Sulfur performance in Raiding

In Rust, sulfur is among the most an important resources. It permits you come fight and raid your way to massive amounts of booty or merely defend and also control your territory. Utilizing it efficiently is a key to her survival, especially after you've spent lots of time agriculture nodes to acquire that sulfur. That may additionally be the difference in sulfur profit raids the you store raiding and having come go ago to farming.

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Knowing once to leverage the splash damage of rockets and also explosive ammo or the sulfur efficiency of C4 against different types of products is vital in conserving sulfur. This overview covers the reliable ways to raid various doors and also materials so that you deserve to keep the violence coming.

Sulfur Raid expense by Door Type

Before digging into much more complexities that all resources involved, let's failure the sulfur expense to damage different varieties of doors as well as the most sulfur efficient means to perform it.

Sheet metal Door

63 Explosive Ammo: 1,575 Sulfur1 Rocket + 8 Explosive Ammo: 1,600 Sulfur4 Satchel Charges: 1,920 Sulfur1 C4: 2,200 Sulfur

Garage Door

1 C4 + 40 Explosive Ammo: 3,200 Sulfur1 C4 + 1 Rocket: 3,600 Sulfur150 Explosive Ammo: 3,750 Sulfur2 Rockets + 40 Explosive Ammo: 3,800 Sulfur3 Rockets: 4,200 Sulfur9 Satchel Charges: 4,320 Sulfur2 C4: 4,400 Sulfur

Armored Door

2 C4: 4,400 Sulfur1 C4 + 1 Rocket + 35 Explosive Ammo: 4,475 Sulfur200 Explosive Ammo: 5,000 Sulfur3 Rockets + 35 Explosive Ammo: 5,075 Sulfur4 Rockets: 5,600 Sulfur12 Satchel Charges: 5,760 Sulfur

Door health and wellness after 1 Rocket


Just 8 Explosive Ammo is essential to finish, be cautious taking just Rockets come a raid since Sheet steel Doors will be very inefficient!

Sulfur Raid price by wall Type

Similar to above, let's breakdown the price of break each wall type.

Wood Wall

49 Explosive Ammo: 1,225 Sulfur3 Satchel Charges: 1,440 Sulfur1 C4: 2,200 Sulfur

Stone Wall

2 C4: 4,400 Sulfur185 Explosive Ammo: 4,625 Sulfur10 Satchels: 4,800 Sulfur3 Rockets + 30 Explosive Ammo: 4,950 Sulfur4 Rockets: 5,600 Sulfur

Metal Wall

4 C4: 8,800 Sulfur400 Explosive Ammo: 10,000 Sulfur7 Rockets + 15 Explosive Ammo: 10,175 Sulfur23 Satchel Charges: 11,040 Sulfur8 Rockets: 11,200 Sulfur

Armored Wall

8 C4: 17,600 Sulfur799 Explosive Ammo: 19,975 Sulfur14 Rockets + 30 Explosive Ammo: 20,350 Sulfur15 Rockets: 21,000 Sulfur46 Satchel Charges: 22,080 Sulfur

It's necessary to note that while Rocket sulfur costs are often on the more expensive end, they have the right to splash 4 wall surfaces for full damage if hit directly at the center point between them. They can even do partial damages to walls past those 4. Similarly, Explosive Ammo can additionally splash 4 wall surfaces if shot straight into the facility point, yet the radius is tiny and it's simple to no splash all 4 on every bullet. Regardless, conserving 1 Rocket and also finishing a collection of 4 walls with Explosive Ammo is a an excellent way come still transaction splash damages but likewise save on sulfur.

Rocket Splash on 4x4


All 4 wall surfaces in the center take full damage, when the surrounding 2 wall surfaces on every side take it partial damage.

Deeper on Explosive Ammo

Explosive ammo is incredibly beneficial as a raiding device for 2 main reasons:

It is lot quieter than rockets and c4, and can be silenced to do it even quieter. This substantially reduces the danger of counters.It have the right to be really sulfur reliable by itself or in mix with other explosives.

