“The flow of Dreams” is the title-track that Billy Joel’s last pop album from 1993. The tune was a hit, peaking in ~ #3 top top the united States and also UK charts, making that his highest… read More 

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In the middle of the nightI walk walking in mine sleepFrom the mountains of faithTo a river so deepI must be searching for somethingSomething spiritual I lostBut the river is wideAnd it's too tough to crossAnd also though ns knowThe river is wideI walk down every eveningAnd i stand on the shoreAnd shot to cross to the contrary sideSo ns can ultimately findWhat I've to be looking forIn the center of the nightI go walking in mine sleepThrough the valley of fearTo a river so deepAnd I've been looking for somethingTaken out of mine soulSomething ns would never loseSomething someone stole
I don't recognize why ns go walking at nightBut now I'm tired and also I don'tWant to walk anymoreI expect it doesn't take it the remainder of mine lifeUntil I discover what it isThat I've to be looking forIn the middle of the nightI walk walking in my sleepThrough the tropical of doubtTo a river so deepI recognize I'm trying to find somethingSomething so undefinedThat it have the right to only be seenBy the eye of the blindIn the middle of the nightI'm not sure around a life ~ thisGod to know I've neverBeen a spiritual manBaptized by the fireI wade into the riverThat runs to the promised land
In the middle of the nightI walk walking in mine sleepThrough the desert that truthTo the river so deepWe all finish in the oceanWe all start in the streamsWe're all brought alongBy the flow of dreamsIn the middle of the night(Gloria, it's no Marie...)
“The river of Dreams” is the title-track of Billy Joel’s last pop album from 1993. The song was a hit, peaking at #3 top top the joined States and UK charts, making the his highest possible charting the the 1990s (it to be his only album released during the 1990s). It additionally hit the optimal spot in Australia and on the Billboard Adult modern-day chart. “The river of Dreams” to be nominated because that the 1993 Grammy document of the Year award, but lost to “I Will constantly Love You” by Whitney Houston.

In his power of the song during the 1994 Grammy Awards telecast, Joel left a long pause in the middle of the tune to protest the decision to reduced off open minded Sinatra’s acceptance speech after ~ Sinatra got that year Grammy Legend Award. During the pause, Joel provided he was wasting “valuable declaring time.”


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