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Not that it"s component of my everyday vocabulary, yet I got some very strange looks last night once I said this come a buddy as I tossed that a 20 in prior of the liquor store. We needed some beer because that the soft ball game, and also I had actually to walk under the block to get my stuff out of my car.

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I believe the phrase was offered in a rapid food commercial some years ago. That"s the only way that I"ve heard the it. Never ever used it/heard it used in actual life.


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i have used this top top a number of occasions in ~ work, as soon as i was as well busy come go acquire anything and i forgot to bring food.

Definitely heard this phrase.

But an ext applied to food 보다 booze.

Usually in this sort of reference:

Scenario: Buddies hanging out watching sporting activities or something.

People get hungry... There"s really no food around.

People room lazy and/or drunk.

One person says Taco Bell or something.

Plans space made... Who"s going to go?

Buddy who makes more money says to buddy who makes much less money:

"I"ll buy, you fly"

Meaning, here"s some money, go obtain the food.

My dad would constantly say the to me once I an initial got my drivers license and also he want anything. That hated driving.

use that all the moment in referral to some starbucks, I need my caffeine however don"t constantly have the moment to break away.

I usage it all the moment with my mam --- we"re both just house from work, no in the the atmosphere to chef dinner, and also really, no of really wanting to leaving the residence again. So I"ll intice her to go pick united state up other by providing to pay for it.

I use it all the moment with my wife --- we"re both just home from work, neither in the atmosphere to cook dinner, and really, neither of really wanting to leave the house again. So I"ll intice her to walk pick us up something by giving to pay because that it.

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Way before that...I"ve heard and used the frequently--forever the seems--almost constantly mid party because that beer runs.