However, it frequently goes unconsidered the it create an incredible drainpipe on a gun's durability. A full durability semi-automatic rifle deserve to only fire 134 explosive ammo prior to it breaks. In fact, when you normalize the the price of durability use and also repairs to metal fragments, that costs around 4-8 metal pieces to fire a solitary bullet. This roughly doubles the complete metal fragment price of raiding through explosive ammo. It climate gets much more expensive if you choose to silence the guns. To minimize this cost, repair her semi-automatic rifle at the very least 2 times yet not more than 5-6. In ~ that point it starts obtaining slightly more expensive per cartridge fired and can fire very few bullets prior to it division so they're no longer beneficial for raiding.

Let's evaluate a solitary sheet steel door and include every resources provided by the top 2 methods of raiding it.

63 Explosive Ammo: 1,575 Sulfur but likewise roughly 500 metal fragments1 Rocket + 8 Explosive Ammo: 1,600 Sulfur with around 180 metal fragments, 30 low grade fuel, and also 2 pipes.

Considering the expense of the other items, the option with a single rocket and a small amount the explosive ammo is the an ext resource efficient in spite of it gift slightly more expensive in sulfur and louder. However, the is necessary to keep in mind that you'll likewise need the 2 pipes and also 30 low grade fuel, so there is another type of expense that may be an ext important come you depending on what your source constraints are.

Raiding a Honeycombed 2x2

Let's consider a practical example of raiding a completely completed U-shaped honeycombed 2x2 with an extensive airlock, garage doors, rock honeycomb, metal core, armored device cupboard room. In order to obtain all the loot in the main point 2x2, you'd need to raid through one of the adhering to paths:

1 rock wall, 1 steel wall, 3 garage doors2 sheet metal doors, 6 garage doors

Consider the different efficiency level of raiding each of these ways, starting with the wall path:

12 C4:

26,400 Sulfur2,400 steel Fragments720 short Grade Fuel24 tech Trash

18 Rockets:

25,200 Sulfur1,800 steel Fragments540 low Grade Fuel36 Pipes

6 C4 + 6 Rockets:

21,600 Sulfur1,800 steel Fragments540 low Grade Fuel12 tech Trash12 Pipes

6 C4 + 4 Rockets + 80 Explosive Ammo:

20,800 Sulfur2,320 steel Fragments480 low Grade Fuel12 technology Trash8 Pipes

Let's now consider options for raiding v doors.

14 C4:

30,800 Sulfur2,800 metal Fragments840 short Grade Fuel28 technology Trash

22 Rockets:

30,800 Sulfur2,200 steel Fragments660 low Grade Fuel44 Pipes

14 Rockets + 256 Explosive Ammo:

26,000 Sulfur3,704 metal Fragments420 low Grade Fuel28 Pipes

6 C4 + 2 Rockets + 256 Explosive Ammo:

22,400 Sulfur3,704 metal Fragments420 low Grade Fuel12 tech Trash4 Pipes

Raiding this 2x2 in the correct way, effectively utilizing the splash damage accessible in rockets and also explosive ammo and also efficiencies in completing difference door/wall species offers far-reaching sulfur savings. A 25k to 30k sulfur expense raid comes down to 20k come 22k sulfur with just a tiny extra preparedness.

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Final Thoughts

Raiding effectively is essential and also can quickly save you hrs of time farming sulfur nodes. Having a plan, prepare the appropriate materials, and also leveraging splash with cost efficiency will let you save snowballing. Rockets are an excellent for spreading splash damage, and can be additional improved by utilizing Explosive Ammo to complete things off. C4 is good for blowing single wall panels wherein splash isn't needed or armored/garage doors. Use them every to your advantage and you have the right to minimize your time v a pickaxe in your hand.