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Lorien Legacies collection Suggested reading Order

below is (what I would certainly consider) the appropriate order to review the Lorien traditions series, because that both brand-new readers and those looking to reread it. 1. I Am Number Four: book 1 2. Six's Legacy: novella 1 3. The power of Six: book 2 4. Nine's Legacy: novella 2 5. The collapse Legacies: novella 3 6. The rise of Nine: book 3 7. The critical Days of Lorien: novella 5 8. The find for Sam: novella 4 9. The forget Ones: novella 6 10. The fall of Five: book 4 11. Five's Legacy: novella 7 12. Five's Betrayal: novella 9 13. Return to Paradise: novella 8 14. The Revenge of Seven: book 5 15. The Fugitive: novella 10 16. The Navigator: novella 11 17. The Guard: novella 12 18. The Fate that Ten: book 6 19. Legacies Reborn: novella 13 20. Last Defense: novella 14 21. Hunt for the Garde: novella 15 22. Unified as One: publication 7
lorien traditions reading order i am number 4 the strength of six the rise of ripe the autumn of five the revenge of seven the fate of ten joined as one
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Jul 1st, 2016
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Pittacus Lore is doing a sequel series to the Lorien Legacies focusing on the human garde! The an initial book is supposedly titled Generation One.

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lorien heritages i am number 4 the power of 6 the climb of nine the autumn of 5 the revenge of seven the fate of ten joined as one generation one lorien heritages reborn
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Lorien legacies Headcanon:

A Loric chimæra to be the beginning of the the Greek myth of the Chimera. When one the the Greeks saw a chimæra through a Loric person visiting the planet (since we know that the Loric had actually been visiting the earth for a lengthy time), the chimæra was acquisition the type of what we understand as the Greek Chimera. When asked what the creature was, the Loric comment saying the it was a chimæra, and the Greeks then formed a myth about it, suspect it to be a legend beast.

lorien legacies lorien heritages headcanons
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lorien traditions fan cast:

anna sophia robb as number one.molly quinn as number two.alfred enoch together number three.hunter parrish as number four.miles teller together number five.kacey rohl together number six.adelaide kane together number seven.robert sheehan as number eight.tyler blackburn as number nine.

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abigail breslin together number ten/ella.
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The Lorien heritages series - an initial and critical lines

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OK but thinking about Lorien Legacies, Lorien sounds very off.

The civilization in charge hide crucial historical information from them (eg the war v the mogs at an initial contact)

They completely erase Setrakus native public knowledge

They fail to seek anything that might be considered a crime or go versus their picture of “perfection” such as Zane’s death - it’s absolutely malpractice from his Cepan, but they create it off together an “accident”

All that the human being who rule them are liked as kids due to the fact that of their power or miscellaneous idk but where is the cepan representation????

Constantly insisting to everyone the Lorien is perfect is very prideful and also basically prevents any needed changes from occurring and also keeps the world in power in power

Their contingency plan for the end of the world was to send a bunch the Garde kids to one more planet like seriously I’m sensing some vast Cepan inequality here

So yeah after part reflection i think Lorien to be v corrupt

lorien legacies
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i wonder if Four’s clothes become fire resistant with him, or if as soon as he extinguishes the fire he becomes naked. Picturing Nine’s reaction is amusing to me.


In “I to be Number Four” as soon as he came out the Mark’s residence with Sarah and the dogs throughout the fire, his clothes were melted away in patches, so this would median that his clothing are no resistant to fire together well. In various other parts of the collection he engulfs self in fire to fight, yet damage to his apparel is never ever mentioned. Therefore, either: A. He has been walking roughly naked for most of the series, B. He somehow obtained flame-retardent clothing and has to be wearing it without mention, or C. This is a huge plot hole

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So what ever happened come the “main legacies?” back in ns Am Number Four, four mentioned that the garde build legacies leading as much as their main heritage which “allows them come fight.”

if anyone has the page number let me recognize ill look for it morning lorien traditions
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The Fate the Ten symbol, made by lcrien top top Instagram


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