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Annie:Don"t questioning me just just how it happenedI wish i knew,I can"t believe that it"s happenedAnd still it"s trueI gained lost in his arms,and I had to stay,It was dark in his arms,and I lost my wayFrom the dark come a voice,and that seem come say:"There you go,there girlfriend go."How ns felt together I fell I just can"t recallBut his arms hosted me fast and it damaged the fallAnd I claimed to mine heartAs that foolishly retained jumping every around"I acquired lost,but look what ns found!"I got lost in his arms and I had to stayIt was dark in his arms and I lost my wayFrom the dark come a voice,and that seem come say:"There friend go,there girlfriend go."How i felt as I fell I simply can"t recall,But his arms organized me fast and also it damaged the fall,And I said to mine heart.As the foolishly preserved jumping around,"I got lost,but look what ns found!"
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