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Managing Employees because that Competitive Advantage

by Gowan, Lepak

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Managing Employees because that Competitive Advantage

by Gowan, Lepak

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A various Perspective top top Human resource Management

Talent acquisition, development, motivation, and retention affect the success of every kind of organization—for profit, nonprofit, governmental, and also nongovernmental organizations. Making certain that these efforts are controlled well is just one of the greatest challenges all supervisors face, nevertheless of their duty in the organization. Infant boomers space retiring in document numbers, while establishments are growing. Accessible workers frequently do not have the right mix of skills and abilities for work that space available, resulting in labor shortages and requiring more expenditures because that training and development. New technologies require bigger investments in hiring and training at the exact same time that modern technology offers exciting possibilities for just how to identify, secure, and manage top talent. Employing a multicultural workforce is crucial to business success but calls on managers to develop and use brand-new skill to adjust domestically and abroad. In ~ the finish of the day, in order come navigate the complexities of the 21st century workplace, every manager needs to understand the prominence of designing jobs that influence the business mission and also goals, planning because that the species and number of workers necessary to perform those jobs, regulating employee competencies through selection and learning and advancement opportunities, and managing employee attitudes and behaviors through the price structure and policies of the organization.

This book is created for anyone interested in understanding just how to manage employees well in a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment. The paragraphs that follow describe some that the methods that the method to human resource management (HRM) in this book differs from countless other HRM textbooks available.

Major Themes the the Book

1 - regulating employees rather than managing the HRfunction: due to the fact that students regularly have challenge separating the ide ofemployees as human being resources from a discussion of the HR department, theauthors usage a structure throughout the publication to present how supervisors must do dailydecisions that influence firm performance.

2 - regulating employees in the paper definition of theorganization and also their external environment

3 - Integrative framework shows student howdifferent practices are supplied independently and also interdependently.

Chapter Design

Each chapter concentrates on more HR tasks than various other HRMtextbooks and builds on the idea the context matters. So, many chapters arepresented in two parts. The first part explains the principles of the HRactivity. The 2nd part, Practice, emphasizesthe prominence of just how context – the business demands and environmentalfactors – impact decision making.


This book will assist current and also future managers know what practices and also tools are easily accessible for controlling employees, exactly how to use them, and also when to use them in different situations. Understanding that a snapshot is worth a thousands words, the job-related on this book began by developing an integrative framework for the strategic management of employees. This framework, i beg your pardon is woven transparent the chapters, shows the relationships among organizational demands, eco-friendly influences, regulation issues, and also the three primary HR activities provided previously: occupational design and workforce planning, administration of employee competencies, and also management of employee attitudes and also behaviors. This HR activities, when controlled in concert and also within the context of the HR challenges, lead to the desired employee contributions and create a competitive benefit for the organization.

Three primary HR Activities

In essence, the strategic monitoring of employee requires managers to attend to three primary HR activities. First, supervisors must design and manage the circulation of work and also the design of details jobs the employees carry out to ensure the employees room in a position to include value to the company. Second, supervisors must identify, acquire, build, and retain the an essential competencies that employees need in bespeak to efficiently perform their jobs. Third, managers must guide and motivate employees to usage their capability to contribute to company goals. By explicate the tasks in this manner, students understand the interrelationships that exist amongst them.

All managers need a solid knowledge of the practices accessible for managing employees. Managers can use a vast array of practices for job design, labor force planning, recruitment, selection, learning and also development, power evaluation and appraisal, and compensation and other rewards. Come effectively regulate employees, a manager has to know how and also why the assorted practices work, as well as when to usage them.

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HR Challenges: The prominence of Context

Employee management tasks do not happen in a vacuum. Rather, managers must store in mind the paper definition of the company in regards to the this firm strategy, characteristics, and culture. In addition, managers must take into consideration the involves of your workforce. Beyond organizational demands, the strategic monitoring of HR requires managers to anticipate and also take actions to satisfy the ecological influences connected with labor force trends, advances in technology, ethics, and also globalization, and also to ensure that carriers comply with legal requirements. Having a an excellent understanding that the various options for recruiting new employees is not really useful if supervisors do not also have a great understanding of when the choices are likely to it is in effective. Discovering when to use the various practices calls for that you understand the context of controlling employees.