After lot work I regulated to get one that these huge boys built. I can get it to mine any type of ore, however I am still quite fuzzy ~ above the filter system. The user interface is a nightmare. I also can't seem to find any kind of explanation of exactly how it works. Every the videos I've uncovered are other miners fumbling about with it just like me. I've bring away what I can from those, however I'm tho a small stuck.

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How execute I inquiry redstone for example (since building this thing took every mine)? deserve to I not mine certain things? ns have enough coal.

Anyone really grok this thing?


I just collection my filter approximately mine *ore* so that grabs everything.

How walk one have "enough" the a source in any FTB pack? I'm confused.

Also, because you're playing mekanism, you can put silk touched redstone ore into the enricher and you acquire 12 dust every ore that way.

Nice lengthy tutorial on all the neat things you can do with digital miners. This was made in mekanism v5 ns think, however I don't think the digital miner's interface changed too lot in v6. It provided to be severely bugged and also barely work, however now it functions super awesome.

If you use the oredict filter, you deserve to search for certain ores. In her WAILA/NEI settings, have it display the oreDictionary name on blocks, therefore you can see what girlfriend want. I think it's oreRedstone because that Redstone. You can likewise replace the mined blocks v others, favor filling in the holes v cobble, or smooth stone. You can also set an itemstack filter, wherein you click a block in your inventory into it, simply in case the item girlfriend are looking for isn't in the oreDictionary.

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click the button that states filter (or something comparable ) and also start including filters because that what u desire to it is in mined Itemstack filter way u specify according to an object you have in your inventory Oredictionary filter means u specify follow to the oredict name (* acts as a wild card) If you want to filter what no to it is in mined readjust it to negative mode (in the filter gui) you can collection the radius, max height and also i think min elevation to suit her needs


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