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"I go Crazy" is a song written, composed, and recorded through American singer-songwriter Paul Davis. It was the very first single he exit from his 1977 album Singer of Songs: novelist of Tales, and also his second-highest peaking popular music hit, peaking at #7 ~ above the Billboard graph in 1978. The song entered the Billboard warm 100 pop singles graph on 27 august 1977 and also began progressively climbing, peaking in March and April 1978, prior to dropping turn off the chart the mainly after 27 might 1978. Overall, it invested 40 mainly (nine months and one week) ~ above the Billboard hot 100 charts, setting what was then the record for the longest run on the chart, the consecutive mainly or not. during the in march 4, 1978 American height 40 show, Casey Kasem stated that Davis begged his studio to have the song presented to Lou Rawls, that he assumed would make it a vast success but, as soon as the studio saw just how much confidence he had in the possibilities of the song"s success, it determined to release a easy edited variation of Davis" studio demo version.more »

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Hello girl it"s been awhileGuess you"ll it is in glad come knowThat I"ve learned how to laugh and also smileGetting end you was slowThey speak old lovers can be an excellent friendsBut I never ever thought I"d really check out you,I"d really watch you againI go crazyWhen i look in her eyes i still go crazyNo my heart simply can"t hide that old feelin" insideWay deep down insideOh baby, you recognize when i look in your eyes ns go crazyYou to speak he satisfies your mindTells you all of his dreamsI know exactly how much that method to youI realize that ns was blindJust once I thought I was over youI see your face and also it just ain"t trueNo it just ain"t trueI walk crazyWhen i look in your eyes ns still walk crazyThat old flame comes alive, the starts burn insideWay deep under insideOh baby, you understand when ns look in her eyes ns go crazyOooh, five Oooh, OhI go crazyYou understand when ns look in her eyes ns go crazyNo mine heart simply can"t hide that old feelin" insideWay deep down insideI go crazy

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Paul Davis Paul Lavon Davis (April 21, 1948 – April 22, 2008) to be an American singer and songwriter, best known for his radio hits and solo job which started global in 1970. His career encompassed soul, country and also pop music. Typically, the slow the tempo of a Davis record, the much longer it took to reach its height position. Significant songs in his career incorporate 1977"s "I walk Crazy", a No. 7 pop hit i beg your pardon once hosted the record for the longest chart run on the Billboard hot 100, as well as the No. 6 ""65 Love Affair", his highest-charting popular music hit. In the mid 1980s, he likewise had two country No. 1 hits together a guest vocalist on songs by Marie Osmond and also Tanya Tucker, and wrote singles for other nation singers. His illustration in the mid 1970s to beforehand 1980s resembled Leon Russe… much more »