G-Eazy (born may 24, 1989) is a famed American rapper who has sung many hits. His songs also got ranked ~ above the us Billboard 200. Majorly he got his fame when his song called “These things Happen” released in the year 2014. The guy is also really popular on society media platforms favor Twitter and Instagram.

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At Present, Gerald Earl Gillum is a hit rapper. It took him year of efforts to reach whereby he is now. While he to be a college college student he began working ~ above singles and the famous producer Christoph Andersson is his college friend. He joined the group named “The only Boyz”.

In the year 2011, he functioned in an album called “The endless Summer”. His song received 4 million views that year.


Some Lesser recognized Facts around G-Eazy

Early Life, Parents, brothers & Education

In the state of California in the joined States, the renowned singer called Gerald Earl Gillum was born on might 24, 1989 (age 30 years, as in 2019). His father’s surname is Edward Gillum and his mom is Suzanne Olmsted.

People usually understand Gillum from his phase name G-Eazy. Throughout childhood, his parents acquired separated and also he spent most of his childhood through his grandparents. Gerald even has a brother named James Wolcott Gillum.

Along through siblings, he attended a regional high college in Berkeley. After completing schooling he checked out Loyola University new Orleans and also completed his graduation.

Body Stats, Height, load & Appearance

The renowned rapper is really talented and also quite handsome too. The is quite tall and also his body measurements are fairly impressive. G-Eazy is a tall rapper and his elevation is 6 ft 3 in (193 cm). His load is 176.4 lbs (80 Kg) and physique type is athletic.


Gerald Earl Gillum during his performance

Eazy additionally does music tours approximately the people after the release of his albums. He even got awarded plenty of times for his skills. In 2017 he got an award for the favorite Hip-Hop Artist.

It has actually been couple of since he has actually started his career and to now according come an estimate G-Eazy has actually a network worth that $15 million united state dollars, as in 2020. He stays his life in a an extremely lavish layout in California, USA.


There space rumors the he broke up through Lana Del Rey for Halsey.Once he obtained arrested for the possession and also the intake of drugs.People space making funny of G-Eazy and also Megan’s relationship.G is one NBA fan.The guy is a very big sneaker fan who owns a arsenal of part rare sneakers.On his Instagram account, the has nearly 8.5 million followers.

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In the year 2020, he appeared on the cover page of GQ Italia.There space gossips that throughout his struggling duration he marketed his house and other possessions for his career.He has functioned with legend singers favor Snoop Dog and also Lil Wayne.