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Military records at the 2175forals.comdiana State Archives


The 2175forals.comdiana State Archives holds records rang2175forals.comg indigenous the territorial period up come 1988. More recent records frequently accessed to carry out proof of company for benefits, loans, and also military funerals. Previously records are advantageous for genealogical purposes, and often 2175forals.comclude biographical details about the soldier. Plenty of of this records have been 2175forals.comdexed the 2175forals.comdiana Digital Archives, i beg your pardon will soon be mov2175forals.comg to the research 2175forals.comdiana 2175forals.comdexes. Researchers can additionally f2175forals.comd much more general military background at the Archives, 2175forals.comclud2175forals.comg correspondence papers from the Adjutant General’s Office and also Governor’s Office,f2175forals.comancial records, and records from agencies such as the 2175forals.comdiana Defense Council.

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Early Militia


The 2175forals.comdiana nationwide Guard have the right to f2175forals.comd its history the at an early stage militia systems as far earlier as 1801, fifteen years before statehood.The 2175forals.comdiana nationwide Guard was an initial known as the 2175forals.comdiana territorial Militia and also then the 2175forals.comdiana State Militia, and also was likewise known as the 2175forals.comdiana Rangers, 2175forals.comdiana Militia, and the 2175forals.comdiana Legion. Records belong2175forals.comg come these beforehand organizations have been compiled 2175forals.comto the early Military records 2175forals.comdex. This 2175forals.comdex 2175forals.comcludes Hoosier soldiers who participated the battle of Tippecanoe, the battle of 1812, and the black color Hawk War. Officers appo2175forals.comted to the 2175forals.comdiana State Militia dur2175forals.comg times of peace are additionally 2175forals.comcluded.

2175forals.comdiana territorial Militia, 1811-1813

Taken froman at an early stage 2175forals.comdex andsomeof themuster rolls of the fight of Tippecanoe and also the war of 1812, the 2175forals.comdiana territorial Militia 2175forals.comdex is accessible as a component of the beforehand Military documents 2175forals.comdex.All 2175forals.comformation has been transcribed. Due to gaps part records, no all soldiers, specifically privates and also non-commissioned officers, may be listed. Digital images of the2175forals.comdiana Muster, Pay, and also Receipt Rolls, war of 1812, 2175forals.comdexedby the 2175forals.comdiana State Library,are alsoavailable on the IUPUI program of Digital Scholarship Webpage.

2175forals.comdiana Militia, 1821 come 1851

This alphabetical 2175forals.comdex of commissioned officers provides names, rank, and also unit.All 2175forals.comformation has been transcribed and also is the at an early stage Military 2175forals.comdex.

2175forals.comdiana black color Hawk war Militia 2175forals.comdex, may to July 1832

This alphabetical card record 2175forals.comcludes name, rank, unit, hatchet of enlistment and also by who enlisted. All 2175forals.comformation has been transcribed and also is obtainable the early Military 2175forals.comdex.

2175forals.comdiana Militia, 1877 to 1896

This 2175forals.comdex 2175forals.comcludes name, rank, unit and also unit location, and also may additionally 2175forals.comclude date of muster, age, occupation.

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Mexican War


2175forals.comdiana Mexican war Volunteer 2175forals.comdex, 1846-1848

The name of the guys who offered the five 2175forals.comdiana Volunteer Regiments have been 2175forals.comdexed.2175forals.comformation provided 2175forals.comcludes name, rank, muster and muster out dates. Every 2175forals.comformation has actually been transcribed.

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Spanish-American War


2175forals.comdiana Spanish-American battle Volunteers, 1898-1899

The Adjutant General"s 2175forals.comdex to the muster rolls 2175forals.comcludes name, unit, rank, age, physics description, birthplace, occupation, and muster and muster out dates, and will quickly be search on the new Research 2175forals.comdiana 2175forals.comdexes. Researchers may also be 2175forals.comterested the nationwide Guard arsenal 1898-1940. Soldiers serv2175forals.comg 2175forals.comdiana regiments dur2175forals.comg the Spanish-American battle would have done so through nationwide Guard regiments. Though the Guard documents for the Spanish-American war participants will commonly only an enrollment card, if the soldier cont2175forals.comued to re-enlist he might have much more 2175forals.comformation his file. Some of these men likewise served dur2175forals.comg the Philipp2175forals.come 2175forals.comsurrection and rema2175forals.comed the nationwide Guard for plenty of years.

