There space plenty of components to allude to once explaining why NBA 2K17 is a high allude in the series" history. Chief among them may be the level that customization it affords the players.

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Even with all the time and also energy visual Concepts and also 2K sporting activities put into each team and player—including ratings, appearances, rotations, video game plans, playbooks and also more—the alternative to rework all of it is available.

And on top of that, the MyCareer mode and also its accompanying facial-scan technology have to be revamped for an ext accuracy.

The depth to which players deserve to go to make this video game their very own is staggering. We"ll describe why by breaking under the customization tools obtainable in a variety of different settings throughout 2K17.


As it has for a few years now, 2K starts v the MyPlayer mode. Users can take control of an individual produced player and also walk him through an NBA career together one might take an adventurer with a role-playing game.

The big difference in this year"s iteration is the new method for scanning one"s face into the game. Players deserve to now download the My NBA 2K17 app to their phone, which takes a series of photos that space then uploaded come the game.

The on-screen indict in the application are basic to follow, though sometimes an overwhelming to execute. It took four or 5 attempts before a workable mock-up that my face was obtainable for use. And also even then, over there were part glitches enclosed to mine player:


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However, these concerns weren"t persistent and didn"t impact the meat the the video game mode.

Once you have your face uploaded come the game, you can tweak just around every contour imaginable of her player"s head and face. Height and also weight room obviously adjustable, and also position and also playing style. And there room plenty of hairstyle, facial hair and also accessory combinations to play about with.

In the past, one thing you didn"t have a ton of manage over in MyCareer was your player"s characteristics (unless girlfriend sprang because that VC Points). But 2K even has that extended this year. Brian Mazique of Forbes Magazine broke down the new an approach for building up your player"s skill level:

It’s referred to as Doin’ Work and it is my favorite brand-new aspect of MyCareer. Ago before the single-player concept had its name readjusted from 24/7 come MyCareer, grinding in practice and pick-up gamings was a component of enhancing your guys’ stats.

It felt choose that facet of the player breakthrough and skill sustenance to be being ignored. Doin’ Work encompasses live practices, drills favor weight lifting, squats, vertical leap drills and more.

It’s basically every one of the things real players need to do to continue to be on optimal of their game. The best component of the new feature is the meter. Gamers always pay attention to meters due to the fact that it serves together a constant barometer for success, and also it defines your goals.

When the Doin’ job-related meter filling up, you’ll then be may be to achieve the upgrades and attribute points come raise her game. Tracking development is the vital to engagement in any type of endeavor.

Gaming is no different.

This, and also the capacity to walk to the park or hang the end on off days, is where the role-playing element of the video game comes in. To boost your player"s abilities, you need to earn VC points, which can then be used to purchase attribute upgrades. If you want to beat it straight (and not pay extra money), this have the right to be a painstaking process.

But hey, it"s not like improving at real basketball is that easy either.

Roster Creator

If you"re at all prefer me, friend pridefully think girlfriend know finest when it comes to player ratings. Fortunately, the people over in ~ Visual ideas seem a bit an ext humble and permit for finish customization of those ratings.

From the choices menu, girlfriend can access the Roster Creator. There, you"re allowed to tweak any player"s vitals, body, shoes, gear, accessories, attributes, tendencies, hot zones, signature shots and moves or contract—in a word: everything.

Additionally, girlfriend can conveniently assign players to different teams, edit and assign plays, rework video game plans and also switch up coaching staffs. There"s seemingly no rock you can"t rotate over.

Also found within the Roster Creator submenu is the option to produce a draft class, and the classic create-a-player option. For rosters and also draft classes, you have actually the capability to upload her creation and also give the masses accessibility to her genius.


Once ns feel I"ve sufficiently tweaked the roster to mine liking, i take it come a franchise mode. Below again, 2K has increased the level that customization.

There are now six various season settings (for absence of a far better term).

With MyGM, you have actually the role-playing element of MyCareer, just this time you"re an executive. Be all set to attend to coaches, scouts, ownership and also fans as you shot to command your company to championships.

For the 2K control freak, there"s the MyLEAGUE mode. Here, you"re still enabled to do adjustments to football player after the franchise mode has actually started. So, if friend simulate a month and also don"t choose what you watch in terms of stats and records, you deserve to fix the attributes and also tendencies of any player.

MyLEAGUE digital allows every one of the same, however in an online style where girlfriend can complete with friends from her Xbox or playstation network.

The begin Today mode permits you come "Play v your favorite team as you proceed the NBA season native today"s day using all of the real NBA stats, standings, and also injuries." This will be a nice alternative if you feeling like beginning up a online season in the center of the real one.

Finally, solitary season and playoff modes are pretty self-explanatory. One fun choice there is beginning a playoff setting with a girlfriend that functions a fantasy draft. You deserve to then have your teams complement up in the very first round because that a seven-game series.


Overall, there"s nothing come complain around in terms of customization v NBA 2K17. The potential because that glitches with challenge scans is there, yet it"s miscellaneous Visual ideas can iron out in time through updates.

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Gameplay and presentation have been vital in this series" climb in the gaming landscape, yet 2K wouldn"t it is in what the is without the manage it offers to the players.