Open people PvP (Player versus Player) is only accessible once you reach level 50 or higher. PvP deserve to only take place external of “safe zones”. For sure zones space towns and also cities roughly the world. Otherwise, you have the right to attack an additional player or be struck anywhere at any kind of time. There are numerous PvP elements to black Desert, such as battlegrounds and open human being arenas. Over there are additionally GvG wars and also Node Wars/Sieges which take place throughout the day.

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This overview does no cover GvG wars and also Node Wars/Sieges. If friend would like to learn an ext about these, click here.

How come activate/deactivate PvP Mode

To activate PvP mode, push Alt + C or click the sword and also shield symbol to the left of her HP bar. The symbol will glow red as soon as it is activated and you will get a system notice as well as an icon next to her name.

Once PvP mode is triggered you have the right to attack an additional player.

To deactivate PvP mode again, you can press Alt + C or click the sword and also shield icon. The icon should return back to it’s gray color and you will obtain a device notice. It might take part time to deflag if you have actually just attacked one more character and also you might still be able to be attacked, yet cannot deal damage yourself.

You deserve to see the difference in between PVP gift switched off and also on, in the screenshot below:


PvP punish & KarmaYou start of with neutral (0) karma and as you death monsters, friend will gain karma from them.When you very first reach level 50 you should have complete karma, i beg your pardon is a best of 300,000 Karma.If you are flagged up, the first time friend hit one more player will an outcome in you shedding 3,000 KarmaIf you death a player when you have actually flagged up you will certainly lose in between 50,000 and 120,000 Karma, depending upon how comparable your equipment is. You will certainly lose much more Karma if the various other player is lot lower gear than you, and also a much less Karma if they room a comparable gear score.Hitting or killing another player who is flagged increase will result in no Karma loss.You do not lose anything for dying in PVP. Once you reach negative Karma, her character will rotate red and can be attacked at any type of time. You deserve to only defend yourself if you flag up, and also you will certainly still shed Karma because that attacking or killing the person.If you die with an adverse karma, you may experience part penalties such as: endure loss (1 – 3%), opportunity of equipment degrade top top death and also breaking decision sockets on death. Part NPCs may not speak to you and NPC security might assault you.Attacking or death a player with an adverse karma (red) has no penalty.

In the Valencia desert, karma penalties are substantially reduced but an adverse karma players will be sent to jail once they die to PVP. Watch the table below for the differences in between PvP penalties in Valencia contrasted to the remainder of the world.

All other regions

Valencia Desert






Broken Crystals

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

Loss the EXP

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

Chance of gear Degrade

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVE Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

PVP Death

※ Trade items have actually a chance of dropping regardless of the area or reason for death, however no items can be looted by/from other players.

Jail System

This device is only part of the Valencia desert region. You will acquire a red triangle/warning prize on the bottom left of your minimap, which shows you are in the Valencia desert and also the jail rule apply.

Killing another player will certainly make girlfriend an “outlaw” because that 30 minutes. If you have an adverse karma, you will become an outlaw because that 60 minutes. One outlaw symbol will certainly then show up next to your name to warn various other players. The outlaw symbol will certainly disappear unless you move outside of Valencia. Moving outside of Valencia will reason the timer come decrease and you will remain an outlaw as soon as you return. It’s vital to note that you will certainly still lose karma in the desert because that killing another player. 


If you dice to an additional player as an outlaw (whilst quiet in the desert) you will be sent to jail instantly and also will not have any kind of other fatality punishments. If girlfriend are outside the desert, the regular punishments will apply. Once you are sent to jail, you will continue to be in jail because that either 30 minutes, 50 minute or 60 minutes depending upon how countless players you killed as one outlaw.

You will additionally receive a debuff with the adhering to limitations:

Unable to go into combat stanceMovement speed diminished by 50%Unable to board or call your mountCannot usage the escape choice in your key menu

In addition, you cannot take part in the Red Battlefield, equine Racing or Guild Sieges. If you dice whilst in prison you will certainly not receive fatality penalties.

Multiple guards are inserted at every entrance/exit of the jail, and some inside for surveillance. You can leave after perfect a search or by waiting approximately 60 minute (at -1 million karma) for your jail sentence to end. That is also possible to escape, but first you must effectively make your means through the jail come the NPC that will totally free you.


Outlaw town – Muiquinn

Muiquinn is the outlaw town. Players with positive karma will be assaulted by the guards in Muiqinn, and also not being able to communicate with the NPCs in town. Whilst low karma players room welcomed. NPCs offer everyday EXP an increase quests because that outlaws.


