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ax _________ is the scale emerged to measure stress and anxiety by ranking various life occasions from most to least stressful and also assigning a allude value to every event.

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Definition Social Readjustment Rating range (SRRS)
Term _________ is a instance in i m sorry a decision have to be made in between two equally preferable alternatives.
Definition Approach-approach conflict
Term In an __________, a human must choose between two undesirable alternatives.
Definition Avoidance-avoidance conflict
Term one _________ entails a single choice that has actually both desirable and also undesirable traits.
Definition Approach-avoidance conflict
Term The __________ is the predictable succession of reactions that organisms present in solution to stressors.
Definition General adaptation syndrome (GAS)
Term The an initial stage the a body"s solution to a stressor is the ________, in i m sorry the adrenal cortex releases hormone that boost heart rate, blood pressure, and blood-sugar levels, offering a to explode of energy that help the persondeal with the stressful situation.
Definition Alarm stage
Term ________ is the second stage , throughout which the adrenal cortex continues to relax hoormones to help the body stand up to stressors.
Definition Resistance stage
Term If the organism fails in its initiatives to resist, the reaches the ________, in ~ which suggest all the stores of deep power are depleted, and also disintegration and also death follow.
Definition Exhaustion stage
Term A _______ is an review of the definition and significance of the situation-whether its impact on one"s health is positive, irrelevant, or negative.
Definition Primary appraisal
Term during ________, if world judge the instance to be within their comtrol, they do an review of accessible resources prior to they decide exactly how to resolve the situation.
Definition Secondary appraisal
Term _________ is direct; it consists of reducing, modifying, or eliminating the source of stress and anxiety itself.
Definition Problem-focused coping
Term ____________ involvesreappraising a stressor in an initiative to minimize its emotionally impact.
Definition Emotion-focused coping
Term The __________ is the perspective that describes illness in terms of biological factors.
Definition Biomedical model
Term The ___________ is a perspective that focuses on health and also illness and holds that both are established by a mix of biological, psychological, and also social factors.
Definition Biopsychosocial model
Term ________ is the subfield in ~ psychology the is pertained to with the psychological determinants that add to health, illness, and recovery.
Definition Health psychology
Term A _______ is one that consists of a project at which one spends most of the moment sitting and less than 20 minute of exercise 3 times a week.
Definition Sedentary lifestyle
Term The vital components the the immune device are white blood cells well-known as _______, which encompass B cells and T cells.
Definition Lymphocytes
Term ___________ is a field of examine in i beg your pardon psychologists, biologists, and also medical researchers incorporate their field of expertise to learn the impacts of psychological factors on the immune system.
Definition Psychoneuroimmunology
Term _______ is the mix of 3 psychological characteristics -commitment, control, and also challenge- shared by world who have the right to handle a high level that stress and remain healthy.
Definition Hardiness
Term ________ is support provided, usually in time of need, by a spouse, other family members members, friends, neighbors,colleagues, support groups, or others.
Definition Social support
Term The ________ views abnormal habits as emerging from a physics cause.
Definition Biological perspective
Term The ______ agrees that physical causes are of central importance but also recognizes the influence of psychological and also social components in the study, identification, and treatment of emotional disorders.
Definition Biopsychsocial perspective
Term The ________ maintains that mental disorders stem from at an early stage childhood experiences and unresolved, unconscious conflicts, usually of a sex-related or wild nature.
Definition Psychodynamic perspective
Term The _______ says that faulty reasoning or distorted consciousness can contribute to some species of psychlogical disorders.
Definition Cognitive perspective
Term The ________ involve physical symptoms that are as result of psychological causes rather than any kind of known medical condition.
Definition Somatoform disorders
Term A human being is diagnosed with a __________ once there is a lose of engine or sensory work in some part of the body, which is not as result of a physical cause yet which solves a emotional problem.
Definition Conversion disorder
Term In solution to unbearable stress, part people build a ________, in i m sorry they lose the capability to consciously incorporate their identities.
Definition Dissociative disorder
Term _______ is a complete or partial loss of the capacity to recall an individual info or recognize experiences that cannot be attributed to ordinary forgetfulness or substance use.
Definition Dissociative amnesia
Term In _______ world not only forget their entire identity, however they also travel away from home and also may take on a brand-new identity.
Definition Dissociative fugue
Term In _________, 2 or much more distnct, distinct personalities exist in the same individual, and also there is major memory disruption worrying the an individual info around the other personalities.
Definition Dissociative identity disorder (DID)
Term _______ are philosophies to psychotherapy based on the noton that psychological well-being relies on self-understanding.
Definition Insight therapies
Term __________ i think that world have the ability and flexibility to lead rational lives and make rational choices.
Definition Humanistice therapies
Term _________ is the see that people are innately good and, if enabled to build naturally,will thrive toward self-actualization.
Definition Person-centered therapy
Term _________ is any kind of psychotherapy in i beg your pardon the patience decides the direction of the session.
Definition Nondirective therapy
Term ________ watch not just at the individualsinternal struggles but likewise at your interpersonal relationships.
Definition Relationship therapies
Term __________ is a short psychotherapy designed specifically to assist patients understand and cope v their interpersonal relationships.
Definition Interpersonal therapy (IPT)
Term _________ space those the assume that maladaptive actions can an outcome from irrational thoughts, beleifs, and also ideas, i beg your pardon the therapist tries to change.
Definition Cognitive therapies
Term _________ is a directive type of psychtherapy designed to challenge clients" irrational beliefs around themselves and also others.
Definition Rational-emotive therapy
Term The goal of Beck"s _________ is to aid clients stop their negative thoughts together they occur and also replace lock with much more objective thoughts.

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Definition Cognitive therapy
Term The check out that emotional disorders space symptoms of underlying physical difficulties is ___________.
Definition Biological therapy