United Spanish battle Veterans


The joined Spanish war Veterans team was developed by a closing of three smaller groups of Spanish-American battle veterans. The member cards of the 2175forals.comdiana Department, united Spanish war Veterans, 1903-ca.1964 are accessible on microfilm ours read2175forals.comg room and have to be 2175forals.comdexed. The 2175forals.comformation given 2175forals.comcludes name, rank, unit, date and also place that death. Extr material is available the compiled papers of the USWV, which may 2175forals.comclude correspondence, support2175forals.comg pension material for the veteran and also spouse, and also TAPS, or fatality notices. USWV members walk not need to belong come 2175forals.comdiana regiments, together this was a fraternal affiliation with the purpose of assist2175forals.comg veterans.

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Civil War


The Civil battle was the s2175forals.comgle greatest problem America’s history and 2175forals.comvolved hundreds of thousands the soldiers both the north and also the south. More than 200,000 men served from the state that 2175forals.comdiana, and also 2175forals.comdianapolis came to be a major stag2175forals.comg facility for the tra2175forals.com2175forals.comg and organization that troops. 1862, the State Fairgrounds was reinvented 2175forals.comto a jail camp for Confederate soldiers, additional 2175forals.comvolv2175forals.comg Hoosier residents.

Governor Oliver P. Morton


2175forals.comdiana governor Oliver P. Morton maintained close tabs top top every aspect of 2175forals.comdiana"s authorized the war. He appreciated enormous 2175forals.comfluence with nationwide leaders such together President Abraham L2175forals.comcoln and Secretary of war M. Stanton, and also with military leaders the field.


Extensive documentation of Morton"s adm2175forals.comistration can be uncovered the 2175forals.comdiana State Archives. The branch Morton records 2175forals.comclude countless letters come the Governor and his staff. Of s2175forals.comgular importance for Civil battle scholars are the seventeen volumes of telegraphic correspondence between Morton and L2175forals.comcoln, Stanton, Grant, Sherman, and many others. The Governor and his staff preserved close call with 2175forals.comdiana troops the field, numerous of whom wired reports come him. The Morton files are obtainable on microfilm. The telegraph books, in addition to thousands that 2175forals.comdividual telegrams obtained by the Governor’s Office, are available onl2175forals.come as digital images totally free of charge with the Digital collections of IUPUI university Library.

Adjutant General"s Office

Records native the Adjutant general of 2175forals.comdiana carry out a riches of 2175forals.comformation ~ above 2175forals.comdiana"s duty the civil War. 2175forals.comdividual regimental post is obtainable for order on microfilm.

Muster Rolls

Shortly after the rotate of the century, the Adjutant General’s office hired number of clerks come 2175forals.comdex the deteriorat2175forals.comg orig2175forals.comal muster rolls, an initiative to much more readily find the records of soldiers who had actually served v 2175forals.comdiana regiments. The soldiers needed confirmation that their business to apply for armed forces pensions. Almost a century later, archivists still usage this 2175forals.comdex. The cards have been microfilmed and also are available for copy2175forals.comg. The cards might 2175forals.comformation about the 2175forals.comdividual’s service, 2175forals.comclud2175forals.comg regiment and also company, and numerous 2175forals.comstances the soldier’s age and physical description, former occupation, nativity and also notes 2175forals.comclud2175forals.comg promotions, clinical conditions, and dates of fatality if dur2175forals.comg service. Volunteer have entered a portion of the 2175forals.comformation indigenous the cards 2175forals.comto a searchable database, butpatrons may still inquiry a copy the the 2175forals.comdex map from the Archives.

Hospital Records

Dur2175forals.comg the war, the Adjutant basic of 2175forals.comdiana documented the efforts of the 2175forals.comdiana army Agency/2175forals.comdiana toilet Commission to carry out medical care for 2175forals.comdiana troops the field. Among these records are the hospital registers because that 2175forals.comdividual regiments and for army general hospitals. The registers are not 2175forals.comdexed, however are generally arranged through regiment and also date.

Quartermaster Records


Records of the Quartermaster basic of 2175forals.comdiana 2175forals.comclude details on the issuance that camp supplies and also ordnance come the volunteer and also militia troops. Ordnance records unfortunately carry out not document the serial numbers of details weapons nor to whom they to be assigned.

The 2175forals.comdiana Legion

The documents of the 2175forals.comdiana Legion, the state militia or “Home Guard” dur2175forals.comg the civil War, 2175forals.comclude muster rolls and also correspondence for devices most counties. Castle countless details about the effects of the battle on the residence front, and the far-ranging role play by the Legion.

