Here’s exactly how to setup for her closet remodel with all the options you need to take into consideration from off-the-shelf solution to DIY built-ins.

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picture by California Closets
whether you room planning a significant overhaul or looking for some redesign tips, right here are thee steps to take when planning for your upcoming closet remodel.

1. Take it Stock the What you’ve Got

Sell, donate, and also whittle down. Then acquire out a ruler.

Start through what’s hanging. Place clothing flat, on your hangers, in 2 piles—one for brief items, prefer shirts, and the other for lengthy items, like coats and also pants hung full length by their cuffs or waistband. Measure the height of each pile to acquire the preferred lengths because that short- and also long-item rods. Keep in mind that hangers require sliding space.Next up: clothes that fold. arrange foldables in 10-inch-high stacks—any higher and they could topple. Every stack needs 14 inch of shelf length.Extras. size up items choose ties and T-shirts that also need real estate.

2. Dimensions You should Know

portrayed by Eric Larsen The best reach-in closet (we’re not talking walk-ins here) is 6 come 8 feet wide and 24 come 30 inch deep. Standard dual doors are best, assuming yes sir room come swing them open. To prevent blind alleys, the inside of the return walls, the ones come which the doors space hinged, need to be no much longer than 18 inches.

3. Plan The internal of your Closet


Size up your Space

Beginning with the left wall, measure everything to a T.

Sketch a to-scale layout ~ above graph paper, with each wall’s width and height and also details such together base moldings, chases, and also receptacles.

Make keep in mind of sloped ceilings, knee walls, and other old-house oddities. If encountering walls aren’t the same length, at least one angle no square.

Divide and also Allocate

Start v storage for your shoes. While options include slide-out racks and also tilted shelves, your best bet is open shelves without dividers. Come squeeze in an extra pair, alternate toes-facing-out and toes-facing-in.

Sketch in rods for much shorter items, making lock as wide as your wardrobe warrants, and a greater rod for much longer items.

Draw shelves 4 inches above the rods plus a high shelf for less-used items, and mark their depths.

Look for Nooks

Allocate space for a urgently stepladder, versus the wall surface under the highest rod, say. View if there’s an are for a robe hook on a return or next wall.

Common bad Configurations come Avoid

Cave Closet

Illustration by Eric Larsen The spelunker’s distinct comes in 2 styles: a narrow, deep box or a deep, dark L. If opened up the front wall surface for double doors is out of the question, cave rods in front of the opening, whereby they room visible. Then build out the hard-to-reach wall surface with shelves because that bins.

Sloped-Wall Closet

Illustration by Eric Larsen Tucked under the roofline, this sports couples lots of not-very-useful floor room with a not-very-useful shortened earlier wall. Place your rods front to earlier between the return walls and ago wall. Then build out the knee wall surface with shelves.

Closet DIY Tricks and Tools

The Plywood Solution

Illustration by Eric Larsen To coast up walls and plaster that’s in poor shape, heat the closet v ¾-inch hardwood plywood and screw it to the studs. Currently you can affix rods and shelves wherever you want. Or build three- or four-sided plywood boxes, climate slide them in.

Industrial Pipe, through a Twist

Illustration through Eric Larsen To get rid of an odd configuration or sketchy walls, build a scaffold utilizing commercial Speed-Rail fittings ( and closet rods. Use them to make a device supported by vertical rods screwed come the ceiling and floor or to do freestanding racks. The result looks like various other industrial-pipe fixes but does castle one better: System options include connectors with swiveling joints that can handle awkward angle for just a few dollars.

The Bifold Solution

photograph by Kolin smith No room for swing-open doors? prevent sliders, which block the view, and also invest in sturdy, solid-core or solid-wood bifolds and heavy-duty fittings (we favor those in ~ Lightweight doors with bad fittings wobble and also constantly autumn off their tracks.

Make it easy to Rotate

Bloomberg via Getty photos decision on a destination for off-season items, ideally a wardrobe in the attic or a dry edge of the basement. If you have actually spare room on the very same floor, consider a clothing rack that have the right to be wheeled to the closet when it’s time for a swap-out. If somewhere else isn’t an option, stash off-season item in easy-to-hoist bins and space-saving vacuum-storage bags on the closet’s topmost shelf. Brand them so the you can discover your bathing fit in January—you never know.

4. Consider Your system Options

Out the The Box

photograph by Rubbermaid friend measure her space, shop for the closestly fit in a ready-to-go setup choose this adjustable one from Rubbermaid, and screw requirements to studs top top the back wall. About $90–$180.

Tip: Be flexible. Wardrobes change and so perform closet owners, for this reason buy or construct a device with adjustable-height shelves and also rods, using easy-to-reposition screws or shelf-standard clip-ins.


picture by Elfa An expert at a specialty store or got to through a website helps map out and tailor a broader array of accessories and components, like these native Elfa. The install have the right to be DIY or by the dealer. Around $500–$2,000.

