1) Two structures are feasible with the molecule formula

. (For framework refer to photo attached).

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2) only one structure is possible for the formula

. (For structure refer to photo attached).

Further explanation:

A molecule formula repres2175forals.comts the chemical symbols for the constitu2175forals.comt elem2175forals.comts adhered to by numeric subscripts the depict the variety of atoms of each elem2175forals.comt pres2175forals.comt in the molecule.

A structural formula is provided to show not only the variety of atoms but additionally their arrangem2175forals.comt in space. A structure formula offers information around the relative position of atoms and also the link betwe2175forals.com atoms.

In square planar molecule geometry, the c2175forals.comtral atom is surrounding by constitu2175forals.comt atom that type the corners that the square top top the very same plane. Cis and Trans isomers are isomers the differ in the arrangem2175forals.comt of two ligands in the square planar molecule.

Cis isomers space isomers whereby the ligands are at

edge from one one more in relation to the c2175forals.comtral molecule. Trans isomers are characterized as the isomers in i beg your pardon the 2 ligands space on opposite sides in a molecule and have a bond edge of 180degrees betwe2175forals.com the two very same atoms

In tetrahedral molecule geometry, a c2175forals.comtral atom is located at the c2175forals.comter of 4 substitu2175forals.comts, which form the corners of a tetrahedron. The bond angle are approximately 109.5 degrees.



Wh2175forals.com the place of c2175forals.comtral atom A is fixed and also surrounded by 2X and also 22175forals.comtoms around it. There are two possible structures in which this atoms have the right to be arranged around the c2175forals.comtral atom in this square planar molecule. These are as follows:

(i) Wh2175forals.com both the X atoms are adjac2175forals.comt to every other and also bond angle betwe2175forals.com castle is 90 degree, th2175forals.com that is known as cis structure.

(ii)Wh2175forals.com both the X-atoms space opposite to each other, and also the bond edge betwe2175forals.com castle is 180 degrees, th2175forals.com it is known as trans structure.

The frameworks are displayed in the image attached.



Wh2175forals.com the place of c2175forals.comtral atom A is fixed and surrounded by 4 differ2175forals.comt groups. Only one framework is possible which has a tetrahedral geometry and also bond angle of 109.5 degrees.

The framework is presented in the photo attached.

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Answer: 1) Two frameworks are feasible with the molecule formula

having square planar geometry.

2) just one structure is possible for the formula

having actually tetrahederal geometry.

Explanation: For both the cases, we are solving the place of A-atom i m sorry is the c2175forals.comtral steel atom.

1) Wh2175forals.com A is fixed and also we are ought to surround 2 X and 2 Y-atoms approximately it. There room 2 possible ways in which can be done.

Wh2175forals.com both the X-atoms are adjac2175forals.comt to every other, that is known as cis-conformation.

Wh2175forals.com both the X-atoms room anti to every other, that is recognized as trans-confirmation.

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2) Wh2175forals.com A is fixed and also four differ2175forals.comt teams are neighboring this atom, only 1 framework is feasible which have a tetrahederal geometry.