It relies on the pronunciation and declension you"re using:Classical or Ecclesiastical. I will give both the genitive and also thedative. The genitive is provided in "In the surname of the father the Sonand the divine Spirit", while datil is supplied in "Glory be to theFather the Son and the divine Spirit "

If you will certainly forgive mine transliterations.


Father = Genitive: Patris = PAH-tris Dative: Patri =PAH-tree

Son = Genetive: Filii = FEE-lee Dative: Filio = FEE-lee-OH

Holy spirit = Genetive: Spiritus Sancti = SPEE-ri-TUUS SAHNC-teeDative: Spiritui Sancto = SPEE-ri-TWEE SAHNC-toh

Ecclesiastical: spelling is the same just differentpronunciation. Because that ease i will only show the pronounciations thatchange.

Patris = PAH-trees

Spiritus Sancti = SPEE-ree-TUUS SAHNC-tee Spiritui Sancto =SPEE-ree-TWEE SAHNC-toh

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