I"ve been struggling because that a mainly to capture Feebas in Sun, and also I finally captured one, trained the well, and got a Prism Scale. However, ns was ravaged when i saw exactly how to evolve Feebas.

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I"m trying come find much better ways to evolve Feebas there is no trading v a stranger; ns don"t recognize if they will certainly refuse to offer me earlier my Feebas and also steal it. I"ve to be watching How-To"s top top evolving Feebas in Gen 7, but the publishers were trading v their friends, cousins, and also some the them also traded utilizing their SECOND 3DS.

I really desire to make certain all the patience in ~ Brooklet Hill and also the training payment off, but now i can"t even find a safe means to gain a Milotic without gift scammed. Deserve to someone please share v me just how they obtained a Milotic there is no trading with someone friend didn"t know? In other words, how deserve to I safely evolve my Feebas?

If there isn"t, I"ll never have actually a Milotic, and I never also had one before!

(I execute not have any real life friends the play Sun/Moon, and also I don"t have actually a 2nd 3DS)

askedJan 12, 2017by Mecrozna
Not one answer, however if girlfriend went on chat you might probably uncover someone to aid you out. The regulars room pretty trustworthy.
commentedJan 12, 2017by wokeboke
You can shot breeding a bunch the them and also breeding much more if human being are steal them.
commentedJan 12, 2017by sumwun
If you don"t mind having actually a Milotic that doesn"t have your OT, you deserve to have her Feebas hold a Prism Scale and put the on the GTS and also ask because that Milotic.If friend don"t want to do that, as DA830 said, most of the individuals who are regularly on chat are pretty nice.
commentedJan 12, 2017by Hellfire Taco
Indigo This is in Sun, so ns don"t think he deserve to do that...
commentedJan 12, 2017by Felix⠀
Indigo as with all ahead generations, you can"t overcome from Gen 7 ago into Gen 6 making use of PokeBank. The Beauty an approach is invalid in this circumstance. Forward only, not backward.
commentedJan 12, 2017by PhailRaptor
PhailRaptor five yeah I"m an idiot lol.
commentedJan 12, 2017by !"•-Indigo-•"!
I traded with one of my friends. Just shot to discover someone you understand with a 3ds.
commentedJan 16, 2017by EspurrEspeoneditedJan 16, 2017by Fizz

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Do what i did with my clamperl: I placed a deep sea range on my clamperl, and also put her in the GTS asking for a Gorebyss. Lock traded and we both ended up through a Gorebyss in the end.Put the prism range on your feebas, put it in the GTS and also ask because that a Milotic. GENDER differences IN MILOTIC (just in situation you desire one an ext than the other): Males have quick "hair" and females have long "hair". If you require the sprites:

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Spr_6x_350_f.png because that female

http://archives.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:Spr_6x_350_m.png for male

https://2175forals.com/sprites/milotic for all sprites

I understand the last attach is native this site, but it is still beneficial in this situation. I put the male and also female in since you can want come ask for a details gender, favor I asked because that my Gorebyss to be female.I expect this helped!

answeredJan 16, 2017by Da Primarina

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You can try finding someone else who has actually the same problem of evolving a Pokemon too, and also you have the right to trade through them. Friend can additionally put the on the GTS questioning for an additional prism scale feebas or milotic.

answeredJan 12, 2017by CosmicAbsol

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If you have a Reddit account, you have the right to throw up a write-up here and also await a response. Over there are additionally a number of other comparable subreddits if that one in certain is not to your liking.

Other than that, you"ll have to take a possibility with strangers, buy another 3DS and also (assumedly) Moon to do it yourself, or make some brand-new friends.

answeredJan 12, 2017by PhailRaptor

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You could want to breed a few Feebas an initial before trying come trade v a few strangers so the if they trick you on one than you still have other ones

answeredJan 13, 2017by RagingShock

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