Approach this area and you’ll notification a cliff that is simply high enough to wherein you can not leap up it, probably if you space skilled enough to do it you can. Regardless, head approximately the left side and also position two players at Sync plate #1, 2 at Sync key #2, and finally two more at Sync plate #3. Make certain each team of two is comfortable playing with the other then take control of the Sync Plates. This will begin to type the spire, which subsequently opens the Vault of Glass Door. The downside is that opponents will start to spawn and also you’ll should keep them the end in order to maintain regulate of the Sync Plates; failure to save the Praetorians out of the Sync key area will cause the spire to slowly start deconstructing. You perform not need to stand in the Sync plate area, just safeguard it prefer in The Crucible video game mode Control.

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Harpies and Goblins consist of the bulk of the attackers and also are easy sufficient to attend to without lot coordination. When a Minotaur spawns you’ll want to speak to it out and also have everyone emphasis it down due to the fact that this Vex lacks a weak suggest and regularly blinks front to deal massive damage. Obtaining entry come the Vault the Glass is an easy enough, yet it’s absolutely a check to make sure your team is at a high enough level. Team 1 should be in ~ Sync key #1 and also defending against Enemy spawn #1 and #2 with help from Team 2. Likewise, Team 3 will be defending against Enemy generate #3 and #4 with help from Team 2. As you get in the Vault the Glass you should notice the an initial Loot Chest come the side.


The Templar¶

Templar Mechanics and Terminology

This encounter starts when you jump under from the ledge and is created of three phases. Prior to you get started there room a few things you’ll require to recognize or you’ll have a challenging time.

Conflux: This demands to be safeguarded from the Vex that room trying come sacrifice themselves and also there space three in total.

Fanatic: This is a poisonous Goblin that can tag a player through the note of Negation. It additionally leaves behind pools of toxicity that can inflict this debuff on the player.

Mark the Negation: A debuff the is inflicted by Fanatics and also the environment-friendly pools they leave behind.

Ritual the Negation: This capability is supplied by the Templar to kill any kind of player afflicted with note of Negation.

Cleansing Ring: This glow ring is in the center and will cleanse the note of negation debuff. This thing is not current during the boss Phase.

Hobgoblin: This is a typical Hobgoblin that has a weak suggest at that yellow center. If you execute not loss it in a single shot, the Hobgoblin will placed up a Solar Shield and also you’ll have to wait to defeat it. Castle snipe from the corners and also can reason a most trouble.

Oracle: seven of these glowing golden orbs will spawn approximately the map. If they space not all beat then they will actors Mark of Negation and effect the entire party which will be instantly followed by ritual of negative from the Templar.

Relic: This is a unique item favor the knife of Crota yet it has critical use in the its Super ability allows friend to rest the shield of the Templar. This item should be organized at all times; if the user is beat then the Relic should be picked up within 6 seconds.

Curse of the Aegis: This is an capability that will certainly kill every members that the party if the Relic is no in use for an ext than 6 seconds.

Suppression Field: as soon as the Templar’s shield is damaged a couple of players will be encased in this ar that requirements to be damaged or the player will certainly die.

Enrage: After around 10 minute the Templar will enrage and spawn an ext Oracles and Minotaurs will spawn with the Harpies.

Phase 1 - Gauntlet¶


During this phase your objective is to safeguard the Conflux from the Vex that are attempting to sacrifice us to it. The first wave will have a single Conflux energetic at the optimal of the staircase and should be defended by the entire party. The Fanatics will need to be lured far so that mark of negative is not moved to anyone and also the negation Pools room not close to the remainder of the group. If who is afflicted with mark of Negation then head come the Cleansing Ring to remove it.

The second wave brings a Conflux ~ above the left and on the right. Have two groups already designated for these locations and also treat it like the an initial wave. The third and final wave will have three Confluxes, one in every of the previous locations. Split the team into teams of two and also defend as you have actually been. The Conflux will despawn when you’ve defended them lengthy enough and also the 2nd phase will certainly begin. You obtain a checkpoint for clearing the Gauntlet.


Watch out at her area for enemies and kill any kind of that spawn. Fanatics are specifically dangerous together they can poison you.

Phase 2 - Oracles¶

Oracles will spawn throughout this phase; they are hard to miss as they room gold and also bright. They have the right to spawn in 7 various locations, 3 come the left and also to the right, climate 1 in ~ the peak of the stairs. There are 12 ring of Oracles, so simply stay spread out and use powerful attacks to defeat the Oracles quickly. Supervisor Abilities deserve to break castle in a single shot. This renders the gold Gun really useful together it have the right to break 3 Oracles in one Super. When you have completed this phase you’ll gain a breather and some loot. You obtain a checkpoint because that clearing the Oracles.


The Oracles (left) must be shot immediately or her team will be marked (right) and they will need to be cleansed.

