Illusory Walls are doors towards an enig areas in Dark Souls 3. They appear as normal walls, however when girlfriend hit them, castle disappear, opened up the i to a hidden component of the map. If friend pay fist to player message on the ground, castle may often indicate wherein these wall surfaces are. In this guide, we’re walking to display you all illusory wall surface locations in Dark Souls 3, what lies behind them.

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Illusory walls in Dark Souls 3

Area: Firelink ShrineWhere come find: After friend buy the Tower crucial from the Handmaid, unlock the tower and jump top top the roof of the Shrine. Jump down to the reduced roof, enter the shrine and also climb top top the arches. The breakable wall is throughout the room native the entrance, in the only component of the wall surface without a ledge.Rewards: Covetous silver Serpent Ring

Area: Catacombs of CarthusClosest bonfire: Old King’s AntechamberWhere come find: It’s in the bonfire room. Look because that a conspicuous wall surface in the corner.Rewards: A faster way that makes the Catacombs simpler to traverse. Drop down and go left in ~ the end of the room for an Undead Bone Shard.
Area: Irithyll of The Boreal ValleyClosest bonfire: Anor LondoWhere come find: climb the rotating bridge, then rotate it roughly so that goes down. Descend the stairs and exit the elevator. You’ll find yourself in a ring chamber v a gigantic statue. Hit the statue to open up the Darkmoon Tomb.Rewards: Brass Armor
Area: Lothric CastleClosest bonfire: Lothric CastleWhere come find: leave the bonfire room with the left door and also keep going left. As soon as you’re ~ above the terrace, take the stair on your right. When you gain off, revolve right and also enter the castle again. Rise the ladder and also turn around. Fight the wall surface on your much left.

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Rewards: Winged knight Armor, spiritual Bloom Shield
Area: Irithyll that The Boreal ValleyClosest bonfire: Church the YorshkaWhere to find: Warp in ~ the bonfire and go right into the garden. Go v the passageway on the left, then through the basement. Revolve left and go all the way down the stairs. Revolve around and look in ~ the alcoves listed below the stairs. The very first one extends right into a tunnel, ending with one illusory wall.Rewards: Twinkling Titanite