line to use while making use of stealthy approaches.


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Of course, when the project of "Metal equipment Solid 5: The Phantom Pain" stands at almost 46 hrs long, doing an ext than just completing the main missions will be far an ext time-consuming. How Long come Beat details that, out of 1,100 football player polled, the average length for perfect the main story and also some extras takes almost 84 hours. 310 Completionists polled reported, ~ above average, that the game could take above 165 hours to entirely finish. Averaged together, out of around 2,000 respondents, the game"s average size is around 86 hours.

"Metal equipment Solid 5: The Phantom Pain" has yet to it is in outdone in length by new "Metal gear Solid" installments, together the series has been much more or much less of a standstill due to the fact that 2018"s "Metal gear Survive." while the "Metal equipment Solid" movie does have actually its Snake, according to gamesradar,there have actually been no main announcements regarding a "Metal gear Solid 6." Further, series director Hideo Kojima has due to the fact that moved ~ above to various other projects, including the review-bombed "Death Stranding." In the meantime, "Metal equipment Solid" pan will have to devote their "Metal Gear" itches towards replaying past games in the series.