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"I Wanna Be through You" is a track by American pop singer Mandy Moore. It to be released as the only solitary from Moore"s 2nd studio album that the same name top top April 11, 2000, at some point after Moore"s 16th birthday. The song received mixed to confident reviews from critics, that complimented Moore"s tires vocals and the song"s arrangement. The track peaked at number 24 in the United states Billboard warm 100, ending up being Moore"s an initial and only top 30 single in the united state to date. The song additionally peaked in ~ number 13 in Australia and was certified yellow by ARIA. It also peaked in ~ number 21 in the UK, 66 in Austria and 70 in Germany. The song was featured top top the soundtrack come the 2000 film center Stage. The music video for the song, directed by Nigel dick showed Moore singing the song to her love attention in a run studio.more »

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I try but ns can"t seem to acquire myself to think ofAnything but youYour breath on my face your warm gentle kiss i tasteThe truth, i taste the truthWe know what ns came below forSo i won"t ask for moreI desire to be through youIf only for a nightTo be the one who"s in her arms to organize you tightI want to be v youThere"s nothing an ext to sayThere"s nothing else ns want much more than to feel this wayI want to be with youSo I"ll organize you tonight favor I would if you to be mineTo host forevermoreAnd I"ll savor each touch that I"ve wanted so muchTo feeling before, to feeling beforeHow beautiful it isJust to be like thisI want to be with youIf only for a nightTo it is in the one who"s in her arms to host you tightI want to be through youThere"s nothing much more to sayThere"s naught else i want an ext than to feeling this wayI desire to be with youOh, babyI can"t fight this emotion anymoreDrives me crazy once I try toSo call my name and take my handCan you do my wish, baby, her command?YeahI want to be v youIf just for a nightTo be the one who"s in her arms to hold you tightI want to be v youThere"s nothing more to sayThere"s nothing else ns want more than to feel this wayI want to be through you

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Mandy Moore Amanda Leigh "Mandy" Moore (born April 10, 1984) is one American singer–songwriter, actress and also fashion designer. Increased in Florida, Moore an initial came to prominence with her 1999 debut solitary "Candy", i beg your pardon peaked at number 41 ~ above the Billboard warm 100. It"s subsequent album, so Real, go on to obtain a Platinum certification native the RIAA. Two much more singles, "Walk Me Home" and also "So Real", to be released yet failed to have the success of their predecessor. She 2000 solitary "I Wanna Be v You", came to be her first Top 40 struggle in the US, peaking in ~ number 24 on the hot 100 chart. The parental album, title the same, was released that exact same year to normally mixed reviews. The album walk on to achieve Gold certification. After ~ revealing she displeasure with her beforehand work… an ext »