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Hi yall! my family and I have raised livestock for years i flourished up with them but we never ever really burched them to feed us for a year. And we largely breed and also sold the calfs. Do any type of of girlfriend have any idea how many cows we would have to raise to feeding our family of 6 because that a year? would love any replies indigenous yall! thanks
Well, that relies on just how much beef girlfriend eat and also how big the cow is.We purchase 1/4 the a little cow around 4 or 5 month ago. Ns think we finished up with around 100 - 125 pounds total. The ground beef ran the end last week. Most of the steaks room gone. Us still have actually several roasts and ribs.We space a family of four and eat alot that beef.Next time I setup on to buy 1/2 rather of 1/4.I think 1 totality cow must feed your family members for a year.Beth

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My dad alreays had one command a year butchered because that our family members of 7. In later years, he would certainly butcher 2 and share it will all, since we were married and had families.
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Well an excellent question . Someone else asked it very first but, how frequently do friend eat beef , how much at a time, through how numerous are eating it. A beef will certainly dress out at the butcher in ~ 60% maybe an ext depending top top the animal. Once I was cultivation up a beef would feed our family members of 7 all year. And also we in ~ beef virtually every day, then at the same time we ate Holstein meat and also they are good sized as soon as fed out all the way. So dimension of animal and amount is your key factors. Many thanks Marc
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When i was in school a looooooooonnnng time ago, i was lucky enough to success a side of beef indigenous the U of A (AZ). At the moment we were a household of four. The side that beef fed united state for well over a year. The course we didn"t have actually beef every single meal either. 1 an excellent beef steer have to be sufficient for a family of six.
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When we had actually 5 children living through us us would obtain a complete beef and have an ext then enough. We had actually beef about 4 time a week and also had 4 girls and 1 boy. Now that 2 of the youngsters are the end of the house we only acquire a 1/2, which isn"t quite enough. So relying on the size, i think a complete beef would occupational for you.
I agree through those who have actually said the depends. Counts on the size of the cattle, on how much beef your family eats, etc. We"re a family members of four however we rarely eat red meat. Many of our meals are vegetarian and also chicken and fish tend to to fill in the gaps whereby there space not. We actually don"t eat beef in ~ all, just venison. 2 decent sized whitetails will feed us for a year easily.
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Pretty difficult to acquire two totality beeves in one freezer. Much better to add other things as the freezer gets down a little. A pair hogs and around 50 chicken will keep you all fat and sassy. Worst concerns the worst, you could eat some vegtables. And also cherry pie. UNK
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My husband and also I get half a cow every year. There are simply the two of us and we deserve to make that stretch a full year (with providing plenty far to familes). We eat beef at least twice a week.Factors I would consider:~What age and sex room the family members members? ( we recognize a household of 6: 3 females & 3 males. They went with 1/2 a cow in less than 6 months. No eating beef every day but because the boys were growing boys )~Would you have actually mostly soil butchered or steak and roast cut too? We typically get approximately 10-15 pounds the italian sausage, 75 pounds ground and also the rest, steaks and roasts. Usually what cuts would work finest for you and also your family and in making the stretch.I speak if you have the right to afford it and have the room, go for 2 whole cows. Far better to have more than enough than no enough.
One lb of beef deserve to feed a household of 6 because that a year.............. If you have lots and also lots the beans and taters. If meanwhile you enjoy beef on a consistent basis, to speak 3 times a week, yer spring at approximately eating approximately 4 lbs at a meal, times three is 12 lbs a week, times 52 come up to around 600 lbs or so because that a year. Now, considering a great beef steer will certainly dress out roughly 70-75 percent, one good 800-900 lb steer otter capture it.
We go v 1 beef every 9 months and also we space a family of 6. We do tend to have extra roast however we operation out the hamburger first. So as soon as we gain the following beef butchered ns take the roast ago to the processor and have them ground right into burger. We likewise go throught 2 hogs a year. Yet I cook 3 squares a day and also we have the right to go v a lb that bacon and an lb of sausage in top top meal. We constantly figure 2 lb that meat per enjoy the meal for a household of six. Grant it that we additionally have cook outs and friends end ofter too.
1 big cow will be enough, however 2 will certainly be much better as that would give you sufficient to can and use because that prepping for the following year!We maintained 1/2 cow last year and also still have a small amount left. Yet then we likewise have various other meat as we raise feeder pigs, chicken etc.Rose
If you live in the country and have a few acres, get a milk cow. She will provide your dairy requirements for many of the year (have to give her a break right prior to the calf is born). Save her calf each year and when it"s a good yearling to nearly 2, placed it in the freezer and also that should carry out all the beef your household needs all year. Choose up a few feeder pigs to add to the equation and feed lock the milk left over from make butter and also you"ll have an ext than beef to eat every year. Pick up a few good multi objective hens and let them scratch in the yard to administer your eggs. Feeding them table scraps and much more of the milk and you"ll carry out even much more of your own food. Kill the roosters you develop from your very own eggs and also you"ll have actually chicken, beef and also pork in her freezer. Currently your talking.
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We are looking at relocating to a small town. The closest huge store is 40m away. Ns am looking in ~ buying from a local farm. We are a family of 5 through 2 more who visit with out the year. Would 1 entirety cow and also 1 entirety pig be adequate for a year? Hubby is not a fan of poultry however we would have actually chicken about 1 time a week.

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