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(Ahh yeah, FlipmodeHere us come, bout to fuckin' explode)Flipmode, Busta Bus (What?)Nine-seven (Come on, what?), warm shit (Ha ha)Check that outHit you v no delayin' for this reason what you sayin', yo? (Uh)Silly v my nine milli, what the deally, yo? (What?)When i be top top the mic, yes I do my duty, yo (Ha)Wild increase in the club prefer we wild in the studio (Uh)You don't wanna hurt nigga really and also truly, yo (Uh)My main thug nigga named Julio he moody, yo (What?)Type the nigga that'll slap you with the tool-io (Ba!)Bitch nigga fear to death, action fruity, yo (Uh)Fuck that, look at shorty, she a small cutie, yo (Yes)The method she shower it make me wanna obtain all in the booty, yo (Woo!)Tappin' mistresses, bangin' bitches in videos (Huh?)Whylin' v my freak favor we up in the freak mirrors (Yes)Hit you through the shit make you feeling it every in her toes (Yeah)Hot shit acquired all you niggas in wet apparel (It gain cold)Stylin' mine metaphors as soon as I build my flows (Uh)If you don't know you fuckin' through lyrical player pros, favor thatDo you really wanna party with me?Let me see simply what you got for me (Come on)Put all her hands wherein my eyes deserve to see (Put 'em up, yo)Straight buckwhylin' in the ar to be (Whylin')
If you really wanna party with me (Flipmode)Let me see simply what you got for me (Come on)Put all her hands wherein my eyes can see (Put 'em up)Straight buckwhylin' in the location to be (Yeah)If you yes, really wanna party v me—In God us Trust (What?)Yo, it's a have to that girlfriend heard the us, yo, we murderous (Uh)A lot of niggas is wondering and also they curious (What?)How me and also my niggas carry out it, it's so mysterious (Magical)Furious, every one of my niggas is major (Uh)Shook niggas it is in walkin' about fearin' united state (What?)Front nigga, prefer you don't wanna be hearin' us (Nope)Gotta hear to just how radio it is in playin' united state (Ah)Thirty time a day shit'll do you delirious (What?)Damagin' every little thing all up in your locations (Yeah)Yo, it's funny how all the chicken be always servin' united state (Uh)All increase in in between they ass whereby they wanna lug us (Uh)Hit'cha great then ns hit 'em off through the alias (What?)Various, chickens they wanna marry us (Ah)Yo it's Flipmode, my nigga, you recognize we 'bout come bust (Uh)Seven-figure money the brand preparin' united state (Go me)Bite the dust, instead of you, makin' a fuss (Fuss)Niggas know better cause over there ain't no comparin' us (Nope)Mad at us, niggas is never, us fabulous (Yuh)Hit my world off through the flow that it is in marvelous (Ha)Oh shit, my entirety clique victorious (Yah)Taking no prisoners niggas is right up warriors (What?)While friend feelin' the I recognize you be feelin' so glorious (Huh)Then i blaze and also reminisce on my nigga notorious (What?)

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Do you yes, really wanna party through me? (Like that, like that-tha-that-that)Let me see just what you gained for me (That that that, tha-that-that-that)Put all her hands whereby my eyes have the right to see (Like that)Straight buckwhylin' in the location to beIf you really wanna party through meLet me see just what you acquired for mePut all your hands where my eyes can seeStraight buckwhylin' in the ar to beIf you yes, really wanna party v me