If an outlaw dies in Muiquinn, they will certainly not receive any death penalties. Lock may additionally resurrect safely at the town once they leave the jail.

Open world Arenas

Whilst in an arena you can attack any type of other player as lengthy as they are not in her party. You will obtain no penalty and also can respawn immediately in the same place. Listed below are the areas of Open people Arenas.









Red Battlefield

You deserve to join the Red Battlefield at any kind of time by opened the key menu (ESC) then selecting “War” then “Red Battlefield”. A window should pop-up explaining the rules and also rewards of the battleground. Click the “enter” button to join.

There are two varieties of Battefields you deserve to join:

Unlimited: The only demands for joining room that you are level 50 or higher.Limited: Players should be below 200 AP, 250 DP and also 450 AP+DP. You cannot adjust your tools once you enter so make certain you equip your items prior to entering.

You can likewise join the red battlefield on any kind of channel come organise tournaments in between yourselves, yet these channels are not displayed on the status window. To join from any channel, click the Enter button at the bottom of the window.


Once you’ve joined the battleground you will be teleported come a castle arena in Mediah. Here you will certainly be assigned a red or black faction and will be able to kill any kind of other player on the the contrary faction without any kind of PvP penalties.

Each battle requires a minimum of 5 players on every team come start and can have a best of 30 football player on every team. The battle will critical 20 minutes. Throughout this time you have to kill the other faction to get points for your team, v the to win team having actually the most points at the finish of the battle.

Each person will start with 10 point out by default.

Killing a player with higher points will offer you a higher point reward, while death a player v low points will provide you a lower suggest reward.

Killing a player with 0-10 points rewards you with 5 pointsKilling a player through 11-19 point out rewards you v 7 pointsKilling a player with 20-29 point out rewards you with 14 pointsKilling a player through 30-39 point out rewards you with 21 pointsKilling a player through 40-49 points rewards you v 28 pointsEtc.

Each player will certainly be given an extra 1,000 HP. AP and also DP points will be increased if you execute not accomplish the minimum demands .

Whilst in the Red Battlefield, you can talk to Daz and purchase extra big HP (+275), MP (+375) and also Herbal Juice (+250). These potions have the right to only be supplied in the Red Battlefield yet weigh 0.01LT and cost 1 silver- each. Girlfriend can also take a daily quest native the NPC i m sorry asks girlfriend to achieve 4 Red Seals. The reward for this day-to-day is 200 energy regen and 5 Red Seals, so that is certainly worth doing when a day.

To leave the Red Battlefield, open your key menu (ESC) at any kind of time. Logging out, leave the battleground, or once the battleground is finished, girlfriend will go back to your original place in the world.


Red Battlefield is a 20 minute fight between two parties. You deserve to only join the battle within 10 minute from the start.The battle mode is “Team death Match” and also the team with the highest gathered points wins.You cannot join the battleground if you are in a party.If your AP and DP is below the collection level, they will certainly temporarily be increased to the minimum requirement.If you death an enemy, the points friend earn depends on the point out of her enemy.If you death an enemy, you will earn 1/2 of the opponents scoreIf friend die, friend will lose 1/4 of your scoreYou will constantly have and also earn a minimum that 1 point


Once the fight is complete, 5 Red Seals will be offered to the winning team members, and also 1 Red Seal to the losing team.Skill suffer will also be given to anyone on both teams.Red Seals can be exchanged for other prizes.80 Seals: Red significance (used to develop awakened socket crystals)If over there is no space in your inventory you will not acquire a Red Seal.You will likewise receive silver rewards based upon your gearscore and whether your team won/lost:


Upon Victory(Silver)

upon Loss(Silver)

0 – 50



51 – 100



101 – 150



151 – 200



201 – 250



251 – 300



300 – 349



350 – 399



400 – 449



450 –



Arena of Arsha 

Arena of Arsha is a private arena that can be rented through a Guild grasp or officer on a desired date.

Renting Arena of ArshaYou must be the Guild understand or officerRenting costs 10 million silver- from the guild fundsYou can rent the arena because that one dayReservations have the right to only it is in made in ~ one week native the desired dateYou can cancel a reservation for cost-free but will not obtain your deposit backReservations space channel certain and only obtainable on particular channels

Press ESC then select Arena of Arsha native the menu. You have the right to then pick the date you desire from the list and also place a reservation.

Once you have reserve a date, an option will show up in the guild info (G), allowing you to collection permissions and also invite players. (This might only appear on the day you have reserved).

Arena Invites and also Permissions

To invite players and set permissions, press ESC then go to “Arena of Arsha”. Below you can invite and also ban players from the arena.

