A member that the Europa tools arsenal, the Arctic haze is a challenging weapon come unlock and also has eluded football player for some time. With rapid reload, deep ammo reserves, suburb stability and also handling, the Arctic fog is in no means lesser to other weapons in the Europa tools list. Also though players recognize that the weapon have the right to be uncovered on Europa, they understand nothing the the place or the process to obtaining it. Together you play through Destiny 2: beyond Light, the Arctic Haze can come her way, yet the possibilities are rare. Don’t concern though, we’ve obtained you covered. In this guide, we will display you how to gain Arctic fog in Destiny 2.

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How to gain Arctic haze in Destiny 2

To get Arctic haze in Destiny 2: past Light friend will need to go to Variks and also get the Sabotage quest called “Europan explorer 1.” as soon as you unlock the quest, you have the right to follow through it to get the legend weapon besides other Europa weapons.

Some users have additionally reported that you have to contend Europa explorer 1 and also 2 prior to Arctic haze becomes a component of the autumn pool.

On another thread, a user who uncovered the weapon states what the game suggests that can weapon have the right to be uncovered anywhere on Europa any in activity with any kind of enemy.

If you look roughly Europa for long enough, it’s most likely you will discover the weapon, however if luck is totally versus you, there is also a opportunity the Arctic Haze can not generate in the area you are looking. Arctic haze is a legend weapon and also weapons of this classification are rarely drops.

The Arctic Haze has actually an attack of 1050 and fires 720 rounds per minute. It has some amazing stats with the bar high top top stability, handling, and also reload speed. In order come unlock the Arctic haze in Destiny 2, you must start through unlocking Europa traveler 1 and 2.

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ZodiacDesigner119 ~ above Reddit puts the nicely, “You need to finish Europa explorer 1 and also 2 before the haze is added to the area drop pool. Once you perform this, climate you can begin getting it as a drop native the High-Threat spawns top top Europa. Little Tip because that the explorer 2 Quest, if it isn’t various for everyone, you’ll be required to loss 50 yellow-bar enemies during an empire hunt. Take it the warrior hunt and just die before killing the final boss until you’ve finished, the struggle spawns 6-8 yellow bars throughout it’s process. After ~ you end up those 2 quests, there will certainly be a second viable pursuit tab native the Europa call at the landing zone because that the weapon specifically, i m sorry will price you 30 Herealways pieces to obtain. Personally, in stimulate to farm this total specifically, i’ve been semi-afking in Cadmis Ridge and killing the High-Threat robots which spawn there throughout every snow storm (Takes around 5 minutes for them to present up in a rotating cycle). This will obtain you Herealways pieces for the quest itself and also getting you haze drops organically (Among every one of the other Europa weapons/armor).”

We hope that the over article has been valuable in unlocking the Arctic Haze legendary Auto Rifle.



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