To invite a player to your party you can use the “/invite ” command. Or you have the right to switch come UI mode by utilizing the ESC or Alt keys. Then click on the player you wish to invite and also select “Invite to Party” indigenous the food selection which appears.

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Players who receive a party invite will have a message box pop-up asking them whether they great to accept the invite. After 30 the no an answer the invite is instantly canceled. You have the right to switch come UI mode to push the expropriate button.


your UI is updated v party details when you join a group.

You can use “/p” in bespeak to talk to her party. Places of party members will appear on your map, as well as green arrows on her minimap showing the directions in i m sorry party members space located.

Party Recruitment Board

Party recruitment boards space a type of party corresponding system. In stimulate to help you find groups, party recruitment boards have the right to be discovered in camps and towns.

Select the search you great to occupational on.Refreshes the information shown on the party recruitment board.Choose i beg your pardon party you wish to view.Allows girlfriend to view details ~ above the selected party.Apply to sign up with the selected party.

Party Options

When you sign up with a party, you will have an alternative to leave it. Party leaders additionally get various other options.


Distribution Settings– watch Below.Party Expulsion– allows you to kick players from her party.Party Delegation– lets you entrust someone else together party leader.Withdraw from Party– You will leave the party. If there were only 2 civilization in the team the party is dissolved.Dissolve Party– causes all party member to not be in a party anymore.

Party distribution Settings

In CBT3 there room several options for looting

Free booty – lets whoever picks up an object keep itAssigned circulation – When an object is picked up the is assigned to party member one of two people randomly, or in a sequential order.There is also the choice to have actually loot only spread to great which can use the item.

Group Dueling

Group duels enable multiple groups of players to participate in a consensual pvp fight.


Using Esc or Alt to move to UI mode, you can target a player from one more group and difficulty them come a group duel. From over there you can set up the duel or invite other groups to join in.

“Invite to a team duel” option.

In Tera there is additionally support for betting top top the outcome of duels. Bets are placed before a duel and also once victory problems are met, the gold which was bet is dispersed to the winners. There also appears to be the choice to bet items.


There space two types of supplies/potions. Public gives which everyone deserve to use, and also “class-restricted supplies” which have the right to only be offered by certain classes.

Public Supplies

These potions are able to be used by anyone.

Continuous recovery Potion


You are minimal to carrying just 10 of these potions at a time. This potions recoup HP end a 30 second interval.

Instant recovery Potion


These potions instantly recuperate HP. However, they cost much an ext than the repeatedly recovery potions. Friend are minimal to moving 10 that these.

Speed Potion

This potions has an effect similar to the of the priest’s speed buff. It increases your run speed for 10 minutes. girlfriend are restricted to transporting 10 of these.

Class-Restricted Supplies

These potions have limitations proclaimed in the item description, which allow only certain classes to use them.

minimal to Lancer and also Warrior increases your attack by 1.15 times for 2 minutes. Girlfriend are restricted to delivering 3 that these.

minimal to Priest and also Mystic boosts the assault by 1.75 times and defense by 2.09 times for 2 minutes. You are minimal to moving 3 the these.

restricted to Slayer, Berserker, Sorcerer, and Archer rises defense by 1.48 times for 2 minutes. Girlfriend are restricted to carrying 3 that these.


Motes are immediate buffs which room dropped randomly by monsters. They deserve to have a selection of effects.

This mote increases your attack. You have the right to use the F vital to choose it up.

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Examples of various other motes.

Instant health and wellness regenerationGradual wellness regenerationIncreases damages for 10 minutesIncreases attack and also defense because that 10 minutesIncreases defense because that 10 minutes