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"Sit on my Face" is a short song by the members of the comedy troupe Monty Python which originally showed up on the album Monty Python"s Contractual duty Album and later appeared on the compilation Monty Python Sings. Created by Eric Idle, the song"s 2175forals.com are sung come the melody that "Sing together We Go" by Gracie Fields. The opened gives method to the voices that The Fred Tomlinson Singers singing "Sit on mine face and tell me that you love me." The continuing to be 2175forals.com contain countless references to fellatio and also cunnilingus, such together "when I"m in between your thighs you punch me away" and also "life can be fine if we both 69". The song opened the 1982 film Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl, wherein it to be lip-synched by Graham Chapman, man Cleese, terry Gilliam and Terry Jones dressed together waiters in a performance which, at the suggestion of Python touring member Neil Innes, ended with lock revealing your bare backsides. In 2002, a comparable rendition to be mimed by Eric Idle, terrycloth Jones, terry Gilliam and also Neil Innes at the Concert because that George, a memorial concert for George Harrison which took ar at the imperial Albert Hall. At the finish of this rendition the four men turned their backs to face a portrait the George Harrison, thereby revealing their naked buttocks and effectively mooning the Albert room audience. An ext recently it was featured together an animated number in A Liar"s Autobiography, perform by the London gay Men"s Chorus, both on the videotaped soundtrack and live, as a flash mob, during the screening presented during the London movie Festival. The song additionally opened the second fifty percent of Monty Python"s 2014 reunion shows where it accompanied a suggestive dance program by the 20-strong run ensemble, through Eric Idle and also Michael Palin encouraging one audience singalong.more »

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Sit on mine face and also tell me the you love meI"ll sit on your face and also tell you ns love you, tooI love come hear you oralizeWhen I"m in between your thighsYou punch me awaySit on my face and also let mine lips embrace youI"ll sit on your face and then I"ll love friend trulyLife can be well if we both sixty-nineIf we sit ~ above our faces in all sorts that placesAnd play, "til we"re blown away

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Monty Python Monty Python (sometimes well-known as The Pythons) to be a brothers surreal comedy group that created Monty Python"s flying Circus, a British television comedy sketch present that an initial aired ~ above the BBC top top 5 October 1969. Forty-five episodes to be made over 4 series. The Python phenomenon emerged from the television series into something bigger in scope and also impact, spawning touring stage shows, films, plenty of albums, several books and a phase musical as well as launching the members to separation, personal, instance stardom.

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The group"s affect on comedy has been compared to The Beatles" influence on music. Much more »