It is the year 2015 and so no one is surprised that musicians occasionally sing along to pre-recorded vocals. Possibly the chance calls for this dark art. Would you desire to bounce approximately onstage while keeping in key? united state neither. But that doesn’t make it any type of less funny once miming walk wrong. From Lady Gaga to Red warm Chili Peppers, below are part memorable lip-sync tragedies through the ages. To make this an interaction feature, have actually a friend review it out while you relocate your lips with time with the words.

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Iggy Azalea, ‘Actin’ choose That’, Chicago, 2014

Now, if you take Iggy’s power on its own merits, this is no an ext or much less embarrassing than any kind of other lip-synching catastrophe catalogued here. However it’s the means J-Lo absolutely nails it before and also after that provides the rapper’s miscued karaoke therefore unbelievably cringeworthy. Five dear.


Britney Spears, ‘Womaniser’, The X Factor, 2008

It’s (not actually) Britney, bitch. This one starts therefore well, mainly due to the fact that Brit is behind a screen and you can’t see her mouth moving. To it is in fair to her, it’d it is in pretty tough for everyone to concentration on the words while busting those killer run moves, but that doesn’t make the performance any easier come watch. Still, at the very least Dermot appeared to reap it.

Lindsay Lohan, ‘Rumours’, good Morning America, 2004

Remember once Lindsay Lohan was a absent star? No, us, neither. Anyway, the year is 2004 and also Lindsay is primed come prove herself as much more than a son actor. The song, ‘Rumours’, is gloriously bratty and also it looks prefer she found the band at CBGB’s the night before, but Lindsay gets lugged away and at 2.17 is headbanging when she must be pretend to sing. Rookie error.


Lady Gaga, ‘Poker Face’, Atlanta, 2012

There’s egg anywhere Gaga’s poker confront here. Having actually made a rallying cry against lip-synching, she face-planted top top the phase 20 days later at a show in Atlanta and, curiously, continued to belt the end her hit solitary ‘Poker Face’. Look, Gaga’s a bonafide popular music star, for this reason she’s enabled – nay, motivated – come be all sorts that daft and contradictory. Still funny, though.

Justin Bieber, ‘Out Of town Girl’, Phoenix, 2012

Some civilization find Bieber sickening (they’re wrong; ‘What perform You median is an pure banger) and admittedly it is a little queasy the method he invites a backing dancer come “go find” the “pretty girls in the audience”, however there’s no contact for this. Bieber bends over – gradually for the “Get under down down” lyric – and blows chunks all over the stage. Naturally, his vocal’s suspiciously unaffected.

Beyonce, ‘Star Spangled Banner’, brand-new Orleans, 2013

It’s the solemnity the the chance that makes this one so embarrassing. It was Obama’s 2nd inauguration, the world was watching, and the world started to doubt the brass band were only pretending to play your instruments. They later on admitted it and revealed that Bey to be pretending too. She provided a defiant press conference admitting it and defended a performance she was “proud” of. Room you gonna argue with her?

Ashlee Simpson, ‘Pieces that Me’, Saturday Night Live, 2004

You assumed we’d forgotten this, huh? How might you! probably the most notorious lip-sync fail of every time, this recorded the awful minute Ashlee Simpson realised someone at SNL had actually played not correct backing track, leaving she stranded ~ above stage. What execute you also do in an impossible instance like that? You execute a weird dance and also swiftly posesthe off. That’s how you format out a lip-sync disaster.

50 Cent, ‘Amusement Park’, B.E.T Awards, 2007

The rapper has type with lip-synching (in 2010 he appeared in a viral video clip rapping follow me to one of his songs with internet celeb Keenan Cahill) however this 2007 debacle was less deliberate. Fiddy was as well busy concentrating on remove his jacket to move his lips gradually with the track. The song attributes the stomach-curdling line, “Shorty you ain’t gotta take her panties off, simply push ’em come the side.” Fifty, girlfriend don’t need to take your jacket off, just say the native mate.

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Selena Gomez, ‘Come & get It’, jingle Ball, 2013

Gomez was no longer a squeaky-clean Disney star at this stage, having starred in Harmony Korine’s violent art-house film feather Breakers the vault year, yet no one meant her to yell “What the fuck!” in ~ the end of her most renowned song. Reports said that her mic preserved cutting in and also out and she was venting her frustration. Still, at least the pre-recorded vocal to be constant.

Red hot Chili Peppers, SuperBowl, 2014

Bit that a curio, this. The Chili’s tools weren’t plugged in during this storming rendition that ‘Give it Away’, prompting speculation that, erm, possibly the tape wasn’t playing live. Bassist Flea later released a declare explaining the organisers had told them that the instruments couldn’t be live (though the vocals were) therefore they play cordless to do this obvious. Same play, Flea.