In other news did friend know....(I love this one!). Click the elephant to discover an amazing fact!!



He to be commenting exactly how he doesn"t execute "If"s and so on" once it come to 2nd guessing himself " i.e. If the would"ve used A different punt development or play contact vs MSU maybe they would"ve won.

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He then busts out, you recognize I"m... "If worms had an equipment guns...birds wouldn"t be fear of them!ll together an example.


Yeah the speaking eloquence the Harbaugh is a sight to behold.

The critical 2 coaches up phibìc couldn"t assignment cat if you provided them the c and the a.


I listened to Jim Rome today and he walk an entire fifty percent hour ~ above the idiocy the the statement and to height it off it to be factually incorrect. Birds would certainly be scared of worms with an equipment guns. That made funny for Harbaugh the entirety time. It to be hilarious.



I think that was will certainly Rodgers the renowned Philosopher and writer as soon as said "I have actually never met a guy I did no like"! Rodgers never met.......... Jim Harbaugh ..ha ha

If worms had machine guns.....wouldn"t that average birds would certainly be fear of them?

Pretty wild. Ns guess he will be acquisition Yogi Berra"s clues in the line up. Or this is some type of Jedi psychic trick. Either way he has obtained a bunch of united state confused, need to be some kind of TSUN thing....

If worms had an equipment guns.....wouldn"t that median birds would certainly be fear of them?

Yes, since worms are notoriously irresponsible v firearms.

Yes, since worms are notoriously irresponsible through firearms.

Guns don"t death worms. Worms kill worms.

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If worms had maker guns.....wouldn"t that median birds would be afraid of them?

No, ns mean, it"s gotta be her bull...

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