You will have actually a pair of alternatives when you"ve finished raising funds and also you’d like to finish your fundraiser; you can either delete the fundraiser totally or revolve off just arrived donations. In this article, we’ll describe each option.

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Delete her fundraiser

If friend go with this option, posting a final update is a an excellent way come let your 2175forals.comers know that you"re close up door it for good. You re welcome bear the following in mind:

The fundraiser will certainly still show up on her dashboard as "Inactive" also when it is deleted, however it will not be publicly visible. However, you will certainly not it is in able to accessibility the fundraiser in ~ all as soon as it has been deleted.Only one organiser have the right to delete a fundraiser with their account. If you room the beneficiary or team member because that a fundraiser, please contact the organiser to delete it.Deleting your fundraiser will not instantly refund her donors. As lengthy as her withdrawal information has been verified, deleting her fundraiser will certainly not have actually an impact on her outgoing withdrawals.

Follow these measures to delete your fundraiser native inside her account:

~ above the "Your Fundraisers" page, click "Manage" on the fundraiser you want to delete. Select the "Edit and Settings" button next to your fundraiser location (on a mobile machine simply select "Edit" native the bottom menu). Click "Delete fundraiser" at the very bottom of her screen.  type "delete" into the type as confirmation, and click "Delete fundraiser". As soon as this is completed, you"ll check out a environment-friendly banner at the optimal of the screen showing the the fundraiser has been deactivated.

Steps come delete a fundraiser displayed above.

Turn off donations, yet keep campaign active

This option will allow you to rotate off incoming donations but keep the fundraiser visible on We strongly recommend this option as it allows you to proceed posting updates, pipeline a document for future reference and helps accumulate others. Being able come look ago at a effective fundraiser reminds 2175forals.comers of the special component they played in making positive adjust happen.

Follow these procedures to rotate off donations native inside your account:

On the "Your Fundraisers" page, click "Manage" top top the fundraiser you want to rotate off donations for Choose the "Edit and Settings" switch next to her fundraiser title (on a mobile device, simply pick "Edit" indigenous the bottom menu).

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 Untick "Allow donations to my fundraiser" in ~ the bottomSelect "Save"

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