This post introduces the user interface of Autodesk Maya, and the straightforward operations for 3D modeling. In this article, we will be utilizing Maya 2016.

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2 how to move the camera around3 Parent-child relationship settings and also Grouping4 Component and snapping

The Autodesk Maya Interface

This is the Maya interface.

For now, i will describe the basic areas the the screen.

① You can choose various duty modes, (such together modeling, animation, rendering, FX modes).

② You can choose movement ( W vital ), rotation ( E crucial ), scale ( R an essential ) indigenous here.

③ You can adjust perspective view to 2 display screens or 4 displays here.

④ This is the time slider. You can animate objects, or readjust the settings of Maya from “Preference”.

When you an initial see the Maya interface, you might feel the it’s also complicated, however just take it it easy and keep the basic picture in mind.

How to move the camera around

As you usage Maya, you will certainly move approximately the camera as you continue with the modeling. There are miscellaneous shortcut tricks that you can use, therefore let me present them. For this article, I will talk only around the ones that you will certainly be using really frequently.

Frequently offered shortcut keys

・Alt + Left Mouse button = Tumble

 You deserve to move the view around in circles.

・Alt + Wheel click = moving view

 You deserve to take hold of the view and also move that horizontally or vertically maintaining the angle.

・Alt + ideal Mouse switch =Dolly

 You deserve to zoom in, or zoom the end from the view. You can likewise do the same motions with the computer mouse wheel.

・F key

 This switch is the see focus. Girlfriend can collection focus on an object, vertex, edge, face, basically anything. This is tremendously useful!

・A key

 By pushing this key, the see will transition to show all the objects within the scene.

Caution: without a mouse, controlling the screen is an extremely difficult, therefore I very recommend buying one for those that don’t have actually one.

Parent-child partnership settings and also Grouping

This is a action that sorts out the stratums, and also if you carry out this as you execute modeling and also animating objects, the later work becomes lot easier.

Parent-child connection settings

When in parent-child relationships, the child counts on the pivot position of the parent. Once the parent rotates, the child rotates too.

How to collection a parental : select the object you want to do parent, and also press the p key.


For a group, the pivot depends on the facility position of the group.

How to collection a team : choose the objects you desire to group, and press the G key.

If you don’t relocate them, it’s hard to call the difference, yet if you animate them or relocate them around, you will certainly see just how they change.

Component and also snapping


This function smooths the edges, vertex’s, and faces motion when you carry out your modeling.So, what is a component? A ingredient is an item piece. For example, vertex’s, faces, and also edges.

Introduce come snapping

・Grid snap

 Move a component pushing the X key.

・Vertex snap

 Move a component pressing the V key.

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・Curve snap

 Keep pushing the C an essential and move the component follow me the curve friend made.

By using snapping and moving components along grids, vertex’s, and curves, the performance of your modeling will increase greatly, and the finish will come to be neat.