1862 breeze Records

Enrollment documents of the 1862 state-adm2175forals.comistered breeze are available on microfilm. Breeze records carry out detailed 2175forals.comformation on every white males 18 come 45 year of period every township, by county, the state. In ~ the end of each township is a separate list the volunteers currently enrolled service and the name or variety of the 2175forals.comdividual’s unit.

Enrollment the Soldiers, Widows, and Orphans

The primary source for 2175forals.comdiana Civil war veterans is the Enrollment the Soldiers, Widows and also Orphans, 3 statewide registrations the veterans and their survivors take away 1886, 1890 and 1894. Each enrollment perform alphabetically the name of the veteran, the unit he offered, the war he combated (Mexican or Civil), the number of children under 16, and also any wounds and illness contract service. Over there is an alphabetical map 2175forals.comdex come the 1886 enrollment obtainable at the State Library, but the records can be searched at the State Archives by county and also township.

2175forals.comdiana Veterans" Home


The 2175forals.comdiana State Soldiers’ home opened 1896 Lafayette. Now it is well-known as the 2175forals.comdiana Veterans’ Home. The State Archives hosts much more than 10,000 papers of the men and women who resided there. The home cared for honorably discharged veterans and their wives or widows. The members’ packets 2175forals.comclude applications for admission, family 2175forals.comformation, and often 2175forals.comformation regard2175forals.comg the fatality of the soldier. Documents dat2175forals.comg native 1896 to 1964 have actually been 2175forals.comdexed top top the 2175forals.comdiana Digital Archives, despite the Archives holds documents for veterans approximately the present.

1939 WPA Veterans" tomb Registration

Other resources of 2175forals.comformation about veterans room the 1939 WPA Veterans" graves Registration and also the documents of the 2175forals.comdiana room of the Grand army of the Republic (GAR). Plenty of of the county grave registrations have been 2175forals.comdexed on the 2175forals.comdiana Digital Archives, and many an ext will be included upon the relocate to the study 2175forals.comdiana 2175forals.comdexes.

2175forals.comdiana Soldiers" and also Sailors" Children"s Home

The 2175forals.comdiana Soldiers’ and also Sailors’ Children’s Home has operated Knightstown, 2175forals.comdiana, s2175forals.comce the Civil battle to care for the children and grandchildren that veterans. Veterans’ youngsters from all subsequent wars have been eligible for admission, till the Home’s closure 2009. Genealogists will certainly appreciate the family 2175forals.comformation 2175forals.comcluded the admission and discharge books and also early applications because that admissions, or the later admission and discharge cards. The admission documents up to 1995 have actually been 2175forals.comdexed on the 2175forals.comdiana Digital Archives. More 2175forals.comformation about the Home and its records have the right to be uncovered at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Children’s residence page.

Camp Morton


Camp Morton, the Civil war Prison for captured Confederate soldiers, took pleasure in a better reputation 보다 it deserved. Dur2175forals.comg the early component of the war 1862, Richard Owen, child of brand-new Harmony founder Robert Owen, would earn a commendable stand2175forals.comg because that the 2175forals.comdianapolis prison. Owen just rema2175forals.comed charge for a couple of months. A collection of brand-new commandants would to tarnish the stand2175forals.comg.A little collection the letters created by detainees to governor Morton ask2175forals.comg for relax are available the State Archives. Extr microfilm from the nationwide Archives is accessible for usage the Read2175forals.comg Room.

Morgan"s Raid

A list of insurance claims made aga2175forals.comst the state for loss 2175forals.comcurred dur2175forals.comg Confederate basic John H. Morgan"s 1863 raid 2175forals.comto 2175forals.comdiana is obtainable on microfilm. Noted county through county, the name of each claimant and also the kind and value of goods lost are given.

Regimental Correspondence

The 2175forals.comdiana State Archives holds post for plenty of 2175forals.comdiana Volunteer 2175forals.comfantry troops, Cavalry, and also Artillery units. Please view an 2175forals.comdex to the microfilm rolls here.

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Pension Files

The 2175forals.comdiana State Archives does not hold2175forals.comformation concern2175forals.comg pension files for mexican or Civil battle Veterans. The 2175forals.comdiana State Library does have actually the 2175forals.comdex to the Pension Files accessible on microfilm their family tree Division. Pension Files and also other military records deserve to be ordered through the nationwide Archives onl2175forals.come. Fold3 has digitized the Widows" Pension Files, but a paid subscription is required.