Phase 3 - The Templar¶

Once the Oracles have actually been defeated the Relic will appear inside the Cleansing Ring. To start this phase pick up the Relic, but before doing the you’ll desire to collection up and also determine i m sorry strategy you want to use. Over there is a ar off come the left the the Templar where a Hobgoblin normally sits. It’s a way out on some floating structures but going up there is perfect due to the fact that you deserve to avoid the Harpies that will certainly spawn and not worry around the Oracles. Group up here and use the Relic to cleanse the mark of negative on the party, then use the Super capability of the Relic to break the Templar’s shield. From here you deserve to start unloading on this foe and you’ll be fine even if the Templar enrages for some reason.

If you feeling the previous strategy is a little cheesy and also would fairly fight v the additional Vex authorized the fray then you’ll have to spread out. Keep an eye ~ above the Oracle and defeat it once it emerges; this take away priority. Afterward, take under the Templar’s shield and start tearing the up. From right here the Templar will want to teleport. There space 5 areas it deserve to teleport, two on the left and also two top top right, climate the starting spot. If you stand on the area whereby the Templar is trying come teleport it will cancel the teleport and also the Templar’s shield will continue to be down so execute your finest to interrupt the teleport! If the ceo Enrages then you’ll be confronted with even more Vex, so lot so the you’ll most likely die so try to finish the hit quickly. Through the Templar beat you will obtain some loot and gain access to the Gorgons’ Labyrinth. You receive a checkpoint for beating the Templar.


The Templar is very powerful as you would imagine. It likewise teleports about the location so it is in watchful.

The Gorgons Labyrinth - Locating Treasure¶

The target is to make it past the Gorgons, a Harpie variation, there is no being seen or heard. Notifying any type of one that them reasons it to cast Gorgons’ rigid which kills everyone and also forces a restart at the checkpoint. There space Loot Chests in here though, so gain them prior to leaving! start by going down the river till the course splits. Take it the best path and have a Hunter stealth approximately ensure it’s alright to relocate up; be certain not come sprint. In ~ the finish of the hallway is a collection of stairs that leads to a large platform and also centered top top this is a booty Chest.

Start ago again from the beginning and go left this time. Cross the flow to the left and into a crevasse. From below you’ll simply need to leap earlier and soon up the small area. Usage the center platform to elevate come the top. Simply run come the finish of the cave to discover the second Loot Chest. Head earlier to the beginning now so you can leave.

Escaping the Labyrinth¶

From the entrance, head up to the huge rock in prior of you. Have actually a Hunter inspect up the it’s for sure then look in the direction of the back where you’ll check out four large pillars. Sneak past the Gorgon as soon as it starts come head ago to the right. Follow it a means to the right and also behind a absent is an opening that leads to the next area, a jumping puzzle. Girlfriend will get a checkpoint for exiting the Gorgons’ Labyrinth.

Jump Puzzle¶

Navigating the Platforms

There room floating communication that will certainly appear and also disappear at intervals, requiring you to quickly navigate them. Head off to the left and also wait because that the platform to show up in prior of you. Begin making your means progressively and also swiftly to the following platform that appears until you have the right to leap to the wall surface on the best side. Hug the wall surface as it gets pretty narrow but eventually you’ll have the ability to leap come the other side safely. For reaching the various other side you will obtain a checkpoint.

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You should be quick and also use a many double/triple jump to navigate the run puzzle.

Atheon, times Conflux¶

Atheon Mechanics and also Terminology

Gatekeeper: This enemy needs to be defeated in order to gain accessibility to the Sync Plates. There is one in the present, one in the past, and also one in the future.

Sync Plate: this plates job-related like in ~ the beginning of the raid. You’ll need to regulate them in bespeak to open the Time Gates.

Time Gate: The left door leads to the past and the appropriate gate leads to the future.

Oracle: prefer in the Templar fight, Oracles have the right to spawn however only if girlfriend lose manage of the Sync Plate. In the previous or current during phase 2 there will be a big number that these.

Relic: A Relic favor you supplied in the Templar battle will appear in either the past or future once a Gatekeeper has been defeated. It is brought to the current to help the Guardians.

Marked by the Void: This is a debuff acquired from gift in the previous or future after death the Gatekeeper. This is cleansed by the Relic.

Supplicants: These room Harpies that room kamikaze, dashing in and exploding near you. V that in mind, they space a priority.

Enrage: After around 10 minutes, Atheon will enrage. This means that Supplicants will start to spawn at the ago of the room where you entered.

Time’s Vengeance: After ruining the last Red Oracle all players obtain a 30 2nd buff that increases damages output come Atheon by around 5 times. Super and Grenade cooldowns are near non-existent so you’ll have the ability to go all out.

