This iconic lengthy Island sign is no actually situated on lengthy Island. Girlfriend can discover it in lengthy Island City, Queens. (Photo by King of hearts / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-SA-3.0)

By john Wells

New York is an amazingly varied state, supplying all kinds of settings for human being who desire to live their resides to the fullest. However, prior to you decision to relocate to the big Apple and also its surrounding area, you might want come explore every one of the different areas, and also pick the one which suits friend the best. In this process, civilization often start thinking around Staten Island and also Long Island—which one is far better to live in?

While this is one obviously spatu thing, we’ll try to give you a fast overview of both areas, indigenous which you can draw enough coherent conclusions to reach an informed decision.

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Map of long Island and boroughs of brand-new York City. (Image source: Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 2.0)

The story of two Islands

Before friend relocate anywhere, you desire to recognize a lot of things around that area first—including what sort of institution districts are available, or what varieties of job avenues you have the right to expect. And in the regard, lengthy Island and Staten Island are no exceptions. I m sorry is why we’ll begin off v a quick look at both areas.

So, both of these regions have actually something in common—they’re islands that room a component of the proud state of brand-new York. While Staten Island is just one of the actual 5 boroughs that make up new York City, lengthy Island is different in the regard. The latter starts in ~ the edge of new York Harbor, and it’s the greatest island found in the contiguous united States. Plus, it’s the many densely populated island the end of any type of found in the entirety of U.S. Territories. Whereas Staten Island represents one of the most sparsely populated locations in brand-new York City. However that doesn’t average that Staten Island is lot worse off in and also of itself, together you’ll realize shortly below.

Both islands have actually their champions. Poet and also fiction writer Claire Jimenez exit Staten Island Stories in 2019, i beg your pardon shone a literary spotlight on what defines the island she grew up on. Long Island has actually a wealthy literary background and is specifically known for being the birthplace of Walt Whitman, widely known as America’s greatest poet.

The Staten Island Ferry bring commuters to and from Manhattan because that free. (Image byskeezefromPixabay)

Staten Island

As you probably understand already, new York City has five various boroughs, which represent its administrative department at the county level. These encompass the city of new York itself, and the southern locations of the entire state. And also while Staten Island is among the larger boroughs in regards to square mileage, it’s likewise one the the boroughs with the the smallest population. It’s even referred to as the “forgotten borough”—and the a component of Richmond County.

In terms of demographics, the most notable thing about Staten Island is the truth that it has a bulk of non-Hispanic white people, the only borough in the state of new York through that sort of populace makeup. If we take a look at the economic outlook the the island, fine realize the it’s pretty stratified. In other words, the north Shore is the urbanized, an ext densely populated component with a most residential areas; when West shore is more industrialized, through fewer civilization actually living there.

Speaking of economics and also work—what’s the commute favor in Staten Island? Or, in various other words, how well linked is it to the rest of the state? Well, you deserve to go straight to Manhattan via the Staten Island Ferry; nice handy, due to the fact that it’s free to use. Girlfriend can additionally visit Brooklyn through going over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Interestingly enough, Staten Island was residence to the best landfill in the world, before it to be closed back in 2001.

Montauk allude is the easternmost allude of lengthy Island. (Photo through Ronald Diel via Wikimedia / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Long Island

Now that we’ve gained an idea the the regional living conditions in Staten Island, we have to wonder what long Island is prefer in this regard? an initial of all, it’s precious noting that lengthy Island is a lot bigger area 보다 Staten Island, though it’s no a borough itself. It makes up the southern pointer of the state of new York, and it starts around a mile from Manhattan; expanding to the east into the Atlantic Ocean. The island itself is separated indigenous the brand-new York mainland through the long Island Sound in the north.

Long Island is actually comprised out of four brand-new York State counties: Suffolk, Nassau, Queens, and also Kings; though lengthy Island is a name only offered for Suffolk and Nassau in colloquial communication. Speaking of the regional geography—Long Island is a pretty installation name, seeing as it’s the really longest island in the vicinity of the continental united States. A the majority of the citizens of new York City actually live on long Island, geographically speaking, for this reason it’s a place with a the majority of ethnic and social diversity, and interesting history.

Where need to I Live?

At the finish of the day, you most more than likely wondering i beg your pardon of these 2 islands is better for living. And also the prize to the is, together you might’ve guessed—that it depends completely on your personal life and habits. Top top the one hand, Staten Island has actually been obtaining some commercial invest in the past pair of years, yet the median pay is still considerably smaller than in lengthy Island. ~ above the other hand, friend should additionally keep in mind the the heftier paychecks of lengthy Island are in cohesion through the regional real heritage prices. Both building expenses and also everyday living expenses are significantly smaller in Staten Island, so that’s something to consider if you’re working with a minimal budget.

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Also, lengthy Island is, at the very least these days, perhaps much more diverse in the amenities it uses as well. If you someone who likes visiting downtown areas with interesting pubs and also bars, the something you’ll uncover in a enlarge abundance in lengthy Island.


As you have the right to see, both lengthy Island and also Staten Island have actually their pros and cons, though wednesday wager that those who deserve to afford lengthy Island will have a better time here. V that in mind, why not inspect out all of the quite residential areas, trendy restaurants, and also everything else this impressive island needs to offer!

John Wells is a freelance author from Jersey, greatly writing around the genuine estate and also moving markets in the tristate area. As soon as he’s no talking around companies choose Tik Tok Moving and also Storage Queens, he enjoys swimming and all water-based sports.