Do you break the glass in case of emergency or in the event of emergency? The unit volume in situation of and in the occasion of space both prepositions. The an initial one method if it must occur. The second means if or as soon as something happens.

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A preposition is a indigenous or expression that shows a relationship in between two aspects in a clause. Some usual prepositions are on, after, before, and if. Because that example, in the sentence “The man sat on the chair,” the word on tells you the spatial relationship in between the man and the chair.

Difference in Meaning

In most cases, you can use in situation of and in the event of interchangeably. Grammatically, either space really correct. For instance, it’s agree to speak “I carried my umbrella in case of suddenly rain.” It’s equally acceptable come say “I carried my umbrella to be all set in the occasion of rain.”

There’s a slight difference how these 2 terms are usually used. Plenty of times, in case of indicates that you’re taking some activity as a precaution against an unforeseen event. Because that example, you might bring seasickness pills on a cruise in situation of stormy seas. You don’t necessarily suppose stormy seas to take place for certain, but you’re ready if castle do.

On the various other hand, in the occasion of usually describes what one must do if something happens unexpectedly. Because that instance, “In the event of an earthquake, stand in a doorway far from the windows.” This way that if or when an earthquake happens, this is what you’re an alleged to do.


The term in situation is regularly used without the preposition that to average if. For this reason if you to be to to speak “Here’s my phone number in case we get separated,” you’d mean the other human being should use it if the two of you get separated.

People also use just in case in this way. For instance, a mother can warn she child, “Bring an extra pair that socks, just in case her feet acquire wet.” simply in case can additionally mean in the occasion something happens. Because that instance, “He took follow me his extra socks, just in case.

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In the same way, people sometimes use the expression in the occasion that instead of in the occasion of. For example, one could say “Call me in the occasion that you need a ride.” In this case, you can just as conveniently say “Call me if you require a ride.”

The phrases in case of and in the event of have very comparable meanings. Civilization often use them interchangeably, but they do have actually some slight differences. In case of usually means that a human being is preparing for an unforeseen event. In the occasion of refers to actions one need to take if an unexpected event occurs.