Every time ns look in ~ you, ns go blind.Every time i look in ~ you, ns go blind.In the mornin" I gain up, and I shot toFeel alive, but I can"t.Every time i look in ~ you, i go blind.I don"t know what that is.Something in me simply won"t provide me a chance.I think it"s that i feel an ext confusedBy the deal love has displayed me.Little child, walk you recognize that there"s a light,And it"s gonna shine ideal through your eyes.What do you think that life is like?Every time ns look at you, ns go blind.I walk blindWell some wherein over there there"s a purpose,There"s a care for freeIn me there"s no body, no one plan,No one was standing to be free.I think it"s that since I have seen every the fussAnd it"s no big deal. No large deal.Hold me, hold me "cause I desire to get greater and higher,Higher 보다 life.

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I Go remote Lyrics as composed by D Neudorf Brad Merritt

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General CommentAlso, i was at their performance in ~ Jubilee Cityfest, and Mr. Rucker (Darius, the lead singer)said the this track is about a guy who hates this girl so lot that everytime that sees her, he wishes he couldn"t.

General CommentJacqualine, I favor the way you copied that almost word-for-word the end of the Scattered, Smothered and also Covered booklet. The "life the its own" part caught mine eye.

General CommentI feel that this song is about a solitary parent who hates him/her me for failure at romantic love - but sees blinding love in the an outcome - a beautiful child.
General Commentfor some factor i think this song is around a medicine addict staring at self in the winter thinking just how his life is shit......and everyone has actually been telling him that........

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General CommentMy roommate claimed she thinks this tune is around an ugly human being (she was kidding...I think). Yet is most most likely blinded by love. I love the heat "I think it"s that since I have seen all the fuss and also it"s no large deal. No big deal."So good.
My InterpretationCould be about a child, might be around an addict (I deserve to see myself in over there sadly), or possibly just around love. That at an early stage love as soon as your unsure; like once you can"t decide around your girlfriend/boyfriend and that emotion drives you about mad. Or blind, since of the indecision or the uncertainty. "Something in me just won"t give me a chance," the line can go with just how the person can"t get their opportunity to show their true love. Hold me hold cause I wanna get higher is a beg to the girl or male to reach the end to you and also love girlfriend so you have the right to too.Reminds me that my critical love. Thinking around that renders me realize the song could be about coming out of love v all the pain and trying to win that love, your woman back. Funny, now after creating this I"ve obtained the urge to go gain my love back. Go Hootie.