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"I didn"t select the thug life, the thug life determined me" is a catchphrase offered to to express one"s pride in living the thug lifestyle, a principle that is typically referenced in hip hop music, an especially in gangsta rap. Although rooted in hip hop, the expression or that snowclone variation is often paired with assorted images illustrating White suburban stereotypes, similar to the consumption of other hip hop references prefer swag and haters gonna hate.

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The ax "thug life" was initially popularized by American rapper Tupac Shakur<1>, who began a rap team with the exact same name in late 1993 and released their only studio album Thug Life: Volume 1 in September 1994. The term ongoing to show up in many tracks by Shakur, many notably "Livin" the Thug Life" and also "Thug 4 Life". The expression in verbatim was quoted by Tupac Shakur because that the first time in an interview through the California radio terminal KMEL in 1996.

I didn’t select the thug life, the thug life determined me. every I’m make the efforts to carry out is survive and make great out of the dirty, nasty unbelievable way of life that they offered me.

Following his death, the quote has actually been referenced by a number of other i know well hop artists and Tupac"s fans, mostly in payment respect to the artist"s "thug life" philosophy. In January 2011, a on facebook fan page for the phrase<4> to be created, i m sorry has got over 31,600 likes together of august 2012.

Thug Life

While the Merriam-Webster Ditctionary<2> defines a thug as "a brutal ruffian or assassin", Urban thesaurus uses Shakur"s meaning of the term come distinguish between a thug and a gangster.<3>

As Tupac characterized it, a thug is someone that is going through struggles, has gone with struggles, and continues to live work by day with nothing because that them. That human being is a thug. And also the life they room living is the thug life. A thug is not a gangster. Look increase gangster and gangsta. Not even CLOSE, mine friend.


Throughout 2011, on facebook fans posted dozens of parody images juxtaposing one of two people suburban way of living or adorable subjects with Tupac"s quote. As at an early stage as July 2011, the quote additionally began showing up as the inscription in assorted instances of picture macros on meme Generator, according to Google cache.<10>


On might 7th, 2012, picture of a teenager"s high school yearbook photograph accompanied by the expression (shown below) to be posted to the /r/funny subreddit, receiving 1,501 up votes.

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On may 13th, picture of a maze puzzle featuring the expression "fuck the police" was posted to /r/funny subreddit v the title "I Didn"t choose the Thug Life," which got 986 increase votes. In July, dozens of other image write-ups titled "I Didn"t pick the Thug Life" adhered to suit on Reddit and other internet humor blogs consisting of Memebase<9>, WeKnowMemes<11> and also ROFLS.<12> similar image macros and also its snowclone derivatives have the right to be additionally found ~ above Tumblr under the sign "I Didn"t select the Thug Life."