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Looks awesome, right? Spike a cocktail through a moonshine cherry! Eat some fruit and also get a buzz!Here"s the thing about these...the liquid is exactly what you"d expect. Maraschino cherry (aka cocktail cherries) juice that gets friend feelin" heat inside!You want a very delicious Cherry Coke cocktail? shot a shoot or 2 of the juice in a tumbler the Coke classic on the rocks - so delicious. Take away me earlier to the old fashioned soda spring I supplied to ride mine bike to...but it"s one adult beverage
What have actually I forgotten to talk about? five yeah - the cherries. There space a lot of in the jar. Seems like they"d be awesome come throw into some cocktails, right?So, let"s say you throw one or two right into your Cherry Coke cocktail that awesomeness.When you bite right into a moonshine cherry, you"re expecting to gain a explode of cherry goodness, right? brothers - you"re wrong. These are moonshine cherries, son! girlfriend bite right into these potent buggers, and also you acquire a mouth puckering blast the Ole Smoky White Lightnin" moonshine! It can be a tiny rough, honestly. And, it"s a hilarious joke to pull on some unsuspecting friend. Not that ns would execute such a thing.I"ve make the efforts skewering the cherries with toothpicks come let the beverage seep right into the cherry and displace some of the moonshine flavor, yet it doesn"t really carry out that much.So, every in all - this is pretty good stuff. The potential cocktails you have the right to make with the liquid space incredible - it"s just like drinking maraschino cherry juice, however it"s gained alcohol in it.But yeah...the cherries themselves room a small rough. No the kind of point I want to sit and snack on. But, there is great news. Once I sampled this at Ole Smoky Moonshine Holler, the bartender stated that eating every cherry was favor taking a shot! every the bartenders at the Holler undertake denim overalls, therefore they must know a thing or two around their shine, and also I didn"t acquire the emotion he to be trying to traction one end on me. So, it"s more than likely worth fighting with it in order come getcha some shine in your system via cherry! the itself is pretty cool.I think these room a an excellent addition to any type of bar. Moonshine cocktail cherries, what"s not to love? It"ll be a conversation piece if nothing else, or look great lit up from the bottom.

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The cherry juice is tasty...the cherries themselves, however, room thoroughly moonshined. Now you know!Thanks for reading.Shine on!