Players are not maybe to attend without an invite. The leader have the right to press the lock button in the top left of the window, to limit the quantity of participants. Even if who is invited, they are not maybe to go into once the arena has been locked. There are 4 various sets of permissions because that each person invited:

Permission levelInviteBanChange teamChange settingsSpectate
Waiting ListNoNoNoNoNo

Invited football player are automatically put top top the waiting list. They will then it is in assigned a team by the leader. Friend can also choose to come to be a spectator if the complement has no yet started.

Spectators have the right to watch the battle from the spectating area. Movement is more limited in this area and also you cannot usage skills. You can press F5 to enter the spectating setting once the complement has started. You deserve to press F5 again to rotate in between each participants point of view. Push F6 come close spectator view.

Match modes

Common rules:

All buffs (food, elixirs, furniture effects, etc.) space removed as soon as entering the arenaBlack heart Rage is reset come 0% and cannot be usedYou have the right to use potions together normal and also battlefield potionsIf all opponents are not killed within the offered time limit, the remaining health (%) the the enduring players are included together. The team through the highest complete health wins.

Team Survival:

Two groups fight against each otherIf a player die they room not resurrected until the end of the roundThe team that has actually the last making it through member will win the roundThe leader can set a number of rounds come win and also the team to with the goal very first wins overall

Team complimentary for All:

Several groups fight at the same timeIf a player dies they space not resurrected till the finish of the matchThe team the survives till the end wins the matchThe leader can collection different win conditions. Because that example: if the win problem “two surving teams” is set, the match will proceed until over there are only two surviving teams left and also they will certainly both winStarting the match

Once the match settings and teams are set up, the video game can it is in started. The leader need to press the start button in the setup window. A blog post is then displayed to announce the the enhance will start in 30 seconds. Between rounds over there is additionally a 30 second waiting time prior to the ring will start automatically.

In team survival, attendees are instantly moved to the beginning position ~ above either next of the arena. NPCs are easily accessible here wherein you have the right to repair your tools or to buy potions. In a free for every match, players are able come move freely to wherein they would prefer to start, this is because several teams have the right to participate in ~ once. So that is crucial to go to the arena NPC come repair and buy potions before the complement starts.

The leader have the right to stop or restart the complement at any type of time in the match settings window.


You can view the Rankings by pushing “ESC” climate clicking “Information” and “Ranking” ~ above the main menu.

Here you can view the rankings for each profession and the battleground rankings. The buttons along the height will filter the rankings for each the these. The last switch is because that the Red Battlefield and is based upon how plenty of points the player has actually earned in the battleground.



You deserve to go up to any type of player and an alternative to invite them come duel will certainly be over their head. Over there is no restrictions to who deserve to duel, you perform not have to be a certain level, have full HP or certain gear score to invite a human to duel. However, you cannot invite a human being to duel if they room in your party. If the player accepts, the duel will certainly begin. Various other players can likewise send one invite come a player that is already in a duel. If the player accepts castle will also be able to get involved in the duel.

If girlfriend die throughout a duel, you deserve to resurrect at your current location without utilizing elions tears. Come cancel a duel, you have to click the sword icon in the optimal left corner. A duel is not immediately cancelled once you die.

Battle Arena

The battle Arena deserve to be accessed at any time through going to the main menu (ESC) climate “War” and also selecting “Battle Arena”. Here you can select which channel to enter. Once you are in the battle arena you can freely fight various other players in the same channel together you. There are likewise scarecrows located roughly the arena come practise on. In the center of the battle Arena, over there is an NPC i beg your pardon you have the right to buy XL potions from which cost 1 silver. You can collection up next in the arena and duel other players. The area is much bigger than open human being arenas and also a great place to practise PVP.There is additionally a 1v1 Arena inside fight Arena. The very first 2 players to speak to Halfun are able to get in the 1v1 arena. You have actually a time border of 3 minutes and also if no winner is made decision in that time then the 2 players will be relocated out the the arena regardless of your HP. If a winner is decided then the winner will remain inside the arena to difficulty the next player and also the loser will be moved out that the arena. Players who room not participating in the 1v1 battle can watch the progression using the 1:1 Arena UI located in the peak left.