Phase 1 - kill the Gatekeeper¶

The very first phase is quite simple. Just kill the Hobgoblins and also Goblins, then down the Gatekeeper because an ext enemies will proceed to spawn. The trick to the battle begins with the next phase.

Phase 2 - collection the Relics¶

A Conflux will spawn after the first Gatekeeper is killed and also Vex will attempt to sacrifice us (similar come the Templar). Her fire team should be setup like this.

There room two Time gates in this area and also you’ll need to go with both that them. Favor in the early stage entry come the Vault that Glass, you’ll need to open up the time Gate by was standing on the corresponding Sync Plate. Start with the left side; this take it you to the previous where whatever is desert-like. You’ll desire to have four world defend the Sync Plate. If a Praetorian enters and also the Vex take it over then a Red Oracle will certainly spawn over the portal which have to be defeated or it will certainly wipe the party. Two human being will get in the portal and defeat the two Praetorians and Goblins, then loss the Gatekeeper. In ~ the back of the area is a Relic. With the Gatekeeper defeated you will be significant by the Void, therefore the Relic wielder have to use L1/Left create (Grenade) to location up a barrier that cleanses the Mark.

The football player inside will certainly exit and also the Sync bowl no longer needs to it is in defended. A Conflux will spawn as soon as this happens so two players require to defend the Conflux, two need to defend the ideal portal, and also the Relic wielder add to the other human being needs to enter the future (right-portal) i m sorry is lush and also jungle-like. Here, it’s an easy to use the Relic’s Super capacity to torch the Gatekeeper quickly then seize the various other Relic and also return to the present. The players that room defending external need to walk all out to store anything native sacrificing into the Conflux or acquisition over the Sync Plate. Protect the 2 Conflux in the facility for a minute or two and also the next phase will start immediately.

When you enter the time gate, you will be challenged with some strong enemies. You must also kill the Gatekeeper to insurance claim the Relic.

Boss spawns. The 3 furthest players from the boss will be teleported come a portal. 2 the the 3 external players must host the exactly sync plate for this reason the players may exit once they clean the portal.

The last part was nice hard yet this last phase just requires execution. The mechanics are relatively simple: Atheon will appear and also walk approximately for a minute then will teleport the three human being furthest away from the to either the past or the present. Designate three players native the get go, they will constantly stand in ~ the back towards the door and just hide until teleported. From below the two teams must occupational together, separately.

The team that is teleported is spawned on peak of the Relic. One player must immediately pick this up together all three are marked by the Void. The past (left side, desert) has three Hobgoblins, the best way to resolve them is to have two players shoot them conveniently to produce their Solar Shield then have actually the Relic wield carry out a leaping stop (Jump + R2/Right Trigger). This will defeat the enemies and let the various other two emphasis on their next task, damaging the quickly spawning Oracles. Lock will constantly spawn in the exact same order, in the very same location. Usage the Relic to cleanse the mark periodically then departure once every Oracles have actually been damaged as Time’s Vengeance will certainly trigger. If you room on the best side (future with jungle) then you’ll have actually to compete with a Praetorian. Have actually the two players shoot the enemy with Void damage to conveniently break the shield; this will enable the Relic user to conveniently defeat them. Native here, damage the Oracles together normal.

The group exterior has it a little bit easier however it’s tho tough. After ~ the team is teleported to the past or future, Atheon will begin to summon the Supplicants. This nasty little Harpies will explode if they get close enough to you and also it’s generally an immediate kill. You can bait castle and dual Jump in ~ the critical moment, yet it’s risky and best to merely stand top top the Sync bowl columns. One player must be on every Sync plate column, this will enable the portal to spawn without having actually to worry around what next the other group was teleported to. From here, the 3 will must do their ideal to loss the Supplicants easily to save the area clear of instant fatality attacks.

If friend are component of the teleport group, was standing at the earlier until you room teleported. When you return, save attacking Atheon and repeat the process.

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When the group that was teleported return to the present, the Relic wielder will call out that everyone is through. It’s additionally best to know which means to turn as soon as you come out of the portal (turn appropriate if you were in the future, revolve left if you were in the past). Turning in the appropriate direction is an important because the entire group will require to team up ~ above the floating platform between the 2 portals. This will allow the Relic wielder to usage the shield impact (L1/Left Trigger/Grenade); simply hold it down and also have anyone else was standing behind him. This enables the party to damage Atheon with all their might while not taking any damage! The impact recharges constantly through the times Vengeance buff so the wont go away, though you have the right to take splash damage so you should stand behind the Relic wielder. Offer a countdown come the 3-4 2nd mark for this reason the team can split ago to their normal positions and also repeat the cycle. It have to take about 4-5 time going come the Future/Past to defeat Atheon. Once you do the split, that is often advantageous to autumn a Ward the Dawn to stop unnecessary damage prior to making the leap.