about I Wish ns Was Queer therefore I can Get chicks

"I Wish ns Was Queer for this reason I could Get Chicks" is the 2nd single indigenous Bloodhound Gang"s album One Fierce Beer Coaster. The satirical track is entirely about the belief that girls just like happy men. The 2175forals.com reference the stereotype that gay men are often better looking and more sensitive than heterosexual men, reap the band Depeche Mode and avant garde ballet, and how Jimmy Pop, the band"s singer, wishes the he can be a homosexual to be an ext successful v women. The album version is videotaped in the band"s trademark rap-metal style. An alternate version was taped as a b-side, special a crooning vocal end Nashville country/lounge backing.more »

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If your ass is a Chinese restaurant I"ll have actually the poo-poo platterMy friend Jerry Vandergrift kissed me in residence Ec. ClassLater in the afternoon part jarheads in the locker room kicked mine assI said men I"m like you I prefer Monster trucks tooWant to view how countless push-ups I deserve to do?I simply wish i was queer so I might get chicksChicks dig men that areQueer men that don"t digChicks the don"t dig males like meSee I"m no queer I"m too uglyBut if i were handsome simply imagine how an excellent it would certainly beIncognito as gay though however not actually that way though pseudo homoPhonyMaybe it"s a stupid theory or maybe simply stupidityBut if i was a queerbee in the fashion industryScoring through a super version would it is in easy"Cause "super model" means voluptuous yet is additionally is associated with"Super dumb"Ya view I"d it is in a good listener so she"d act me like a sister and soonI"d becomeThat trusted friend that cares the rubs her ago and braids she hairNo the wouldn"t it is in a week before I"m in her underwearI wish i was queer for this reason I can get chicksChicks dig guys that areQueer men that don"t digChicks the don"t dig men like meSee I"m not queer I"m also uglyDoesn"t issue what I"m packin" in mine denim it"s what"s in mine genesThe just smoked meat the only sausage I would eat is make by JimmyDeanSee I"m no to keen on the smell of VaselineNo I"m no Princess Di and also I don"t desire to be a queenI wish ns was queer so I could get chicksAnyway if i were happy I"d have to change my surname to Dirk or LewisHang out through my mom"s hair stylist his surname is Kip he"s gained a lisp heTalks favor thisAnd wear my mother"s lingerie learn the songs of BroadwayAnd evaluate Depeche Mode and also avant garde balletI wish ns was queer therefore I could get chicksChicks dig guys that areQueer males that don"t digChicks dig men that areQueer guys that don"t digChicks dig men that areQueer men that don"t digChicks that don"t dig males like meSee I"m not queer I"m also uglyAnd i don"t cut my heinyDon"t shave my heinySee I"m no queer I"m too ugly

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Bloodhound gang Bloodhound corridor is a Collegeville, Pennsylvania-based American band, start as a lab group however gradually transforming its genre transparent the years.

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Their songs commonly have humorous and off-beat, satirical 2175forals.com that often deal with sexual subjects and contain plenty of puns and also innuendos. Much more »