Team BattleTeam battle is an arena PvP mode where teams fight each various other in 1v1 duels. This setting is accessible for football player who are level 56+, in the following channels: Balenos 2, Serendia 2, Calpheon 2, Mediah 2 and Valencia 2. You can sign up for Team battle through the ESC menu and each channel deserve to have a maximum of 5 football player on every team, with 10 entrants in total. Teams will be created based on the gearscore of each player to shot and balance the teams properly. The player with the highest possible gearscore will be selected together your team leader. It’s additionally important to keep in mind that uou cannot adjust your gear whilst in the queue or once team fight has started.Once you’ve been placed into a team, you will certainly be teleported come the arena to prepare for the battle. As soon as the team fight ends, girlfriend will likewise be teleported back to your original location. Friend will have 1 minute in between matches/rounds to talk about tactis and buy potions/repair gear from the Battlefield Manager. Team members can spectate every round by pushing F5.Round 1 and also 2The round will start with the leader of each team selecting a player to fight in the first match. The leader will have the ability to see the class and level of your team mates and also must be strategy when picking someone to fight. Whoever wins the fight will continue into the next match, if the losing team will need to pick one more player come fight in the following match. If a player has actually been defeated in a duel, they can not fight again. Every duel will certainly last 2 minutes and also if there is no winner by the end of the timer, the player with the highest HP will win. If you victory the duel, your HP will also be diminished by a percentage for the following duel. If you victory the duel in a short amount that time or receive a little amount of damage from her opponent, your HP reduction will be less as well.You success the round by beating all players on the contrary team.Round 3This round is offered as a tie breaker if needed. If one team wins both the very first and second round, the 3rd round will certainly be skipped and the team will be announced as the winner. In the 3rd round, the rules room slightly different. Every players will fight versus each other at once in a 5v5 battle. The victory will certainly go come whichever team can get rid of all the adversary players within a particular time limit, or has more survivors in ~ the end of the timer. If both teams have the same amount of survivors, the team fight will stay a draw.Rewards/PointsAfter each team battle, her points/score will certainly be calculated. If you win versus a team that has actually a higher average score across their members, then you will get a higher score reward. Her score can be seen on the Team battle menu in the bottom right corner of the window.As well, each player will receive silver rewards for your participation:Winning team will certainly receive: 2,000,000 (2 million) silverLosing team will certainly receive: 1,000,000 (1 million) silverDisqualificationsA ring of soldiers are roughly the arena. Stepping exterior the ring for an ext than 5 secs will problem you a warning, through 3 warnings prior to disqualifying the participant native the match.You deserve to leave a Team fight at any type of time by click the Team battle button on the ESC menu. However, leave the fight before that has totally concluded will immediately disqualify you and also will no receive any kind of rewards. Team fight will likewise end instantly if more than 3 members the a team departure the game. In this case, both teams will not receive any rewards and also the team v the members that left will have a point included to their loss count, as well as their clues being decreased by the maximum punish amount.Final BattleThe Final battle is GvG contents which you have the right to participate in by opening the Guild home window (G), then selecting the Final battle button top top the far right that the naviagation. Final battle is accessible on Balenos 1, Serendia 1, Calpheon 1, Mediah 1 and also Valencia 1. The Final battle has a best of 3 rounds.Round 1: typical MatchEach guild selects a best of 20 members come fight against each other. If no decision is made, players will be selected in ~ random. If over there is less than 20 attendees available, then everyone that deserve to will join the battle. Once the participants have actually been chosen, there is one minute preperation time, climate the door come the area will certainly open and the round will certainly begin. The guild the defeats every the enemies in the adversary guild, will be declared the winner the this round.Round 2: Head-to-Head DuelsEach guild selects 5 participants come go versus each various other in 1v1 matches. The winner that the each duel will proceed into the next match, and will challenge a brand-new participant until defeated. Between each match, the guild can select which player castle would like to send next. If a player has actually been beat in a duel, they cannot fight again. Each duel will certainly last 2 minutes and if there is no winner by the end of the timer, the player with the greatest HP will certainly win. If you win the duel, her HP will additionally be reduced by a percent for the next duel. If you success the duel in a short amount the time or receive a small amount of damages from her opponent, your HP reduction will be less as well.You success the round by defeating all football player in the opposite guild.A ring the soldiers are about the arena. Stepping exterior the ring for an ext than 5 secs will worry you a warning, with 3 warnings prior to disqualifying the participant indigenous the match.

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Round 3: full Scale WarThis ring is supplied as a tie breaker if needed. If one guild wins both the very first and 2nd round, the third round will certainly be skipped and the guild will be announced as the winner. This final round involves all members of the guilds in a complete GvG war. The victory will go to whichever guild can get rid of all the opponent players in ~ a specific time limit, or has an ext survivors in ~ the end of the timer. If both guilds have the exact same amount that survivors, the Final battle will remain a draw.