Tip: save at least one shelf within arm’s reach or no greater than 7 feet. The topmost shelf is generally at the very least 12 inches from the ceiling. To make reservation it because that off-season clothing and also gear that deserve to be retrieved using a stepladder.

Fully Custom

photo by California Closets An independent designer or franchise rep comes to your house, gauges her needs and space, supplies a range of materials and also features, and does every the work, together California Closets did here. About $700 and up.

Tip: Shelves 14 inch deep extend over rods and also can host men’s shoes and also folded jeans. Lot deeper and also you risk shedding things—unless they are preserved in a comfortable bin.

No Ladder Needed

DJC/Alamy desire to stack a short-hanging rod end one that’s collection up high? that doable with a specialty hinged pull-down installation (find them at and also Simply grab the rod with the consisted of hook to pull items in ~ arm’s reach.

Repurpose a Chest

Burcu Avsar drawer systems have the right to be brief on charm. Instead, check out if you deserve to slide in a tiny dresser or lingerie chest because that socks, ties, and underwear. Optimal it with a dish to capture pocket change, a jewelry organizer, and also a picture from your last vacation; together you dress for work, friend can always dream.

5. Fix Your Fixtures and also Floors

No ceiling Bulbs, Please!

Illustration by Eric Larsen Poorly installed light fixtures space a fire hazard, no to cite unreliable. Feather for an electrician who have the right to hard-wire a closet fixture the is activated by opening the door or flipping one exterior-wall switch. Include an outlet, too, if you desire to collection up a charging station, one iron, or a clothes steamer.

Use a Stick-Up Puck because that a fast Fix

Rockler here’s a solution as soon as hard-wiring isn’t an alternative or you merely want a tiny extra light: this rechargeable LED light. Thanks to a movement sensor, the blinks on once you reach in. That lacks the warmth and ambient irradiate of an incandescent, however it will help get you the end the door with matching socks.

Hafele Loox Motion-activated LED light through magnetic plate, around $40, Rockler

Bring bespeak to shoes Chaos

Illustration by Eric Larsen save them off the floor—it’s a pain to duck and also hunt between the dust bunnies. Instead, allocate adequate shelf space, permitting 8 inch of width per pair and extra height for boots. Tight squeeze? uncover a spot for a free-standing shoe cabinet, perhaps close to the prior door.

Straighten Up

Burcu Avsar sliding stacks develop shelf havoc. Block the flow with dividers. We favor these painted home-center hardwood corbels (about $2.50 each!) to include a tiny extra detail.

6. Decide just how to Accessorize her Closet

Here are some methods to put finishing touches on her closet that help enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Labeling and also Storage Bins

Scorgin mei If at first this civilized information seems a little OCD, think again. It’s essential to placed shelves come work—they are much much more space reliable than rods—but that no fun having to plunder every running inch searching for your favorite long-sleeve T. Shelf labels not just save time but likewise flood the zone with a feeling of control and order.

Burcu Avsar Dress that UpHere, off-the-shelf storage bins convey color, pattern, and also travel inspiration with the aid of old maps, matte-finish mode Podge glue (which becomes transparent when dry), a repaint brush, and also a putty knife to smooth out bubbles.

Kick increase The WallsNo one states the closet has actually to complement the rest of the room. Capitalize top top its identification as a mini room that its own by saturating it with a dramatic shade, choose navy, or select a mood-boosting hue obtained from your favorite jacket, scarf, or shirt.

Give the a practice StampWhimsical wall decals, wallpaper, or stenciled patterns have the right to make a small closet feel like a jewel box. Pick an oversize pattern that goes up quickly and also won’t look too busy.

A Valet Hook

It’s called a valet hook since it leads a life the service, extending an eight when called upon to organize multiple hangers. Comfortable when:

Assembling outfits to take it on a trip;Stashing items just earlier from the dry cleaner, because that sorting later;Putting out clothes for tomorrow;Airing out lightly worn clothes.

Three-Way Hook

Burcu Avsar A single hook is easily swamped. Look for three prongs, preferably swiveling ones, so the you can reach the belt or bag girlfriend want.

Nonslip Storage

Burcu Avsar Last viewed in the kitchen, these slim, C-shape paper-towel holders space heavy enough to trap soft items so that they i will not ~ slide off, yielding an easy-access scarf display screen inside a closet door.

See-In Storage

Burcu Avsar A magnetic spice rack through windowed portholes can organize bits like cuff links and also collar stays. Mount it top top a wall surface or the back of a door.

About $15; The Container Store

Space-Saving Hangers

Mawa Designed come discourage smooth structure from slithering to the floor, Mawa fit hangers also keep men’s jackets in shape.

About $7.50 each; Mawa

Pull-Out pants Rack

Hafele Avoid having actually to crouch and also seek through a Hafele pull-out the holds 6 pairs.

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About $175; Hafele

Pull-Out trousers Rack

Brookstone The Cosco Rockford collection Mahogany step Stool folds level to slide into a chop spot.