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LIVE breeze OVERVIEW"s Live draft is the best means to endure the thrill that a gut-wrenching, real-time, driver-by-driver live draft process, in which owner pit your knowledge and also skill against others, building a distinctive team of vehicle drivers to control through the sprint Cup season. Like any kind of prospective NASCAR team owner, you want to assemble the best possible team of drivers. For this reason it"s clever to be prepared before you set out. To assist make your live draft go as smoothly together possible, the complying with information will short you on the ins-and-outs of the live draft.

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NOTE: execute NOT draft multiple teams on the same pc at the same time. Doing for this reason may reason the Draft applications to freeze or crash.

PRE-DRAFT your live breeze date, time and also details are listed on both your league Settings page, and also on your league Office page (as viewed in the instances below).


EDITING breeze LISTS We highly recommend that all live draft customers customize your draft list prior to the actual draft. This protects you on the off opportunity that you are unable to participate in her live breeze (on our calendar, nothing is more important than Fantasy breeze Day!).

The list can be ordered utilizing our Pre-Rank or Lite variation Tool obtainable on your pre-season Team web page ("Pre-rank Drivers" link). Her list will be supplied as her default rankings if you are disconnected for any kind of reason during the draft. The web links to editing and enhancing your breeze lists are obtainable in 2 places:

On her pre-season organization Office page in the "DRAFT INFO" box.

On your main Team page. NOTE: you can edit your draft list as regularly as you choose until one hour before your scheduled live draft time.

ENTERING her LIVE DRAFTYou can get in your live draft lobby as at an early stage as one hour prior to the booked start time.Links to get in the draft are accessible on Fantasy Stock auto front page as well as your organization Office and also Team page. Please save in mind that all leagues need to be complete in order for a breeze to begin, so organization Managers salary attention. Make certain all your league"s teams have actually owners before your draft!

LIVE DRAFTING The breeze order is randomly determined before the live breeze begins and also the bespeak in which each team bilder will enhance it. (League managers in practice leagues have the right to manually adjust the breeze order). The very first pick that the draft will certainly be "on the clock" within three minutes that the scheduled draft time, so all team owners should make certain that castle are ready to go.

Owners take part in each round that the breeze by taking turns picking drivers in a "snake" draft style (i.e., 1-6, 6-1, 1-6, etc). Each team draft one driver per round till their all their roster slot are full (including bench).

DRAFTING A DRIVING utilizing THE JAVA breeze APPLICATION The Java draft applications is draft to offer Team owners as much driver information throughout the draft so the you have the right to pick the best available driver every round.

NOTE: Be certain to check the pc you will be drafting on come make sure you deserve to run the breeze application. Look for the "Test her Draft" connect located on the organization Office page. We also recommend lowering or disabling her anti-virus and/or firewall defense settings. Once you finish your draft, girlfriend will have the ability to return the settings earlier to normal.

Your draft list will certainly be presented in the center of the application. If you have customized her list before the draft, it will certainly be displayed. Otherwise the list will certainly be the default rankings list.

To breeze a driver, an initial click ~ above his name. Act this will highlight the driver"s heat and add him to the draft Driver area ~ above the bottom (including his mug shot, if he has one). Simply click the "Draft Driver" button when you are on the clock to breeze the driver onto her team.

If you"re not on the clock, you will certainly not be enabled to draft till it is your turn. However, you have the right to sort drivers in your draft list, or add them to her watch list. You have the right to filter to view obtainable drivers through the critical name.

NOTE: If your draft display screen seem off, girlfriend should shot reloading the application.

In tradition leagues, the organization Manager will have the ability to draft vehicle drivers for various other teams utilizing this tool. In order to draft for an additional team, the organization Manager must click on Pause Draft. When the draft is paused, the league Manager can select the draft alternative under the proper team name. The organization Manager will certainly then have the ability to draft a driver. The league Manager can then proceed drafting for various other teams if need be. The league Manager have the right to resume the breeze by clicking on the "Resume Draft" link. Lastly, the league Manager can pause and also resume a draft as numerous times together needed.

NOTE: In practice Leagues, the organization Manager can likewise undo a breeze pick. This will certainly reset the clock.

DRAFTING A DRIVER utilizing THE LITE draft APPLICATIONThe Lite Draft applications is design to enable owners unable to usage JAVA to have the ability to take part in a live draft. The is just as effective as the JAVA application however without the bells & whistles. The Lite version of the live draft application is linked on both the organization Office and also Clubhouse pages once the organization is in breeze mode. To select a Driver when using the Lite variation draft, click the driver you wish to draft and also then choose "Draft" once you room on the clock. You must likewise refresh the Lite version draft applications to obtain the many recent breeze status.

NOTE: In practice leagues, the organization Manager will be able to draft drivers for other teams utilizing this tool. Also, the league Manager deserve to undo a draft pick as many times together needed.

AUTO-PILOT STATUS Autopilot is the automatically draft selection tool. It will instantly select the highest-ranked available driver based on your draft list when it is your turn to draft.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The default setup for Autopilot is "off". You might turn the on at any time by clicking it. But it can also turn on automatically if girlfriend fail to make your choice within the allotted time period, and also have no pending claims; her draft perform is supplied for executing the breeze pick. Right now your team"s auto-pilot status will be adjusted to "On". When your autopilot standing is set to "On", the live draft device makes her team"s picks making use of your draft list together its guide. Specifically, the live draft device picks the top-ranked driver on your draft list the is still easily accessible at the time of her pick, when making certain that you accomplish the roster position requirements.

All picks for that team room made immediately until the team owner sets their auto-pilot standing to "Off", in ~ which point they will again have actually the allotted time to do their selections.

NOTE: If her team has actually its autopilot status collection to "On", and you have actually draft claims pending, the mechanism will pick your pending draft claims before the breeze list.


You may submit draft insurance claims for upcoming rounds of the live draft. You need to highlight a driver"s name and click the "Add come Pending" button. This will relocate the driver to the pending choose area. There is no border to the number of drivers that can be included to pending picks.

When it"s your rotate to choose a driver, and you have a driver in the pending choose area, the an initial driver detailed will be drafted onto her team as soon as your an option time has actually expired.

CONCLUSION the THE DRAFT After every rounds have actually been perfect the mechanism will require a couple of minutes to procedure it and also convert your league right into regular-season setting where you have the right to start regulating your team for the season!

CUSTOM organization DRAFTS

In custom leagues, the league Manager has actually the capacity to customize countless parts of the league"s draft.

EDIT breeze SETTINGS LM devices >> modify League settings >> edit Draft Settings.

You can access the "Draft Settings" page at anytime approximately one hour before your league"s breeze is reserved to begin. Top top the page you can readjust any of your draft settings, and also any edits it is registered to the system will instantly trigger one e-mail to each owner in the league notifying castle of the changes.

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Changes come live drafts deserve to be made up to one hour prior to the scheduled live breeze time. Extr draft times will be added as required. Alters for Autopick drafts can be made until 2:59 a.m. ET the job the Autopick draft is reserved to process.Changes for Offline drafts can be make until the time the league Manager begins entering the offline results.SET draft ORDERLM tools >> set Draft Order.