The heading says it all, deserve to a pc be a lich? If so, how? The DMG clues that the book of Vile Darkness includes the secrets of how; there is nothing main otherwise.

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Outside products for specific campaigns, over there is only one official way for a pc to end up being a lich. The publication of Vile Darkness is in-depth in the fifth edition Dungeon Master"s guide (p222). That doesn"t explain the ritual to any good extent, leave it largely in the GM"s domain to recognize what procedures a personality aspiring for lichhood should take. Some guidance have the right to be garnered from the Monster Manual, though, on developing plotlines for your personalities to come to be liches there is no the book.

Under the common monster lore, a sorcerer’s can become a lich just through a pact with assorted evil planar entities, as described in the 5th edition Monster Manual:

Wizards that seek lichdom must do bargains v fiends, evil gods or other foul entities. Many turn to Orcus, Demon Prince that Undeath, whose power has actually created numerous liches. However, those that control the strength of lichdom always need fealty and also service for your knowledge. (Monster hands-on p203, under Lich)

The procedure to end up being a lich requires the sacrifice the the heart of a sentient creature:

...the future lich drinks a potion of revolution - a vile concotion the poison mixed with the blood that a sentient biology whose heart is sacrificed come the phylactery. (Monster manual p203, under Lich)

The phylactery requires continuous soul sacrifices to protect against the lich from degenerating into a demilich. The hefty measures needed to sustain lichhood space so extreme and also repulsive the it bring away a truly angry character come embark ~ above this road...


Blast from the past: Archliches

Assuming you"re ok through adapting product for earlier editions, at least in the 3rd and 4th editions there is a good-aligned different of the lich: the Archlich. No official 5th edition product exists because that Archliches as much as ns know. The fourth edition source materials because that Archliches describe them as selecting lichhood together a way to a noble end, no as an end in itself, and diligently discovering the rituals involved as opposed to acquisition the easy route of acquiring the keys of lichhood indigenous Orcus or other fiendly creatures. Archliches retain your personalities and memories, and are not discussed to need soul sacrifices to avoid ending up being demiliches.

While Archliches market a way for non-villainous characters to with lichhood, lore-wise the ritual to reach this state needs to be hard enough to discourage also most talented spellcasters from selecting this route rather of Orcus"s support.

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Campaign-specific methods

According to the user blade, a technique for becoming a lich is in-depth in the Curse the Strahd campaign materials. I perform not recognize this method personally, due to the fact that I am going to get involved in a CoS project myself and also don"t want to spoil anything around the module come myself. If you have a copy of the CoS materials, you have the right to look it increase yourself.