The heading states it all, deserve to a PC be a lich? If so, how? The DMG hints that the Book of Vile Darkness includes the secrets of how; tbelow is nopoint official otherwise.

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Outside products for particular projects, tright here is only one main way for a PC to become a lich. The Book of Vile Darkness is thorough in the fifth edition Dungeon Master"s Guide (p222). It does not explain the routine to any type of excellent degree, leaving it largely in the GM"s domain to determine what procedures a character aspiring for lichhood must take. Some guidance deserve to be garnered from the Monster Manual, though, on producing plotlines for your personalities to end up being liches without the book.

Under the normal monster lore, a wizard have the right to end up being a lich just through a pact via miscellaneous evil planar entities, as described in the 5th edition Monster Manual:

Wizards that look for lichdom must make bargains through fiends, evil gods or other foul entities. Many type of turn to Orcus, Demon Prince of Unfatality, whose power has actually developed plenty of liches. However before, those that control the power of lichdom constantly demand fealty and also business for their knowledge. (Monster Manual p203, under Lich)

The procedure to come to be a lich requires the sacrifice of the soul of a sentient creature:

...the future lich drinks a potion of transformation - a vile concotion of poikid blended with the blood of a sentient creature whose spirit is sacrificed to the phylactery. (Monster Manual p203, under Lich)

The phylactery requires consistent spirit sacrifices to prevent the lich from declining into a demilich. The hefty procedures necessary to sustain lichhood are so too much and also repulsive that it takes a truly evil character to embark upon this road...


Blast from the past: Archliches

Assuming you"re ok via adapting product for previously editions, at least in the 3rd and also fourth editions tright here is a good-aligned variant of the lich: the Archlich. No main fifth edition material exists for Archliches as much as I recognize. The fourth edition resource products for Archliches define them as picking lichhood as a way to a noble end, not as an end in itself, and diligently finding out the rituals connected as opposed to taking the basic course of gaining the keys of lichhood from Orcus or various other fiendly creatures. Archliches retain their individualities and memories, and are not pointed out to require heart sacrifices to stop becoming demiliches.

While Archliches offer a means for non-villainous personalities to reach lichhood, lore-wise the routine to reach this state has to be tough sufficient to discourage also the majority of talented spellcasters from selecting this path instead of Orcus"s support.

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Campaign-particular methods

According to the user blade, a method for coming to be a lich is thorough in the Curse of Strahd campaign materials. I perform not understand this technique personally, because I am going to participate in a CoS campaign myself and do not desire to spoil anypoint around the module to myself. If you have actually a copy of the CoS products, you have the right to look it up yourself.